Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday - 270608

Kinda lazy to write the whole story down, so I'll just let these few uncreative photos do the talking... Presenting to you, my dears in the CG (with me of course... heheee):

And I realized that my face is soooooo round...............



Maybe if I've the time (and the mood) to write, I'll talk more about my "new friend" and my "old friend".


Weekend with Pst Mike Connell

Seeing the picture from my earlier post, I stumbled upon this:

Finally Pst Mike is coming again!!! =)

The 1st time I saw him, I was really scared of him. Seriously. I still remember it was in Hollywood. There were people all over the place and at that time I was still wondering what was going on. All I remember was that my friend kept asking me if I felt angry with him. Truly I didn't. I was actually feeling VERY scared of him.

But after experiencing it for myself, I now LOVE this minister of God!

He really is like a teddy bear with fatherly love oozing out of him after you're cleaned out on the inside (if you know what I mean...). Am so looking forward to tomorrow (God please let me leave my office early so that I dun miss out on the leaders ministry session)!!!

I know I need it... Got so cleaning to do... :/

Our SOT Mag that somehow never got printed...

There was supposed to be a SOT magazine produced for my batch like 4 years ago. But somehow it just never came about... And they collected S$10 from all of us! =(

I wonder if they foreign students are still waiting for it to be sent to them... *hee*

Anyways.... Here's what my Team's page would look like if it ever had been printed:

Foody Food...

I've been having GOOD meals since last wed... Feeling so guilty and sinful that I've yet to exercise to keep it from staying with me...

Wed - Jap food (salmon & chicken)
Thurs - Sushi & Pizza
Fri - 8 course restaurant food
Sat - Western food (chicken!!!)
Sun - Popeye (chicken again!!!)

So today I decided to keep my intake minimal... =)

And for some reason I've been having the runs since yesterday evening... So... maybe... just maybe... whatever that I've eaten has already been flushed out? =)

Ok fine... This still doesn't give me a reason NOT to find time to insert more activity into my mundane / sedate life...

I've learnt over the years that God reveals...

Sometimes when you least expect it actually. What you think that no one else but yourself knows, will be brought to light somehow.

It's really like what the Bible says in Mark 4:22
"For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light."

Sometimes it's really quite scary how God works in our lives. Whatever wrong that we do in secret will find its way to the light somehow. And many times, it's revealed to the person that you most want to keep it from.

This certainly acts as a deterrent for me... But... What about you?

Facing my giants

Sometimes life is such an irony.

This morning I "received" a confirmation of what I once suspected. And then during lunch time, I finally completed the book I've been reading for the longest time - Facing Your Giants.

Such a "coincidence".

But am I ready to face my "giant"? I dunno really. But it has come to such a time that I can no longer put it off. Well, hopefully tmr aft the session with Pst Mike, I'll be ready to really face my giant.

*God help me pls...*

Friday, June 27, 2008

we had lunch with LL today.

think we really scared him by ordering TONS of food. *hahahaha* but of course in the end we paid la... PLUS we bought him a nice tie for his new perm work at KPMG.

we ordered so much that we could hardly finish it all... not to mention the fact that prior to going to Shoduko we actually sat down at a HK Cafe, took a very long time to order food, passed the slip to the waitress and THEN told them we want to cancel ALL the orders and walked across to the restaurant next door...

totally amazed by the courage of LC... =)

I usually say the same 3 words every night before I sleep.

Last night was no different.

"Good night God!" =)

And in the mornings, I say the same 4 words everyday...

"I love You God!" =)

But this morning when I said that, I felt that God replied with the words, "Then feed my sheep".

And the passage that I once blogged about came into my mind. The part where Jesus came to Peter and asked him if he loves Him after He resurrected and he denied Him 3 times. And with Peter's every answer, Jesus' reply was "Feed my sheep" or "Tend my sheep".

So clear... when God speaks...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just came home from KTV session in office. It's finally the REAL farewell for LL...

So sadz.. I think I'll actually miss him...


I think I'll purposely say that to him tmr to SCARE him...


Blog more about it when I've time over the weekends.



Unfinished Business

We don't live in a perfect world.

Learn to live with imperfect situations, unresolved issues and unfulfilled expectations without losing your great spirit.

There's always something that isn't the way you want it.

Get happy in spite of this.

As you deal with it, stay happy, not upset.

If the unresolved problem gets you, then it's won.

Stay on top even when it's trying to get you down, and you'll win.

This is Christianity at its best.

Staying up in a down situation.

That's leadership.


