Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charity Day (12Dec07)

This is the day where all our revenue for the day goes to Charity after deducting our expenses. This is also the day whereby all the various departments are supposed to dress up according to whatever theme that we choose. And for us, we're the PIRATES! =)

Here are some group photos first:

The 2 YOUNG ones at the right side are 2 contract staff - LL (who gave me all his collection of JC songs) and Shan*2

The unknown people are our back-office settlement staff

Some interestingly dressed people that I chose to take photos with:

Wonder (Wo)Man

Spiderman and ?? (dun remember the name)
Stars that we invited for the day:
Adrian Pang

Fiona Xie

Felicia Chin

Me, Fiona & Shan*2

My dept and all 3 of them, taken just before they left for the day
They were hired to motivate the staff to push for higher revenue as well as to take to the banks to trade with us. So clever right? All in all we managed to raise close to S$1mil on this day.

Dinner & Dance

Brief introduction (from left to right):
2nd row - ST (AP), VW (my BOSS), Somu (AR), CSS (Sen. Acc), CM (AP), TEK (ACM HOD)
1st row - IY (AO), SS (AM), LC (AM), Me, TSY (AR)

As you can see, many of the people were already quite 'high' that night (including my boss). And my colleagues tried to make her drink even more by giving her beer mixed with red wine...

But this was one of the smallest DnD that I've ever been to in my life. All the previous ones I went to all were held in Big Ballrooms and this was held in some small function so it felt so weird...

Ok, the photos may seem kinda scandalous, but welll it could have been worse... Hahaaa...
Some of the other photos that I have are in my laptop at home, will upload them here once I find the time to... =)

I have Decided...

I have decided to just post the photos of the blogs that I previously wanted to write about. Perhaps just a few lines to briefly describe it maybe...



Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Something oh-so-true from Pst Phil:

Quote - ' Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.' - Brian Tracey

What are you going to do?
Do it on paper first.

When you actually do it, it will simply be a matter of execution.

Make lists for everything.

Make a list of your goals:
For the day,
For the week,
For the month,
For the year.

Write them down again and again.

Lists keep you focused.

You'll go where you are focused.

You'll do what you purpose.


Are you hungry?

What are you hungry for?

Are you hungry enough to do "crazy / irrational" things just to satisfy that natural urge?

Yesterday till Now

We had a meeting with Pst Zhuang and all the COCs in WYZ yesterday. As usual, Pst delivered a powerful word to challenge and inspire us. After admin meeting, with some hesitation and much dilly-dallying, I missed my last bus!!!! But thank God I still had a free ride home! Hahaaa.... Yeah.

Fellowship with Pst was as usual fun - though I was stoning through some moments until I suddenly realised Pst looking at me and talking about what he never fails to ask me whenever he sees me to show his ever-growing concern for my life... *ahem*

The day ended with me reaching home at 1.50am and sleeping at the ungodly hour of 2plus am... I couldn't even open my eyes when I tried to wake up at 6plus am to pray. Embarking on my another round of beverage fast this week, I'm seriously struggling now to stay awake. But God is good! I somehow managed to still complete my Dec GST by 10plus am just now! =)

Decided to go read and spend some soul / spirit quality time during lunch. I was reading a certain book by Max Lucado and this phrase caught my attention:

"You will never know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have"

Amazing right!!!!

Are you in the wilderness? Find refuge in God's Presence. Find comfort in God's people.

Come look for me... =)

*Meetings by appointment only. Currently busy cos I'm negotiating whether to help a friend to manage his unofficial fan club. If you are interested to join, please apply within.

God I pray that he will never see this... Hahaha...

Nick and Cheryl's Wedding...

A picture speaks a thousand words
*Congrats Nick & Cheryl*

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I changed...

1) Test Date

2) Instructor

Should I change my instructor?

My friend thinks that she passed her 2nd time cos she changed from my current one to another better one.

Should I should I should I??????

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sab is sadz cos she didn't make it.

