Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things I really feel like doing now

As I was walking to office this morning, a list of things that I wanna do suddenly popped into my head:

Immediate Future
1) Sleep
2) Read my Bible (quality kind of reading)
3) Shopping (!!!!!)
4) Read (Biz mag, fictional books, comics - politically correct speaking though books are top in my mind)
5) Clear the clutter on my room's floor
6) Load Microsoft office into my laptop
7) Transfer all my music nicely into iTunes from the various sources
8) Watch HK / Korean drama
9) Find time to chill out with my vast openness

Not-so-immediate Future
1) Go for a short trip (read:relax and get away from my real life)
2) Go for mission trip (if possible 2, 1 nearby and another to .....)
3) Clear the boxes in my room that I've not touched for 11yrs since I shift to CCK
4) CFA (this dep on my finances & whether I wanna stay in the banking sector)
5) Go to a faraway place that snows / has nice weather, scenary, shopping places (basically just to see the rest of the world)

I think my lists are never-ending, just that now I cannot think of any other things that I wanna include for the time being. Will update this as time passes and hopefully I can cross out some of the items stated there really soon.