Thursday, July 31, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight

Posters that I kinda like from the movie. Maybe I'm a closet-morbid-freak...


I found this article in Asiaone. So from NOW on, no more crappy stuff from me. Yeah.

*stoic face*

Pick your own illness
By Roger Dobson

IT has long been reported that people with so called Type A personalities - hostile, highly competitive and impatient - are more prone to heart problems.

But now researchers are increasingly finding that a wider range of personalities and traits are linked to a host of medical problems, from stomach ulcers and viral infections to Parkinson's disease.

When it comes to forming our personalities, it's increasingly accepted that early life experience plays a key role. Most human traits are also linked to genes, says Dr Dean Hamer of the US National Cancer Institute, a world authority on the subject. For instance, neurotic behaviour is associated with the serotonin gene, or 5-HTTLPR.

How personality then triggers increased vulnerability or resistance to disease is unknown, although there are various theories. Here, we look at the personalities and their ailments - and what the scientists believe is going on.

You might expect impulsive types to be at risk from accidents but, in fact, their big health danger is stomach ulcers. Researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health studied more than 4,000 people and found that those who had an impulsive personality were 2.4 times more at risk.

It's thought that impulsive people tend to respond to stress with higher than normal rates of acid production, triggering peptic ulcers.

Research at the University of Wales has also shown that impulsiveness is associated with poorer control over eating.

One of the most surprising findings is that cheerful people are more likely to die early.

"Children who were rated by their parents and teachers as more cheerful, and as having a sense of humour, died earlier in adulthood than those who were less cheerful," say University of California researchers. "Contrary to expectation, cheerfulness and sense of humour were inversely related to longevity."

One theory is that cheerful people underestimate life's dangers and may also be more likely to have difficulty coping when things don't go as anticipated.

People with anxiety disorders are three times more likely to be treated for high blood pressure. A study from Northern Arizona University found stress hormones may be the reason.

Meanwhile, women with phobic anxieties, such as fear of heights, were at higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Although behavioural differences - like a greater tendency to smoke among people with anxiety - go some way to explaining why this happens, they do not explain it all.

Here is something else to worry about: a University of Antwerp study found that within 10 years of heart treatment, 27 per cent of anxious types were dead, compared to seven per cent of others.

Hostile types are prone to a range of serious health conditions, and there is plenty of research to back this up.People who suffer from artherosclerosis - furred up arteries - are more likely to have hostile personalities, according to a Scottish study based on almost 2,000 men and women.

An American study showed that aggressive types are at greater risk of chronic inflammation throughout the body, which is linked to a number of diseases including heart disease (inflammation is involved in the build-up of fatty deposits in the inner lining of the arteries).This could be because this personality type has higher levels of an immune system protein linked to inflammation.

Another theory is that hostile people respond more quickly and strongly to stress, both mentally and physiologically, increasing blood pressure and heart rate which results in more wear and tear on the cardiovascular system.

Angry types also take longer to heal. Researchers at Ohio State University created small wounds on the arms of healthy people, and after four days, only 30 per cent of the angry patients- wounds had healed, compared with 70 per cent of placid patients.

Aggressive types are also at higher risk for recurrent bouts of severe depression, according to another American study.

Socially-inhibited people are more vulnerable to viral infections, suggests research from the University of California.

In animal studies, scientists found that gregarious types had more active protective lymph nodes than shy types. Lymph nodes are part of the body's immune system and help to destroy infectious germs, such as viruses like the common cold virus and bacteria.

People who always look on the bright side live, on average, 7.5 years longer than those who take a gloomier view, according to work at the University of California.

And the risk of dying early from any disease is 55 per cent lower for optimists, say researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands who followed 1,000 people.

One theory is that optimism may increase the will to live, while another is that greater sociability plays a role; these in turn may lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh say that optimism boosts the immune system and protects from psychological stress.

An American study showed that over a 30-year period, optimists had fewer disabilities and less chronic pain.

Distressed types (also known as Type D personalities) suffer from a high degree of emotional suffering, but consciously suppress their feelings - and as a result may be at higher risk of cancer and heart disease. And once Type Ds develop coronary artery disease, they are at greater risk of dying, according to a Harvard University study.

The authors suggest that these people have poorly regulated stress hormones, meaning their hearts beat faster, blood pressure rises and blood vessels tighten - all bad for the cardiovascular system. Such types may also have more active immune systems, and therefore more inflammation, which results in damage to blood vessels.