And her mum keeps asking her why. Sigh...

Strangely her instructor is highly optimistic and tells her to try for an early test date to have another go at it in the near future again.

The tester was a totally different story. Supposedly cos he's new, 2nd wk as a tester.


Long story cut short: Sab needs to spend more $$ for renew her PDL, to book her test, continue her lessons in the mean time...

This pushes back her CPA membership conversion once again... till when Vit M trickles in again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I was on the MRT this morning with this guy standing next to me. At JE, 2 seats next to us vacated. Instead of taking the seat directly in front of him, he took the one further away thinking of giving the seat just in front of him to me. So nice of him!!! =)

How do I know that? Cos after he sat down, a lady rushed in between us and took the seat before I could even move an inch. When he saw that, he looked at me with questioning eyes and kept staring at the lady. Hahaa... So funny...

Moral of the story: Never under-estimate the chiong-ing skills of an auntie. The seat was just 1 footstep away from me yet somehow the auntie sat down even before I could slide my feet for a single step.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Empty-handedly I went out.

Empty-handedly I came back.


Charles Whitehead

Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing from this really nice and powerful man - Charles Whitehead...

Before the actual meeting, a few of us were talking (read: joking) about his very UNIQUE surname - Whitehead. I was asking Pat what time was the meeting and she said it starts at 730pm. I asked her if it can start at 745pm instead and she said, "But I'm not Pst Whitehead." In reply I said, "Ya, cos you're Pst BLACKHEADS!!!" heheheee.... And Merv was talking to Min, saying that later he will be playing bass, so please stop him when he goes down the stage and walks towards Pst Whitehead with Oxy10 in his hand... *jialat*

Anyway, I must say that he's a really good speaker. Very surprised when Pst Derek introduced him saying that he's a Roman Catholic! But he's a REALLY nice person, very gentlemanly - a typical English man. He shared with us his and his wife's interesting life testimony and many other stories telling us how natural evangelism can be. That even at times when we are not purposefully trying to evangelise, God can still use us at those moments to bring others around us to Him. So amazing... Two stories particularly struck me - the one on the plane and the other one in the train. Dun think I will share them here in case Pst does invite him back for him to preach in our services! =) To me he's kinda like the Catholic version of Pst Ulf!!! But of course minus his signature "taking off jacket" pose and "dancing round the stage" moves when he's excited... =)

But while he was sharing about his experience on the train, I suddenly remembered about my own train experience in China! Oh how I miss that place... When am I going back to that place again???

So many people are going overseas this year and everyone is asking me to join them. How I wish I could... But I lack VitM! =( At least from now till end Apr that is, unless a miracle happens!

Public Appeal: Would you like to make a kind donation to Wong Trust Funds? Please apply within for more details. Any amount of kind donation would go to help a really NICE person and is greatly appreciated. Hehehe.... =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm a PRINCESS!!!!! =)

p/s: please read my profile

Cultural Mandate

What does the above mean to you?

What does it encompass for you?

I was just wondering about it on the MRT this morning... What do I need to do so that I'm bringing Christ into the Marketplace?

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Journey Home...

I purposed in my heart to go home EARLY today and I did...


I finished my GST!!!!! Finally.... Hopefully there aren't too many errors cos actually I dun really remember how to do it since I had only done it once in Nov and L has left.... =( Nevermind, meeting her tmr for lunch! =)

Bumped into YL on the MRT. Was rather surprised actually. Didn't quite recognise her initially cos she was wearing shorts and playing a PSP. But when her HP rang, recognised her unique way of answering it. =)

As usual, we talked about the few things that we share in common - XXX.

Sounds like a whole new world since I've gone for almost 1.5yrs. Still remember the initial few people that were there when I 1st got in. How things have changed... Everyone that I'm close to from there have left or are leaving, kinda sad... But heard to S is going in. Good for you! *JIAYOU*

But this made me think of something that happened last Tuesday during ZM. I was being introduced by someone to this new PCGL that just came into ZM. Cannot say that I was anything near glad to what that person said:
"Hi, this is Sab Wong. Used to be a XX but X cos she couldn't take the hard work."