Gives me tremendous encouragement to know that I'm not the only one with unresolved issues though I know I should be doing more to resolve them... :/


She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire
Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire

Yeah baby.... I finally met Venus last night! *woohoo*

She looks the same as when I 1st knew her lo... and that was in 1999!

My "2nd" cg member in CHC. My 1st cg was E16. Then we combined with E01 to become E116. Venus was from E01 together with the rest of the gals. They were like the "gals" cg while we were like the "guys" cg that combined back then. Brings back lots of memories man...

*yellowish faded scenes running through my head*

Hahaha... ok fine, maybe NOT that long ago. But still, we knew each other way back then. And the last time we met was like in... 2001 or 2002! So many things happened in between man...

Kinda nice to meet someone "from the past" and talk about the familiar people that we know and the things that happened. Though there was a tinge of sadness when we talk abt some who have left the race in between; the critics, the skeptics, the angry, the disappointed and those drawn away by the neon lights of life... so many reasons why people drop out of the race.

Anyway, here's a tribute to my VENUS! =)

I still kept all the cards & letters that you wrote to me while you did follow-up ON me! And there was a particular postcard that you gave me and you pasted an ORANGE eraser there, with the words "Be Fruitful" printed on it. I still have it! =) I still have the letter where you wrote about how you saw me grow like a toddler learning how to walk; stumbling and falling at times but steadily and surely mastering the task.

Thanks for everything that you've done to me and in me! You're definitely one of the factors that caused me to become who I am today! =)

And so it was really fun yesterday! (like how can it not be fun with Sab around rite?)


We (read: I) talked from 8 to like 10plus pm! I drank like 3.5 cups of green tea. Most of the time I was the one talking... =( But I guess it's just her ba... And when it's time for her to talk, she was like, "you ask me questions and I answer you?"


Else it was already too late... time flew passed and it was home-going again.

We must meet up more often my dear k... And this time, I'll keep my trap shut and let you do the talking... =)

Once again, thanks for everything that you've done! Not forgetting the dinner and your ORANGE chocolates! =)

AND... my answer for 31Aug08 remains unchanged...


the "procrastinating" me is rearing its ugly head again...

*help me*


There are 2 types of milk on this earth. What are they?

If you're thinking: chocolate & strawberry (like me)... You're wrong!


Pst Z shared a short message with us on Tues about it. Goes to show that really, you can preach about practically anything.

Interesting... =)

Monday, June 23, 2008

my bro bought a NEW HP desktop!!!


the cpu is soooooo slim...

wireless keyboard and mouse. wide screen.

so nice.... =)

just that i'm not quite used to it, so i keep making typing mistakes... :/

side track: my blog skin's layout should be horizontal, NOT vertical. meaning my sidebar should be *ahem* at the side. meaning my tag board n play list n stuff should be at the side. viewing it in office makes me slightly dislike the layout but there's nothing i can do about it... =(

well, but at least it's yellow n bright n cheery... like my latest impulse purchase - a bright city-care coloured wallet! threw away lots of stuff to slim it down. even if it doesn't last, at least sharks will keep away from me... =)

"the replacement theory" - not the famous original one, but the one coined by sab.

i hate that. seriously.

are you here for the long haul? are you willing to be?

i wonder who will eventually arise to fill in the gap?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i was awaken from my sleep early this morning. even before the downpour came at 6plus am.

something was gnawing in my spirit yet again. since the thoughts were not "out-of-control", i allowed the things to go through my head as i prepared myself to wake up for service.

unfortunately, the rain proved too "powerful"... i arised late and was really really late for service... i only reached at 930am!

in the words of gerry, "oh man... i think we are backsliding..." *sob*

anyways, before i get off-tangent again, i just wanna say that i received a revelation while i was worshipping God in service today. i think some pastor or speaker might have mentioned it to me before but i guess i didn't quite get it then. but during the 1st worship, i had this revelation: that deep beneath every attitude of indifference, lies unresolved hurt.

God brought to my rememberance the thoughts that were gnawing me in the morning.

it's like sometimes we just feel indifferent towards some people, some things that happen. that at times it's like so natural to us that we are indifferent towards it. perhaps there is a reasonable explanation for our attitude. but i've come to realise that many times, it's due to something that hurt us but we just choose to ignore it and not resolve it. so it evolves over time into indifference and we don't even realise that it's related to the hurt that we experienced perhaps, a long time ago.

anyways... may i resolve it soon. so that i'll do what i've been putting off for the longest time. though i know i should have done it a long long time ago...

sab will resolve the issues in her life, one thing at a time...

