Wednesday, October 31, 2007

JH's soooooo Encouraging!

Jean Ho.... You're my princess in shiny armour (Hmm.. Or you prefer to be clad in a beautiful dress instead?)!

You actually taught me how to amend the crazy timing of blogspot! WOW!!!! Ok, and so I'm an IT idiot and so what? My dear friend here has shown me that there's HOPE for everyone. Cos if SHE can do it, I can do it too! Hee... After all, we both graduated from NTU Accountancy right... How different in our intellect can we get? According to you... If you can figure out HTML, so can I! Hahaa... I will cling on to your word and start on my hideous journey once I have the time (which is erhm... in the unforseeable future).

So till then, please enjoy my nice postings and just ignore the ugly layout of the rest of the things... After all, if a great read is packaged under an ugly book cover, I'm sure all you people out that whose intellect is as high as mine would definitely not judge a book by its cover right? So don't Judge my Post by it's ugly Skin! *tada*

Deja Vu

I just had a Deja Vu moment!

These brown tables and the unusual steps in my office have strangely appeared in my dream or somewhere before! Amazing what an error message from my computer can prompt me to think of...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Singapore River

Oh how I love this place... the little boats that move up and down ferrying tourists so that they can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the heart of the business district in Singapore; the many trees providing shelter from the occasional afternoon sun; the gentle breeze that blows through my hair; the calm water surface that stirs every time the boats move through or water drips in from the branch tips of the trees.... Ahh... what serenity....

And this is my "Secret Place"... Oh how I thank God for bringing me to this place. Instead of walking round and round some shopping place or continue to work while fasting, God is soooo good to bring me here. My one place that I just love so much cos I literally experience heaven on earth as I stand by the river sides to pray. Seeing the waters stirring occasionally, or how the water moves as droplets fall in, I literally "see" what I'm praying for.

God stir the hearts of my members during this Arise and Build that they will give their best to You. God stir up their hearts to beat with compassion once again to reach out to the lost. God enlarge our tents like how the circle of water enlarges as droplets fall onto the river surface. God enlarge our capacity to contain the new friends that come in so that they will be integrated into our CG. God cause our CG to grow and expand so that we will be the ones contributing to the growth when our church hits 30,000!

How fast time flies when you're having a good time with God. Oh how I love this place... Maybe I'll prayer walk Singapore River sometime in the future, and pray that Christians working all over this area will really rise up and be the salt and light in the marketplace that God has placed us in...

My heart is so full and overwhelmed now... How I wish my lunch time won't end so that I could just continue to dwell in my Secret Place...

On a separate note, WYZ leaders will be having a BBQ cum leaders meeting tonight. So excited for it!!! Just in time after my fast also? Heee.... Soooo happy that we can spend time to fellowship with Pst and with one another. Thanks Pst!!! In the eyes of all the leaders in WYZ, you're THE BEST!!! =)

Monday, October 29, 2007

First lunch with my bosses...

Just came back from lunch with my 2 bosses - Assistant Manager and my big boss the FC... Was supposed to be my welcome lunch after I've been working here for slightly more than 1 month.

Initially I was seriously rather "scared" man... Wondering what kind of topics of conversation are we going to be talking about, how should I respond and the mannerism of my eating? Hee... But it turned out to be quite enjoyable! =) Except for the fact that it was such an expensive lunch!!... There was discount for OCBC Titanium card which I have and my boss didn't, so I was so tempted to offer to pay 1st but I do not think my boss will allow hence I just kept quiet... =)

We went to this place called "Tao Yuan" which is on the 33rd floor of OCBC Building. Looks really exclusive (except for the lift) and they have this place called "The Executives Club" on the same floor. The food is not bad and the portions are quite ok for 3 persons (I think the portion should increase if there are more people?). Hmm... let me see, we ate Stir fried broccoli, Wasabi prawns, Egg white and scallop soup, Sea Parch Fish (which to me looks and taste exactly like Codfish) and Almond Cream with Beancurd. I'm seriously so full! *burp*

And I made a startling discovery that my big boss is also a Christian! Hmm... Not that she doesn't look like one, which come to think of it perhaps she does... In fact she'll always come to inform me of what she read in the papers about CHC being audited and their subsequent articles which somehow or rather I happen to miss... *ok I confess, I dun really read papers now which is so unforgivable* :/

So lunch was not too bad... and later i will try to upload a photo of the wet tissue from the restaurant as proof that I did go there... haha... nah... I took it back so that I can use it to clean my office table! This I remember I learnt it from ST! hee...

Think later tonight then I'll talk abt the great service we had yesterday and the funny incident I had when I was with my mbrs. Till then... =)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sourcing for ~H~E~L~P~

Sigh... I simply cannot stand what I see from my blog... WHY is it like that???

The timing is wrong and I cannot find a way to change it. Seems so weird that I'm blogging about the night and yet the timing shows early morning...

Or how about the fact that no matter how many times i click "Enter", I just cannot seem to separate the lines for my various paragraphs? Why can't they just follow the simple setup of applications like Word? =(

Friday, October 26, 2007

Daydreaming after lunch

Just came back from a REALLY full lunch. Kinda sleepy once again... *yawn*
Looking at my previous post, I just cannot help but wonder why is the timing of the post wrong? I specifically remember typing it late last night at like 12plus am yet it states that I posted it at 8plus am... =(
AND I just do not seem to be able to insert lines into my various paragraphs. WHY???? Would a kind soul somewhere out there advise me on how to do it?
My boss and my neighbours are not around again... But today's the last day of such. I better enjoy myself before they come back and I fall straight back into reality with the additional "gift" of month-end coming ahead...
Cheers to those who can take afternoon naps! Hee... =)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maiden Attempt

I almost cannot believe my eyes while I'm typing this... Since when am I so brave to voice my thoughts in such a PUBLIC arena?? Thanks to the "coercion" of various dear ones whose names coincidentally mainly start with "C". Hee... ;P
But there's always a 1st time for everything I guess. Aiming to make trying new things a norm for my life from now onwards, so that I do not miss out the wonderful things that life has in store for us all.
And so after my faint attempt at blogging my 1st post, I shall adjourn to something more meaningful to me -- zzzzz.........
Nuff said. =)