I was stunned when I heard that but I pretended that nothing happened and joked about how I was being introduced. And I thought to myself, how unfair. This person obviously knew NOTHING about what happened to pass such a judgment/statement on me. And now this thing will stick in the mind of the new PCGL...

Whatever. I dun need to prove anything. I gave my best.

Things have changed. So so so so so different. But I believe that God will always provide, there is no lack especially in the KOG.

All the best my friends! I miss ya all, all the times we stayed late, our lunches and whatever things that transpired within that period of time. We will soar on the wings of eagles to fulfil the 3rd portion of our Life Message - Cultural Mandate. =)

Woke up with swollen eyes this morning... and even till now it's still red... *sadz* I really wonder what happened...

MRT was SUPER crowded this morning... There was so disruption in the far east so I dun understand why it affected the services in the far west and north-west. Train was crazily packed and some guy still had to push his way in with his back towards us. I think if I were the girl directly behind him, I would have asked him to wait for the next train.

Ventilation was horrid. I'm a little claustrophobic so today was a disaster. Couldn't really breathe all the way from Jurong East and so I started to pant and breathe heavily. So jialat man... Thank God I managed to grab a seat at Commonwealth. God is Good! =)

But I'm still not breathing very well now. One side of my nose is stuffed so I'm still breathing quite heavily now... *deep breath*

I just cleaned my table so that the dust doesn't further irritate my nose... =(

Friday, January 18, 2008

Something to boost my EGO... HAHAAHAA.....

You Make a Great First Impression

You can handle almost any social situation with grace, even the tricky ones.
Strangers often find you charming and interesting. You are often remembered fondly.
Even if you're not naturally outgoing, you can make conversation with anyone if you need to.

Whether you were born this way or had to work to get here, you are definitely charismatic.
You're popular and well liked. People definitely look forward to being around you.
Your social connections bring you a full and rich life. You understand how important it is to make a lasting impression.

Yet Another Personality Test...

You Are An ISFJ

The Nurturer

You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal.
A good listener, you excel at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.

In love, you express your emotions through actions.
Taking care of someone is how you love them. And you do it well!

At work, you do well in a structured environment. You complete tasks well and on time.
You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

How you see yourself: Competent, dependable, and detail oriented

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Boring, dominant, and stuck in a rut

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Latest Craze....

This is the show that is causing me to have sleepless night these few days.

But I finally finished watching it online last night!!! =)

This is the 2nd show that made me diligently and consciously try to reach home by 10pm every weekday nights so that I could watch it. (The 1st one was Winter Sonata. So as you can see, I'm not a REAL die-hard Korean Drama fan...) I soon realised that many times I would have to give it a miss due to the other commitments and outings that I had... So sadz that I wouldn't be able to catch it. Hence I decided to fast forward the whole process by watching it online! =)

Seriously when I 1st started watching it, it was just like any other ordinary show. But I soon got addicted to it given the funny characters and storyline. Ok the storyline is kinda typical... But somehow such "safe" story lines never fails to capture audiences. It sets the imagination of girls especially that there is still such a thing as "living happily ever after with the guy of your dreams"... Even if you do not look the prettiest and may even behave like a tomboy... hahahaaa... Yes I can see many female heads nodding in unison... =)

And the actors / actresses are real cool! "Han Yoo Ju" is so pretty!! Initially I didn't think "Choi Hon Kyul" was good looking too, until much later. Cos I think the way he smiles is so child-like, so genuine especially when he thinks of the female lead. * sweet*

Anyway I think the show's great and I strongly recommend you to catch it if you've nothing to do on weekday nights at 10pm. =)

Oh ya, seems that Season 2 might be on the way... Not quite good news to me cos that means I will have more sleepless nights again... =(

Once again I realised that my BlogPatrol jumps very quickly. Kinda scary actually considering that I dun exactly publicise about here...


Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling cold and tired on a Monday morning... =(

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rain after Sunshine

It's raining now.

And I'm glad about it.

Cos this morning when I woke up, I told God that I wanted to fast. And I wanna go to my fave spot along the River to talk to Him. So I prayed that it would not rain. Cos it has been raining for the passed few days during lunch time. I told God to keep it sunny for me. And He did.

And it didn't rain during my lunch time. Sun was bright and weather was cool while I was sitting by the River.

After my lunch time, it started to pour.

Thanks Dad. =)

Lunch Time...

Lunch was good.

I decided to fast today and hence I made my way to my fave place along Boat Quay - Coffee Bean.

Just sitting there looking at the boats that pass every now and then is so therapeutic. Sitting there, I sensed the oh-so-familiar presence of my Daddy God. Feels so good...

I should do this more often. Does good to my spirit and soul. Dun feel so tired anymore! =)

*I will remember my date with You at 11pm tonight*

I suddenly realised...

This was what I looked like exactly ONE year ago from now:

How I have changed... =(
(read: aged)

I need to do something to my hair! There goes my budget for this month again...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Ramblings...

7th day into 2008, and I'm broke...

Cos I bought a new HP yesterday!!! =))))

I'm HAPPY cos I've got a new gadget to play with and it's something that I've wanted to buy since a long long long LONG time!


I'll need to REALLY watch my spending from now all the way till my next payday which is in 19days time. ='(


I've been thinking of a lot of things lately. Seriously wondering, still wondering... Somethings must change, and for starters, I should...


My driving test is in 18days time!!! Yesterday I went for the EARLY morning circuit again. But this time I did much worse than last wk. Kena scolded... *sigh*

I beseech you dear people out there to help me pray that I WILL PASS my test on 28th Jan 08!



I need a break.


9 days into Jan08 and I'm tired already. Been working late since I came back to work on 2nd Jan. The earliest I left office was 830pm.

I need a break.

I need to seek God and find rest in Him more often.

When will that come? I will try to make it happen TODAY!



Shall stop here. No inspiration from my tired little brain. (p/s: I just read today that an average human brain weighs 1.3kg. Dun ask me why I remember such things, I just happen to have an inclination for numbers...)

I've an AM that RUNS wherever she goes.

I saw her running from the MRT to office this morning.

I've seen her run from her seat to my boss' room.

I saw her running to the toilet just before lunch.

No wonder she is always panting...

I wonder when she walks... ...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Precious Ones

Just suddenly felt like writing about some people that are indeed very very dear to me.... My Most Precious Friends!!!

I'm supposed to be meeting some of the sisters in my Cg in a while, but I just feel like writing about them to thank them for everything that they have done for my life. So this will be just a general entry... to exclaim to the Whole World that I LOVE YA ALL!!!

All the following people have done a tremendous part to impact my life in more ways than one (in no particular order):

Xinyi (the one that brought me to CHC in Dec 1998)

Xuemin, Cyn and Cin (my best galpals in WYZ)

The Queen (my best pal from DHS - have known her since 1993!)

Sharon (she says that I flow well with her... haha)

Rachel (best pal from DT)

Gerry (my 1st friend in WYZ zone introduced by Benny in 2003)

Yuzhen (my new found good pal in WYZ)

Actually there are many more that have impacted my lives but I do not have photos taken with you all so I cannot display your pretty faces here... But of course I wanna specially mention of


(we have never taken a photo together my dear... Next sunday we must take ok?) =)

But nevertheless, I wanna thank all of you for being there for me during the lowest points of my life in 2007 and prior to that.

Thank you for the many hours of fun and laughter that we shared throughout the year(s). Thank you for the car rides home. =) Thank you for being there to lend me a shoulder to cry on, thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to spend time with me in Asylum (haha), some place called Liquid-something along Upp Bukit Timah Road, at Coffee Bean, or wherever we went... Thank you for listening to my complains and while my faith was at its lowest you all have never once gave up believing in me and pulled me back on my feet to walk.