(p/s: i'm only human too you know... in case for some reason you didn't quite get that all this while hanging out with her.)


the 1st thing that i ate after i broke from my 21days of veg fast - CHICKEN (!!!!)


so sorry to all my members & colleagues who benefitted from the 21days exercise... miss wong is back to her normal regime and will NO LONGER be "feeding" you the best portion of her daily meals...


Thursday, June 19, 2008

the end draws near...

one thing that i'm looking forward to... CHICKEN!


The Queen has decided.... to go

the queen has decided to go...

sab is so sadz...

no more last min dinner invites... no more last min movie outings... =(

and so ah bee, you've BIG shoes to fill k! and not that you're even going to try to fill them...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tue Meeting with Rev Robb Thompson

I didn't attend the session cos I went for Haute Couture instead. But here're the highlights for the night - courtesy of Pat! =)
People are celebrated for their differences, not their similarities.
So we have to discover our differences!

We will never be rewarded for the things that we did right BUT we will be disqualified for the things that we do not do.

We are to change the way we are ON PURPOSE and be the person we are designed to be.

2 Keys to remember:
My Life is a Product of My Own Construction
· What I have produced out of my own life?

Today’s Excellence is Tomorrow’s Mediocrity
· What I do today is what I can build on for tomorrow.
· Everyday is a building block for the next day.

7 Laws of Differences:
1) Law of Pursuit

· You will only possess what you are pursuing.

2) Law of Serving
· A servant is never defined by his willingness to serve but by the EXECUTION of his service.
· Don’t be interested in what you intend to do but look at what you actually have done.
· Keep sowing the seeds and leave the harvest to God.

3) Law of Character
· Whatever you compromise to keep, you will certainly lose it.
· Do what you are supposed to do NO MATTER WHAT!

4) Law of Attitude
· The attitude of a servant determines the atmosphere of the palace.

5) Law of Association
· Every relationship you have is either drawing you closer to or further away from God’s will for your life.
· 3 Different Types of people at each moment of our lives:
a) Compromiser (always trying to get you to lower your standards)
b) Companion (Neither good nor bad for your future. It’s nearly impossible to tell their effect)
- Every relationship has rules to enter in or stay.
c) Committed (Those who are undoubtedly committed to your success)
- Choose the relationships that have chosen you.
- Love those who love you.

6) Law of Problem Solving
· Your value in life is directly linked to the problems you joyfully solve for others.
· Examples: Joseph, Esther, David, Jesus, Timothy.
· Women wants to be loved while men wants to be respected.

7) Law of the Seed
· Everything in your future is created by something in your present.

The Importance of Knowing the Truth
· Deception finds its lies in what people don’t tell you.
· A half truth = A whole lie


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i had trouble sleeping last night.

not cos i was not tired. i was. but cos i had difficulty breathing. seriously.

1st time i felt scared to "fall asleep". i felt a little giddy and numbness on my face. i was thinking, would i wake up to find myself on the "other" side...

only while i was there tossing & turning did i realise that actually i've breathing thru 1 nostril for the whole time. no wonder i felt breathless. i only had half the amt of fresh air that i needed.

actually even till now it's still the same thing. no wonder i've the tendency to yawn. :(

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just to share with you what I just read:

- if you love the unloving, you get a glimpse of what God has done for you

- humility is not thinking less of yourself but that you think of yourself less

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Give loyalty to the worthy.

Rewards, inclusion, acceptance, honouring, all build loyalty in our team.

If we don't give these when deserved we arouse disloyalty.

If you err at all err on the side of generosity.

A competent but disloyal team member is a far worse curse than an average but loyal member.

No skill atones for disloyalty.

Loyalty to one another is the super glue of 'team'.

sometimes i find that the hardest people to work with... are christians

Copied from Gracie's blog...

I chanced upon Grace's blog when I saw the following... So blessed by it that I decided to copy it here! Hee.. Giving you the *credits* here k? =)

The book of Job teaches several lessons:

1) God is sovereign. We cannot understand His workings by rational thinking alone; faith must rest in God's love and our knowledge of Him.

2) We understand ourselves and our lives in direct relationship to our understanding of the character and workings of God. When we understand that God's will toward us is good, that God cares and communicates His caring to His children. Faith must have a resting place. When deep suffering threatens the foundations of faith, an assault on our faith can destroy us unless we are firmly rooted in these truths.

3) In times of tragedy we face the temptation of making God our adversary instead of our advocate. You can focus on declaring your innocence and questioning the justice of God, or we can bow down in humility and wait for God to reveal Himself.

4) The struggle of faith is a personal one. We must test the mettle of our faith in God against uncontrollable forces and win our individual victories. There will be times when family and friends may be taken away from us and we must stand alone.