This story was first published in the New Straits Times on July 28, 2008.

New Straits Times/Asia News Network

WhileI was travelling to work today, I had an impluse.

An impulse to join KICKBOXING class!!!!

*hahahahaa* =)

Kickboxing!!! =)

Thanks to Pst, we had kickboxing on Tues after our Leaders' Meeting! =)

Was so looking forward to it the whole day... It was fun! But somehow I didn't perspire as much as I thought I would. And the only aches that I had was cos I laughed too hard... =)

As usual, let the pictures do the talking...

I got lost while trying to do the WARM UP... =(

Position ready for Front Kick

Pst is power! You should have been there to see all his kicks... *jaw-dropped*

Here's why I had aches from laughing...



Posing at every possible angle

We're ready to FIGHT!

The End of our Kickboxing Session... =)

Interesting!!! Seriously dun mind doing it again! Hee...

P/S: Gerry, what happened to our cricket cum phoenix crawl pose???? =(

sometimes things are so coincidental that it scares me.

that when i tell myself not to think much or read much about it, a part of me resists it.

does "the" truth matter "that" much to me?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kickboxing TONIGHT!!! =)

My current meditation...

By Faith We Understand

Hebrews 11:1
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. "

(Amplified Bible)
"NOW FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. "

信 就 是 所 望 之 事 的 实 底 , 是 未 见 之 事 的 确 据

Monday, July 28, 2008

My friend is gone...

Thurs was just a normal working day to me.

Lunch time I wanted to go Cityhall area to get some stuff and so I went to the MRT station. There I met my colleague who was also going there to buy something for her friend. We talked as per normal. But that was our LAST conversation. I never saw her again ever since, cos... she was asked to leave my company. After lunch. On the spot. Packed up and left.

This place is so scary.

I've decided to comb through all my posts and remove those that hint about where I'm working in case someone finds me while doing a random search.

Else. The next one to go, might just be Yours Truly...

Shannen's last ZM with us.. ='(

All the best my friend! Come back with "flying colours" to resume your Rainbow Sunshine Club duties... =)

Typically lines from Local drama...

Recently I received a weird letter from someone unknown to me from somewhere. It's kinda scary considering several factors and the seemingly "correct" context though it's obviously not for me.

This was what a police officer told me this afternoon.

"Just put No such person, Do not mail to this address again and return it to the sender"

"If you receive anything from him again, call the SingPost number located at the top of your letterbox"

"If the person ever comes to look for you, you can then make a report"

"We cannot do anything about it unless there is a threat"

I seriously wanted to laugh when I heard it. But I stopped myself cos I felt it was kinda rude.

Isn't this something that you will hear when you watch our local drama series? =)

TV is not just reel-life. It's pretty close to REAL life after all.

my phase in this place might just end prematurely

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ambulance & Police Car

This morning I saw the above at the bus stop opposite my house. There wasn't exactly a scene there so I really wonder what happened.

But this place that I stay at seems to be just so used to such "drama". We have had robberies, murders, suicides, accidents happening just across one or two streets from where I live.

If not for the fact that my dad left for work MUCH earlier than I, I would have panic-ed. Cos that's the bus stop he goes to daily to travel for work.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inflation Package

My co is really quite not bad...

For some reason they decided to give us an inflationary "package" like what the government sector is giving. And the amount is... *sorry i cannot say* =)

But as a clue, tithe for it hits 3 digits... *heheheee*

And we've another pay increment this month! BUT the amount is SOOOOOOO pathetic for me sia....

BUT THEN. I'm still thankful to God for everything.

My pay has already increased by almost 60% from my previous job! =)

Calling out for a Gathering on behalf of Cyn

Would the people above please contact me and let me know when we are free to meet up? Supposed to ask you all the other day, but I forgot... =(

So.... I will SMS you now... =)

Me and My Killer Comb...

With my Killer Comb, how can the pple around not be amazed? =)

Classic Pict...

I was searching for a nice photo to submit for the WYZ blog and I came across this:

What a classic look of mine! =)

I wonder who took this shot.... Hmm....

ok. i'm NOT trying to be mean here... just curious...

but how is it that people can obtain 2 DAYS of mc just cos one doesn't feel like coming to work after being scolded by the boss?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was talking to one of my mbrs last night. It's really been such a loong time since I spoke on the phone till after 0230hrs.

