Monday, July 14, 2008

Walau Seribu Rebah

Mercies That Rise with the New Morn
Set Me Apart as a New Born
Each Moment I Live
By Faith I Believe
With You I'm Never Alone

Darkness May Come
Trials Seem So Long
You are the Light I Depend on
Through Valleys and Storms
Your Word Keeps Me Strong
My Shelter, Refuge and Song
I Trust in You

Everyday I Live
I Know You are My God
I Lift My Face and Look to You My God

Even When the Mountains Tremble
And a Thousand Fall
I Will Stand with You
My Jesus
Take My All


A new worship song that we learnt over the weekend that's so so


Once again an encouragement and a reminder that through times when I am alone facing the darts & arrows, I can still trust in my Jesus.

In Surrender, I will find my God.


Anonymous said...

the song is nice , btw do you know what the name of it title?

SabWong said...

The title of the song is the title of the post, which roughly means "Although a thousand may fall".