So chim yet so amazing.... =)

Monday, June 9, 2008

my boss doesn't like orange

how do i know that?

cos she walked into our room and most random and naturally asked me:
"why did you choose to wear such a colour today?"

the 1st thing that came to my mind was:
"must there be a reason?"

but i mumbled:
"cos it was cold this morning so i chose something warm."

guess i might not be "choosing" to wear this in a long time... ... at least until i forget what happened this morning...

[p/s: our intern says that sharks dun like the colour orange too! hahaha]

Sunday, June 8, 2008

having a headache now...


Friday, June 6, 2008


'Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.' - Mark 6:31

Rest comes in a deserted place. Where no people are.

This is immensely difficult for a leader;
- to come aside from their work,
- to locate in a deserted place alone,
- to remain there for a while,
- to rest, that is to stop working,

However, this is an art that must be mastered, otherwise the leader's faculties will wear out.

They will render themselves useless.

Rest adds up to recovery, creativeness, energy.

Find a deserted place, go there and do nothing.

A miracle will happen!

the words of Pst Phil.
i'm so tempted to take leave and just do NOTHING... =)

Happy Water Baptism Day to ME! :)

This may be just another day for you...

But to me it marked the beginning of the greatest journey in my life - this was the day that I got water baptised exactly 9 years ago!

I still remember everything that happened that faithful day...

It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning. I woke up early, excited. But then cos I missed my own cgm on Friday night (I was actually taking Basic French @YMCA that time), I had to attend makeup cg. It was a long journey from my house to that place - Bedok. I still remember whose house it was (she's still a ZS in church now but at time she wasn't married yet). The makeup cg was kinda weird. Only had 5 members including the cgl. I had another member that missed cg so she was there. And my friend that brought me to church accompanied me there as well. So it was the 3 of us plus the cgl's own member. *hahaha*

Given that, the meeting was relatively short. The cgl also knew that I was getting water baptised that day so she let us off early to have lunch then make our way down to East Coast. So after the short meeting, my members and I went to eat KFC. The water baptism thing was like at 3plus so after our lunch at 1plus, we still had more than sufficient time. One of my member left so it's just left the friend that brought me to church and me, and we took a bus to East Coast - cannot remember what bus we took though.

And my friend was her usual easily excited self. *hahaha* I didn't exactly know where the thing was held and my friend assured me time and again that she knows exactly where the place is, where we are going and what we are doing. So before long, we alighted from the bus to walk along East Coast.

And this was what we did for a REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

I think we easily could have walked for close to an hour in the hot afternoon sun. All the while my friend assuring me that we are reaching. And you know in those days, the HP was not such a popular device yet. So both of us only had our pagers with us. Before long, it was already 3plus and the water baptism site was no where to be seen... While our pagers kept beeping as the rest of my cg were all looking for us, we had no way to contact them. I was already sun-baked and tired from all the walking when suddenly we saw scores of people standing along the beach.


Since we were already late, we started to run towards the crowd. I had already missed the praise & worship, missed the declaration part that we always go through before water baptism. I was so afraid that I would have already missed my turn! Then suddenly I saw the cgl whose makeup cg I attended earlier. When she saw me, she was really happy and exclaimed, "Where have you both been?" With that she said a quick prayer for me and led me to the line where the rest of the candidates were moving into the sea. Before I could even compose myself, I found myself already half-submerged in the sea water approaching all the action.

Pst T was the one that baptised me. =)

Unfortunately heaven didn't split open and a thunderous voice didn't go, "this is my daughter in whom I am well-pleased". As I came out from the water, I only remember the salt water stinging my eyes cos I wore contacts. My faithful friend ran towards me with the towel and that was when I finally met my members. I was given a bag of salt, a big white candle (I still have it with me now), a card and an apple that I was supposed to finish eating. While walking to the toilet to wash up, another drama-mama incident happened. My slipper strap broke.

It must have been tough for it given all the walking that I did. I still remember my cg helper using some scrap plastic strips that he found along the way to tie my slipper as I hobbled along. Thank God I finally made my way to Marina Square where we ate at Kenny Rogers. But of course this was after I went to buy a pair of sandals.

And so this was my water baptism.

No fireworks or anything spectacular, but full of action & drama with God bringing me to my destination. And this has how it was been for me for the passed 9 years. Nothing spectacular but full of adventures as I continue my walk with God, who still brings me to my various destinations.

I still welcome belated water baptism gifts till now. =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

With reference to your application for reclassification as a Non-Practising Member, we have the pleasure of informing you that the Council has approved your application. You are hereby admitted as a Non-Practising Member of the Institute wef from 21May08.

