Wednesday, October 31, 2007

JH's soooooo Encouraging!

Jean Ho.... You're my princess in shiny armour (Hmm.. Or you prefer to be clad in a beautiful dress instead?)!

You actually taught me how to amend the crazy timing of blogspot! WOW!!!! Ok, and so I'm an IT idiot and so what? My dear friend here has shown me that there's HOPE for everyone. Cos if SHE can do it, I can do it too! Hee... After all, we both graduated from NTU Accountancy right... How different in our intellect can we get? According to you... If you can figure out HTML, so can I! Hahaa... I will cling on to your word and start on my hideous journey once I have the time (which is erhm... in the unforseeable future).

So till then, please enjoy my nice postings and just ignore the ugly layout of the rest of the things... After all, if a great read is packaged under an ugly book cover, I'm sure all you people out that whose intellect is as high as mine would definitely not judge a book by its cover right? So don't Judge my Post by it's ugly Skin! *tada*


JèÄn° said...

yes i prefer to b in a beautiful princessy gown HAHAHAHA... =Pp

so christian hor... cling on to my word... HAHAHAHA... God will give u wisdom to do a nice blog n proclaim His goodness to e world!!!!! ^_^

JèÄn° said...

test test =)))