So while we were talking, one thing that really burned strong in my heart was the love for God's Word.

That really, many times we place a great deal of importance on Praying & Fasting. Not that they are not good, I do believe that both are powerful in their own ways. BUT. Just doing both is NOT enough.

I've come to realise that many of us Christians fight the devil with our bare hands. We wear the "full" armour of God BUT do not carry the Sword. Perhaps we are not so good at using our Swords or we do not even carry it. That's equivalent to not knowing His Word, not having it written on the tablets of our heart. So effectively we are "fighting" the devil without any weapons. We try to defend ourselves with the shield, block off the fiery darts with our breastplate and try to stand firm cos we remember that we cannot turn back since our backs are not protected.

So we are always just found on the defensive side. When he attacks, we block. PERIOD.

Yet God has given us a Sword. Why are we not using it? Cos we are too tired to read His Word. Too lazy to study His Word. Too busy to meditate on His Word.

And the result is laid-back, complacent and powerless religion.

I've enough of that.

So how many warriors do I have here that are ready to take up the FULL armour of God to defend AND to OFFEND so that we can conquer new ground?

sometimes it's really strange that things seem to happen all at the same time.

a phrase that i heard recently:

"it never rains, it pours"

my work is piling again.... =(

the new person that we hired is not given much things to do.... i REALLY wonder why...

eversince she came in, my load INCREASED cos i took over some stuff from other people while STILL RETAINING the work that i'm supposed to handover... i'm supposed to continue with this even for the coming month! =(

can anyone please enlighten me on what's going on????

Monday, July 21, 2008

i woke up with a tummyache this morning. though not as bad as on sat night where i had diarrhea and visited the loo 4 times in 4 hours.

it's a good opportunity for me to rest and de-clutter once again.

and to do the things which are due, that i've managed to shift aside till now. it's been long enough. time to do something about it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking for a needle in a hay stack

Last night while trying to adjust the metal strap of my watch, I dropped the little metal strip that connected it to the face.

The 1st time I dropped it, I found it within 2 seconds.

The 2nd time I dropped it, I lost sight of it after hearing it hit my table top.

The "slight" problem is... my table has stacks of paper on it. 2 stacks actually. Which happen to be not so nicely piled up. They are all my letters and the professional magazines and newsletters that I receive and I tell myself that I need to finish reading them before I can throw them away so that I can keep abreast with new accounting updates.

And so my little "needle" was lost. I really panicked. Cos the watch is gift from my parents not so long ago...

After taking off my contacts which are nearly dropping off by the time I reached home, I started the almost impossible search... And strangely, I managed to find really tiny things like the 2 ear sticks that I dropped ages ago among the stacks of paper I had. Ok to give you a perspective of things, ear sticks are about 1-1.5cm long. And mine are transparent. =) So you can imagine how I felt when I found 2 (!!!) of them and yet still cannot find the metal strip (which in comparison is about 1 inch long and silver in colour).

Just when I was about to give up, I spotted the thing right ON TOP of my top shelf (my study table is actually an old computer table). I was elated!!! =)

I immediately stuck the strip back to the strap so that I do NOT lose it again.

At that moment, a thought crossed my mind:

Imagine I couldn't find it. It would be an irony to own the watch. An automatic watch that supposedly can be used forever but could not be used cos it can no longer be worn around the hand without the metal strip...


Recently there is just this urge inside of me to clear my stuff. All the things that are cluttering my room and cupboards, I just feel like clearing it ALL away. And I've found people that I can give to who would gladly accept it. So that my stuff has a new lease of life. =) I'm a good collector. You would NOT be able to guess how long I've had those stuff with me...

I guess it's the same for my life. Need to rid of things that block my vision, block my destiny, hinder me from moving on. Need to rid my mind of wondering futile thoughts that keep me lying awake at night (of which I thank God that eversince Pst Mike came - it stopped).

The new phase:


Romans 12:2 (New King James Version)
"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

i came across something just now that REALLY provoked me.

so now i'm ever MORE DETERMINED to G.M.C.

My New Colleague (Part 4)...

Joke of the Day:

A camel was walking on the dessert when he saw a cactus.

Camel: Hey! What are you doing here on such a hot day?
Cactus: Oh.... I'm doing acupuncture. What about you?