Most of all, Thank you for just Being the YOU that God has created to be! I wouldnt be who I am today if not for all of you...

*deepest heartfelt gratitude*

And of course most importantly, I wanna thank God for being my (what Cyn always likes to put in her blog) BEST-est-est-est Friend. Without You, I would still be wondering out there in pain and sorrow.

Thank You my Dear Friend. May I ever be sooooo close to You in 2008.

Friday, January 4, 2008

LC is so NICE!

My dear AM is sooooooooooooooooooo NICE!

She saw my collapsing In-Tray and hence decided to help me with my journals by helping me to do FIVE journals!!!!

May not seem a lot but it's better than NOTHING!


so nice... =)))))))))

Early in the morning...

I woke up this morning at an unearthly hour of 5.45am...

Can you guess why in the world did I wake up so early for???

Is it to pray?

Is it to go for a jog?

Is it to eat breakfast with some special people? (If it's just me, I rather not eat if I need to wake up so early)

IF you guessed it correctly (you can tag me)... I will give ya a *HUGZ* (provided you're a gal), if you're a guy, I will give ya a pat on the back... =)





Yes, at such ungodly hour...

The sky was still pitch-dark when I woke up. I kept snoozing my HP alarm and at the back of my head kept thinking when is the latest that I can stay in bed till... So at the time that I decided that there's no way I can leave my hse at 6.25am if I get up any later, I pulled myself out reluctantly.

So faithfully at 6.25am, I left my hse while it was still dark. Cannot remember the last time I actually stepped out of my hse before the sky brightened. I used to do that a lot while I was in JC cos my school is crazily far (I used to leave my hse at 6.05am DAILY during that time and I never once took a cab to school! So proud of myself... Heee...).

And then I realised that half of CCK has already woken up. Cars are all over the roads, people everywhere. Even the train was ridiculously crowded!!! I had to squeeze my way through but thankfully I only needed to take it to BG.

My instructor was already waiting for me there when I reached... Thank God I heeded my bro's advice to not eat my drowsy medicine last night, else I dun think I would be in the right frame of mind to wake up, much less drive. Circuit wasnt so bad... Just that I need to REMEMBER to keep my speed S.L.O.W. and which <dot> to follow and when to turn and how much to turn...

*God I pray that EVERYTHING that I've learnt this morning will stay with me as long as it's necessary. AMEN*

Please continue to pray that I will PASS my test on 28th Jan 08... And if you know me personally, I just might be able to drive you around in my brother's car when he's overseas or in-camp! =)

So tired now...


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thoughts on the train

As I was on my way to work today, I somehow managed to grab a seat on the crowded train...

I was just listening to the song "Had a bad day" - Chipmunks version that I've gotten hold of from my dad's hp when suddenly a lot of emotions started to overwhelm me.

Out of nowhere I just thought of what I read yesterday from Gerry's last blog entry, on how she was struggling initially in the beginning of 2007 and thoughts of how I personally struggled overwhelmed me. It was kinda bad cos there on the train, I started to tear...

No way I'm gonna succumb to those thoughts once more! I will get up again though I may fall. Maybe cos I'm sick and have been eating so much medicine that I'm not really as sharp, so I'm kinda weak physically and mentally that the devil comes in to strike me. But i lean on the Word of my God that No weapon formed against me shall propser, No kingdom raised against me shall stand.

Work today is like a battle field once again. My things seemed to have been due yesterday while I'm only doing them today. But it's ok.

I will conquer ALL.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Outing with a Queen...

Finally I managed to upload the few photos that we took with night I went out with a Queen...

