Sunday, February 28, 2010

A warp reason for me to wake up early next Sunday

This conversartion took place the last 3mins that I was on a cab this morning:

Driver (D): turn left hor?
Me (S): yes
D: wah miss u very pretty eh.
S: eh. Tks.
D: stop here?
S: further ahead pls.
D: miss u very demure eh. U 25 or 26 tis year?
S: nope. Much older.
D: oh really ah? Dun look like eh. U can save a lot of money one right? Never buy branded goods and stuff kind.
S: eh. Ok la.
D: yes la. Can save a lot one. Although I know u dun want the receipt I'm still going to give u, for souvenir sake k. So next sunday I'll see u at the same place to drive u to expo?
S: *silence*

And so, I think next sunday I'll ensure I wake up early and take mrt for svc...

An sms from the sweetest

To : You

If a kiss was a raindrop. I'll send you showers.
If hugs were a second. I'll send you hours.
If smiles were water. I'll send you sea.
If friendship was a person. I'll send you me!
Send this to all your best friends. So that they know you appreciate them. This poem shows lots of appreciation. So send this to all your best friends and let them know you care about them.

From : Me

*thanks sweetie! =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY 2010

Just a little portion of my CNY 2010 memories...

One of the coolest game on earth that i ever played: SEQUENCE!!! =)))

I seriously thought of scaning the board and just have 2 packs of normal poker, then I wun need to buy this...

Yes the words say it all... AL just had to be in it... *hehe*

What has this got to do with CNY again??

He seems to have become rounder since last yr. Must ve been a gd yr for him while the rest of us were gg thru the financial crisis...

And I thought that this was the yr of the tiger? *hmm*

A parting shot with my cute ones! Love them all ! =)))

the result of msn webchat...

Secret shots of me, complimentary of CH... =/

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Just some random photos I had from my old hp that I just saved it in my lappy as I traded it in for my new BB...

Chocolates from the own of our office bldg, distributed by our CEO!

We won this during our game! Saved our lives as it pacified our tummies before the thanksgiving dinner started.
Our 1st dish!
My over-exposed photo with Wen... =/

A final shot before I 卸妆。。。

I like the asymmetrical top! =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


was just nuah-ing and watching tv this morning when i learnt something new.

there are basically 2 reasons why our wedding rings are worn on our 4th finger.

i remember asking my mum this when i was young, and she told me it's because there is a main blood vessel from our 4th finger that leads straight to the heart. hence it's like our spouse being closet to our heart.

the 2nd reason i heard from tv today is this:
- clashing our hands tog, we are able to separate all of our fingers away from each other without moving the others.
- thumbs represent out parents, which we will eventually separate from them when we get married
- index represents our siblings
- middle represents our relatives
- baby represents our children
- and then you will realize that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to separate our 4th finger apart, and so this represents our spouse.

really interesting!

Happy Valentines Day to one & all! =)

yes peeps. it's CNY!!! =)

just thankful tt i get a long long break. the next one is not so soon... =/

anyway, just a random thought from something (or rather someone) tt i just got reminded of. some pple are just so gd at taking things ard them for granted. it's almost as if that everyone owes it to them. their parents n frds are more of measures to get them what they want rather than to love n treasure.

wonder how long things will last. i guess their parents kinda like have no choice. as for me, i'll see where the Lord leads me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

有些人喜欢与狼共舞. 我比较喜欢跟随我的牧羊人...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shanghai Night

Our WYZ Thanksgiving finally took place last Sunday night at Crown Plaza hotel!

Here's my team, AWESOME pple:

My good pals next! =) Cyn, IF you happen to see this, where is our photo???? =/

Pst with the pple on our table. So honored to be sitting with the pioneer-like leaders:

It was really a rather fun night. Will try to upload the rest of my photos from my HP soon. And the rest from all over. Dun think I'll ever get to see them all since I dunno whose cameras we "borrowed" from... =)

Lord, You're more than anything
You're more than gold
More than anything
Lord, You're everything to me
I will never let You go
Never ever let You go
Your love is higher, higher than the heavens
Your mercies deeper, deeper than the earth
Your grace is wider, wider than the oceans
I will never let You go
Never ever let You go

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sitting at a quiet spot at the airport to stone. It's really kind of a luxury. Though perhaps I much prefer to be sleeping now, but am looking fwd to later! :)

Seems like so long since I've spent time wif the zone pple. Hmm..

Pondering over something now. It seems to be getting more complicated. Pls God, let it simplify really soon. Pls dun let it get out of hand.

Confessing tt it wun! Cos God knows what's best for me... :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

my frd posted this on his FB:

type ur first name into the site above and copy the 1st item. so here goes:

"Someone who is loving, smart, beautiful, and makes the life of a Vincent complete.
XXX, will you marry me?"

so sweet ya? :) wonder when someone will say that about me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In my own world

i realised this morning tt with my shades on, i slip into my own world.

as i inched towards the mrt door and the sun glared at me, i put on my shades. with my ipod blasting and the world a shade darker, i felt enveloped into a world of safety. although the pple still crowded ard me, somehow they seem less intimidating. with stares all ard me, i felt safe tt no one can see my eyes as i slip into a world of my own.

suddenly it's like no one can hurt me, no one can touch me anymore. no longer do i feel the need to push pple away so that they dun lean on me - males & females.

such a strange feeling.

makes me wanna keep my shades on all the time tt i'm on the train.

bye world.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Short Term Memory

i really think i ve STM.

just the other day i was complaining to DT abt why i was feeling down on 27Dec. but now reading back tt post, i've absolutely no idea wat was i lamenting about. until of cos, when i re-read my older posts n then i remembered.

i think it's a gift fr God. so tt i can live my life, giving my emotions a much easier time. nt like i'm gg thru tt cycle now though. i'm living my life confessing the good things now.

thank God for everything. i'm nt alone cos i've Him. u should nt be too. =)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i need to search for a new blog song. any suggestions anyone?

15th Jan 2010

This day was a really special one to me. And my dear CH actually accompanied me there! So nice of her...

This was where it was:

A parting shot before she left me all alone... ...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Random ... 1 Feb 2010

dun you think the gal really looks like me? *hehehez*

this is a really potent mint. it's very tiny but has 2 tiers inside. the 1st layer will burst the moment u put it in ur mouth. then there's a very tiny bit of sweet lemon stuff. after which the 2nd layer will burst and the mint fills ur mouth. very hot n potent. wonder when this will hit the markets? courtesy of my frd Kath A! =)