Can you guess the camel's reply?

Camel: Oh... I'm here to do cupping!


In case you don't know what is cupping, see this:


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Humpty Sabbie had a (small) fall


I fell down. On Tues while I was rushing to JW. I was walking from the MRT to the Interchange and I decided to take a shortcut through a "botak" grass patch instead of walking the right way along the pavement.

Unfortunately my the heel of my boots came off a long time ago and hence it's more slippery than it should be. And hence the moment I stepped off the patch onto the metal drains, I fell.

Landed hard on my left knee (which there is a HUGE blueblack now). I quickly steadied myself with my hands, got up and sped away to the bus area.

The worst thing was. I think I had a moment of 春光乍泄 with 3 foreign workers standing right in front of me... *sigh* :/

i'm still having a headache.

it became better during late morning though it was still kinda painful when i woke up. but for now, it's back again. my left side front & top portion hurts...

so the internet rumour that says drinking 100plus can cure headache.... is FALSE


My New Colleague (Part 3)...

Other funny quotes:

1) I no longer eat under the tree cos I've already attained Nirvana... Can't you see the light above my head? (translated from her Manadarin) *hahahaha*

2) If I were to ever have to go to boss' room, I will do a ke-ke-nan pu-sing. Else you expect me to kan-ta-ka-ki inside meh? *ROFL*


My New Colleague (Part 2)

She's really very funny... Even early in the morning...

Quotes from her:

1) Everyone should have their daily dosage of vitamin U. So that they can me more "U-mo" (humorous in Mandarin).

2) But please dun take the wrong kind of vitamin U. Then you will become more "U-yu" (depressed in Mandarin).

3) I feel like I'm working in a prison. Cos the boss seems to like to "interrogate" you. (She made this remark aft boss told LC, CSS & SL into her room for a meeting).

4) Wah.... Did you see their standing positions inside her room? CSS was like in Ser-nan-di-ri position while listening to her... *faintz*

She's really quite nice & funny. Just that she needs to learn how to be more tactful, less quick-tempered and not show her displeasure so obviously... :/

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i have a splitting headache... =(

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dinner with my TJC gang

So finally our dinner materialised! =)

Well, of course.... Since yours truly here was the one who organised it... *heee*

Anyway, it's been such a long time sia. And now Jan is really very very pregnant! But I discovered that somethings just never change...

Like how CM and EY would usually end up ordering the same food...
Or how CM would just suddenly walk away to answer nature's call or her BF's call...
Or how we all get confused by using all the nice nice complicated phones when we are all just nice and simple people... *heee*

Anyway, it was really a nice time catching up and eating together once again. Kinda reminded me of the times we always ate together in JC days at the hawker opp TJ. How time flies man...

And so until Sab is IN the mood of writing LONG posts, she will as usual just let the photos do the talking... =)

EY & Jan with our ICE MOUNTAIN
My silly hair with CM
My silly hair & CM at a diff angle with taken with a diff cam.
I was already "trembling" by then, waiting for Jan's HP cam to capture the shot...

Funny ERP Pictures...

My friend sent me the following and I find it really funny!!! =)

Disclaimer: Please note the the pictures do not represent the views or opinions of the person that uploaded it here. She is a firm supporter of the local government.
As what Hancock would say, "Gooood Job!" =)

Walau Seribu Rebah

Mercies That Rise with the New Morn
Set Me Apart as a New Born
Each Moment I Live
By Faith I Believe
With You I'm Never Alone

Darkness May Come
Trials Seem So Long
You are the Light I Depend on
Through Valleys and Storms
Your Word Keeps Me Strong
My Shelter, Refuge and Song
I Trust in You

Everyday I Live
I Know You are My God
I Lift My Face and Look to You My God

Even When the Mountains Tremble
And a Thousand Fall
I Will Stand with You
My Jesus
Take My All


A new worship song that we learnt over the weekend that's so so


Once again an encouragement and a reminder that through times when I am alone facing the darts & arrows, I can still trust in my Jesus.

In Surrender, I will find my God.


my new member thinks that I look like her with my new haircut... =(

and so here i've uploaded a few photos to let you decide for yourself if you agree with him...

so..... do you agree with him?!?!?!



BUT..... according to PZ, "a new haircut, a new beginning".

WOW!!!!! I much prefer this than what JO said lo.... Heheheee...... =)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My new colleague...