Why the Queen you say? Well cos my very Pretty and Cute friend here says that though I can post her photos online, I'm NOT supposed to mention her name... And since her name is mentioned in my FAVE book - The Holy Bible, I shall use it here instead... No prizes for guessing her REAL name... =)

It was a normal working Friday (I think, cos we always usually go out on Fridays) but somehow I had the greatest priviledge of going out with the Queen after work! Think we went to eat at Ichiban at Wisma. As usual the food was great and we didnt exactly spend a long time waiting cos I taught her how to "cut queue" in that place... hehe...

And so after dinner we adjourned to Mac for a little drink...

It was here that I witnessed a funny situation which whenever I recount it to others, it never fails to bring a smile to their faces. To let the pictures speak a thousand words, please take a look at this:

I went over to the counter to order drinks for the Queen n I when I heard this little conversation from the person in front of my ordering:

Mac Staff: Good evening sir, how can I help you?
Person A: Can I have a Just Chill please?
Mac Staff: *blur look on face* A what?
Person A: *still straight faced* A Just Chill.
Mac Staff: Eh...
Person A: *looks a little flustered now, trying to find a poster to point at* A Just Chill.
Mac Staff: *Smiling now* Oh you mean Iced Latte? Is that all for you?
Person A: *mildly embarassed now* Oh it's an Iced Latte? Yes that is all.

Can you imagine me standing behind witnessing all this? I almost burst out laughing la! Hahahaa.....

The next thing that immediately crossed my mind was... What if he wanted to order the hot drink aka Cappuccino? Would he have said, "Can I have a Perk Up please?"

I think I would be rolling on the floor laughing man... Hahahaa.....

Anyway, it certainly was a fun night talking to the Queen. I've known her since I was 13 years old!!! Can you imagine... I've known her for more than half of my life! And to not keep you all in suspense of how she looks like, here's the most decent photo that we took that night:

I wanted very much to capture her nice curly hair but as I'm mainly only good at taking nice photos of myself... So i took up more than half of the "screen"... Ah well...


So this is one of my dearest friend from DHS that I've known since 1993 taking MEP together(which till now I still wonder why in the world I took that in the 1st place). There's actually a few more in our "cliche" but only 2 of us are left standing... the rest have all seemed to disappeared although there is 1 more that we are trying to get back into our mini-gatherings which is none other than our dearest Ah Bee... =) But we always seem to only remember her when we are about to meet or just when we met... Soooo sorry my dear... We will make it a point to REMEMBER to INVITE you along next time... =)

Anyway, I think I mentioned about Project A the previous time. Actually there is a reason why Project A is called Project A k... Just that it's not that convenient to mention it here. But if the Queen wants to know, can always ask me privately... hehe... The Queen has already started to think about Project A which is a good thing, and I myself have already given her something to start with as a Christmas gift lo... hahaa... Project A all the way!! =)

And what better way to end this post than to put in a little picture of myself that I so nicely took on that very same night:

My self-portrait is always so nicely taken... I'm just so gifted in this area... hahha...

Ok, enuff of crapping...

More over-dued posts coming up as soon as I can gather more of my missing and here & there photos!

My Photos are all over the place!!

I was just about to start writing about my Charity Day until I realised that my pictures are all over the place!!!

And the "close-to-perfectionist" me... simply refuses to start on something unless everything that I need is here... and so.. the wait continues...


Well, good things are worth waiting for! =)

And so 2008 has already BEGUN...

The person who came up with the phrase "time flies" obviously could not have found a better way to describe it. I think time doesnt just fly, it slips pass at the speed of light!

Was still thinking about how I was soooo busy with work and stuff in Dec and suddenly I wake up this morning and it's already 2008!

Been sick since Sunday night.. Thank God I was still not too sick during WYZ appreciation night. It was a great time which I would start writing abt it as soon as I get most of the photos from the various cameras...

Must say that 2007 was a rather challenging year for me... Still remember all the sleepless nights that I had crying till my nose was stuffed for various reasons...

But well all of that is over!

2008 will be a NEW Beginning. I've been praying for 2008 since the last Q of 2007 so I know that my 2008 has already been saturated with prayers! Hee...

Till the nex time when I write about all my past-due posts...