My new colleague has been with us for almost a month now.

She is indeed an interesting person...

On the day that she was supposed to come in, she called in to say that she's seriously sick. The doc actually gave her 10days worth of anti-biotics. What an impression for all of us...

When she finally came in, she looked promising. She was always keen to learn, asking lots of questions to ensure that she got the procedures right, went online to search for guides so that she could learn how to use Oracle on her own much faster, copied files from her computer wanting to bring them home to study it (but stopped by my boss of course as MANY things here are confidential) and she stayed back on her 1st few days though there was not much to do and CSS who was supposed to teach her was on leave cos of personal reasons...

And then as the days went by, her uniqueness came forth rather LOUDLY.
- she talks in a rather loud aunt-ish tone (kinda interesting really)
- she laughs in a rather loud manner as well (i guess this goes hand-in-hand with the above)
- she eats under the SAME tree everyday (hee)

Actually that's not too bad but some other things are just more jarring...
- she's really quite brave... (i would never dare to talk to LC in the manner she does, asking her to hurry up and leave her own work behind to help her with stuff... LC is hers and my direct boss lo...)
- she nearly quarrelled with my boss the other day... (apparently she said the initials of a vulgar dialect word which I've no idea what is it)

I guess some times there's just a thin line between truthful and direct vs being politically correct while tactfully giving your opinion.

Something to learn for me also. But perhaps hers is like an exemplified version of the negative consequences.

But at the end of the day, she's really a nice person. Cos as I was about to leave on Friday, she asked if I was feeling ok as she has noticed that I had been coughing. So she gave me advice on what I should do so that I can avoid falling sick.

I hope she doesn't leave cos of that near quarrel. ELSE seems like my "covering" workload is here to stay...

*CHOI* =)

seems so near, yet so far...

i have finally finished using all my Skin vouchers! =)

i used my UOB points to change for Heeren vouchers and combined with the Skin vouchers that I had, I only spent $30.12 and got myself a new Ed Hardy t-shirt!


ready for a new batch of Skin vouchers now!


that's a small HINT.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Online Stores with...

everyone i know seems to be having some online store...

whether is it:

JA or PZ or Cherie

and me?

i'm on the other end... while they earn money, i'm on the spend money end...

and the following are nice online stores that i found at random:

delicious cakes or pretty cosmetics or interesting clothings or contacts.

i'm really soooooo temped to buy them. =(

I just could not resist....


I gave in to the temptation once AGAIN.

I went for........ a HAIR CUT when I told myself that I actually wanna leave longer hair for once. But alas.... I've already chopped off my hair. Too late for any regrets now.

Oh ok... not that it's like I cut armani or something, but well.... This just once again brings me further away from getting the lady-like long hair that I desire... *heeee*

Anyway, it was really rather random that I ended up cutting my hair. I was initially supposed to meet a member for dinner when he suddenly had to cancel it. And so left with nothing to do, I felt so lost that I'm free on a Tues. My other attempts to find things to do or people to meet all came to naught... UNTIL. I remembered that I had "wanted" to cut my hair for the longest time!!!

Cos my ends were really breaking quite badly. And it's quite scary to see them breaking apart like they are some thread from your clothes. And so I called my usual hair dresser thinking of just going for a trim. But all the hair stylist were already going home soon, and so silly me made an appointment with them the next day, forgetting that I had already arranged to meet JD. Immediately after hanging the phone, I realised my foolishness. I was supposed to find something to do on TUES, not WED! *oh man* Sometimes, I really wonder if my brain is working...

And so I just went online and typed in the words "hair salon singapore" when I saw the Monsoon site. Thinking nothing of it, I just clicked and followed the link in. And I realised that it's really not as expensive as I thought as a hair cut plus wash by their senior hair stylist is only $21 at their Marina Square branch. So I just gave them a call, and soon I was only my way there.

Business at MS was really quite slow. Not just their shop. There was only like 5 other customers there at about 8pm. And I was led to this really young looking guy. Some other burly-looking guy washed my hair for me while I sat there waiting for my turn for the trim. The senior hair stylist that cut my hair looks really young... At least I'm quite sure he's younger than me. And strangely to start off small talk, he actually asked me how old I was... *sigh* I refused to answer him! *bleah*

He was dressed really stylo, with earrings and a good fashion sense minus the feminine gestures of some others in the same line. In fact, I would say he's quite good-looking! =)

Anyway, his constant chatter must have gotten into my head. When asking me how much to cut, I told him 2inches when I was only prepared to part with 1 to begin with. He gave me a face at that and asked me why cut so little. But trust me, more than 2inches was taken off. For some strange reason, he guessed that I was an accountant! *oh man.... will someone please enlighten me on how to rid that aura if I do carry one?*

Much of my hair behind was chopped off. I'm really glad about parting with my brittle ends but still... He decided to thicken my fringe too. And initially when he randomly just cut it off just above my eyes, I exclaimed, "Oh dear... I think I look like a dog!" And then I thought to myself, oh man.... I just insulted him... But he was really quite cool about it, and said, "well, that's what you say, not me ah... if you think the hair looks like dog fur, then wat about the face?"

*Sab gives him the evil eye*

Not really quite liking the idea that I need to maintain my fringe, I asked him to cut it as short as possible. So each time he asked if it's ok, I will ask him to make it shorter. UNTIL a certain point where he just paused and stared at me.

Sab: eh... is this the shortest that my fringe can go without making myself look silly?
Him: YES!!! Why do you want it so short anyway?
Sab: so that I do not need to cut it so often? =)
Him: Then why dun you just shave it off?

*Sab give him another evil eye... while thinking "well, if it's in fashion and I look nice in it I would do that actually...*

And so.... Sab is once again with shorter hair than wat she wanted. PLUS lots of people including the hair stylist thinks that I now look Jap, cuter, younger and nicer! Which actually... I only agree with the younger part....

You'll understand what I mean when you see me. He says when I went in, he thought I was a Uni fresh grad trying to look for a job. And initially I wanted to pay by Nets... Until I decided that perhaps I should pay by credit else I would need to leave my seat in the midst of the cutting to key in my pin. And so using the credit gave myself away that I'm not THAT young anymore... Ah well....

That place is really not bad. LOTS of people have already asked me where I cut my hair at today. PLUS it's really not so ex and he's really quite cute, tries hard to chat with you by finding common grounds like, "oh you're a Cantonese? So am I" or "my bro's an accountant too" or "all biz execs are the same, all too busy to cut hair" and many more...


Look no further. It's here... =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

LC & Somu are soooooooooo nice!!! =)

I had free breakfast yesterday and a free lunch today!

LC sent her daughter to school and when she passed by a coffee shop, she decided to buy breakfast for ALL of us! There's more than 20 of us in both departments... And she sms all of us from the Finance and then emailed to all the others from Settlement.

She is just SO NICE!!!

Somu got his maid to cook chicken bryani for all of us today! So so so so nice.... Plus black pepper chicken and SL prepared jelly...


Think I better curb my eating from now onwards... =(

Monday, July 7, 2008

Potent Coffee

If you are an avid coffee drinker and dare to say that all coffees out there does not have any caffeine effects on you - think again.

On sat I was out with a few of my members and when we grew weary from walking, we decided to talk a seat at J.Co.

It was really a nice and cosy place. Sitting there makes you want to fall asleep almost instantly as the lights are dim and chairs are soft. Not thinking that this place is any different from the rest of the coffee places that I go to, I ordered my usual drink. Coffee-based plus chocolate drink.

Feeling rather tired, we all left that place close to 11pm. I was watching tv when suddenly my member called me and I spoke to that person till slightly after 2am. Channel U was already playing the national anthem. So I told myself that I better get some sleep cos I needed to wake up at 630am the same morning. Had arranged to meet another of my member at 845am at Expo.

I said my usual, turned off the lights and went to sleep.

But. I just couldn't. For some reason, I was just feeling so awake and alert. I thought it was because I was still thinking about my earlier conversation and what I had wanted to do. But no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get to sleep. I was there tossing and turning until I dunno when. But the last I registered time was around 430am.

I manged to wake up at 630am. And I thought to myself... What happened man... How come I couldn't sleep???? And it was then that I remembered that I drank coffee! I'm quite a coffee drinker. Not that I cannot live without it, but caffeine has lost it's effect on me since I was 16. And thanks to LC, I drink almost a cup from Mon-Fri daily. But that drink from J Co. was really POTENT man!

I was so afraid that I would fall asleep during service. But I was really wide awake. My 2 other members that drank coffee-based drink could not sleep also! 1 fell asleep at 3plus and the other only fell asleep at 6plus... The effects only worn out for me at 11plus pm the following NIGHT.

So if you're looking for a boost that will last close to 24hrs. Look no further. It's here.

no matter how much water i drink, i'm still feeling dehydrated...

my lips are still cracking and my ulcer is still hurting! =(

but i thank God that mine is not as bad as MY's one. his ulcer is like 1.5cm long lo! and it had a depression like a drain also. yucks... must hurt like crazy man.

*shudder at the thought of it*

though my throat is starting to feel like it's getting sore too....


DW had to purposefully msn me to say that he likes the photo that we took together cos he looks very slim next to me...

evil man... :(

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photos from Ravyn... Ballroom Dancing event

Some other photos I found from his Multiply Site:

Busy at work... Somehow my work position is always the same...

My dear Peilu & I

Donny: Let's see if my face is fat. Oh nice... My face in photos is usually fat, except when it's next to Sab...
Sab: Can you just go away?!?!?!

This bunch of people had time to take photos as there were no one else coming to check their sitting arrangement. They were generally reluctant to go in as the rest were playing games... *hahahaa*

Thanks Ravyn for your photos! Now that I finally found them all on Multiply, I promise to never accuse you of being a psycho and just take photos and then keep them all on your computer's desktop. =)

Photos from Ravyn... Pst's Bday

Some photos that I found on Ravyn's Multiply site...

So this was how we kept ourselves occupied while waiting for the big ambush... =)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yesterday evening was really funny.

For some reasons all the department heads & my boss were gathering at the CEO's room for a drink during late afternoon. Red wine and champagne.

Apparantly I think my boss had a glass too much. So she walked into our room, holding a half-drunk bottle of champagne. Face was flushed red, all the way down to her back and shoulders.

In a louder than her usual loud voice, "Ok. So who wants to try champagne of 'BMW' standard? Our department head says that the usual ones we drink are of 'Honda' class only, this is of 'BMW' class ok, so it's your one & only chance..."

With that, she started to pour EVERYONE a cup though we were all busy trying to finish our month-end.


I wonder which other industry has such priviledges?


Friday, July 4, 2008

I need a hair cut

I do not have split ends.


The hair is breaking at its ends.

Think the last time I had a hair cut was after Easter... Why is it that my hair is so dry and brittle although I used conditioner everyday? =(

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Accountants work from month-end to month-end...

Auditors work from peak to peak...

Is there anything else that I can do that is R~E~L~A~X all the time?

PLEASE. Intro to me...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I found this!!!

I was scanning thru the files in my computer and I came across this:

WOW!!!! This was what I looked like 7yrs ago! And.... Guess whose bday we were celebrating?

Hint: Men are from Mars, Women are from __________

And I thought I dun own a single photo of both of us being in the same frame...


Seems like my face had always been so ROUND... =(

Tues Meeting with Pst Mike

The meeting we had last night with Pst Mike was amazing...

I wanted to leave at 7pm, but LC told me that I better not leave too early in case the internal auditors think I've got nothing to do on the 1st day of month-end closing...

And so I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited till 8pm to go. And like a few moments before I wanted to pack up and leave, boss suddenly came in with all the barang barang and looks like she wants to stay put.


She always comes out when it's time for pple to go... But I die die thickened my skin to "escape" while she was in an almost heated discussion with SS. So by the time I reached, it was just after worship where Pst D was praying.


I only missed praise and worship lo. Just in time to hear him preach! And indeed it was a good word. So amazing... And after theory ended, practical started. He taught us how to "deliver ourselves". I tried it and it works! Though I did a book review about it when I was in SOT, it never worked on me then. Maybe cos I rushed out the WHOLE book review in ONE night. All 20polus to 30 chapters of it! I did it from 8pm in the night till 6am the next morning. And even tried out what the book mentioned. *heee*

Anyways, it was a great meeting and I do feel lighter today. Literally. Seeing some of the things that used to evoke certain emotions in me previously didn't seem to have the same effect today. PTL! =)

Working towards a changed lifestyle so that such things no longer have a hold on me.


my boss likes to come out of her room to work once evening falls. and most of the time it's at those kind of timing where people tend to go home... like say 6plus or 7pm. =(

she says cos her computer tends to seemingly wanna crash at the same time every evening. but then... she doesn't switch off her comp... so how come it knows when to crash so that it happens the same time everyday?