You are entitled to use the designatory letters "CPA Singapore" to describe yourself as a member of ICPAS.


another thing checked off my To-Do list! =)


now that Wed night is over, i can finally talk about what happened on Tues night.

it was the most usual day for me, going to work as usual. rushing month-end closing, i sms Pst Z, Pat and Joyce to tell them that i'll be late for meeting cos of work, can only reach at 9plus. leaving my office slightly after 9, i made my way to suntec like the week before for our usual zm.

but that zm was not usual.

when i finally reached, nick looked at me and said, "you should be the last, there shouldn't be anymore coming after you." to me, that was normal also since it was almost reaching 10pm. when i walked in, everyone was kneeling down as Pst was reading to them a passage from the Bible. then 1 sentence Pst said struck me. "as we travel and walk about, the part that gets the most dirty is the feet. so while you all have been walking with me to serve Jesus, i want to serve you tonight by washing your feet."

Pst is the 2nd person to wash my feet. the 1st person to do that was my ex-cgl many years ago. i still remember the exact position i was sitting at in my ex-mbr's room in tamp.

brought back lots of memories and thoughts. to leave you with the words of Jesus:

"Do you understand what I was doing? You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and you are right, because that’s what I am. And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet. I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you. I tell you the truth, slaves are not greater than their master. Nor is the messenger more important than the one who sends the message. Now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them."
John 13:12-17 (NLT)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I bought the P Plate yesterday! *woohoo*

My bro says I'll have my orientation on Thurs night! =)

Train to Pasir Ris @8.36am?

A really strange thing happened today. Usually the LAST straight MRT to Pasir Ris from my place leaves at 8.27am. This has been the train that I've been missing since the longest time, causing me to be late for work almost everyday...

But today! I saw a train going straight to Pasir Ris at 8.36am!

Is this going to stay for good? =)

Then I can finally get to sit from perhaps JE onwards on good days...

something happened last night.

in this lifetime, only 2 persons have ever done this to me.

made me think about a lot of things actually.

and at the end i just wanna say:

"thank you pst for loving & believing in us. ur love for us and the mbrs will always be an inspiration and an example for us. we'll be in this tog with you for the long haul."

Monday, June 2, 2008

1st hour on 1Jun08

Yesterday was the start of our 21days of prayer.

I was really excited for it though by the time I reached home, it was already kinda late. So taking a last look at my HP at 23:18, I started to pray.

Words came out easily as usual. Not because I'm an eloquent person, but I just love talking to Him. I didn't start by presenting a list of things, more of just sharing my thoughts and struggles at that moment. The more I shared, the more I felt the flow. It was an easy transition between just talking and praying for certain things in my life. I felt so touched that at certain points, I was tearing as I remembered how I started out my walk with Him. The times when I really grew were the times in Uni when I didn't have lessons on certain days. So I had the time to really pray, and it was usually at "weird" hours in the afternoon. How I miss those times actually...

Then at a certain point, I felt led to pray for one of my friends. It wasn't within my expectations to pray for her actually. As in, she wasn't on my mind when I 1st started to pray. But knowing a little of her situation, I began to pray for her. Dun think I will write here what exactly did I pray for her, but I was really moved as I prayed. Suddenly I remembered the 1st time we met. And how the 1st time I got to know her, she lied to me lo (ok I dun think she will ever read this but if YOU do, please know that it's not bitterness that I have against you, but rather it's just something that I will always remember about you :). I remembered how we 1st started out as choir members, moved on to be cgls, how we attended SOT together and ended up being colleagues for a period of time. I actually prayed that she will not go through what I went through last year - one of the dark periods in my life. And thinking of checking how long I've prayed so far, I stole a glance at my HP. It was already 00:09!!!! And I thought I just started praying?? But close to 40mins had already passed!

I continued praying and just talking to Him about other things and finished at about 00:28 (I think, cos I didn't exactly see the time before I said my usual, "Goodnight God".

In the morning, I decided to drop an sms to my friend to tell her that I prayed for her the night before. I didn't receive any reply so when I saw her online, I nudged her and asked if she had gotten my sms. She replied and said that she was actually very touched when she saw that. She was really going through some struggles in her life and had considered leaving church just during the weekend. I was shocked. If you knew who I'm talking here, I'm sure you would be shocked too. She said that after reading my sms, many thoughts came to her mind. And one of them was that whenever the church is moving into a new direction, those who lose vision of it would backslide. And she didn't want to be left behind, so she's ever more determined to hang on now. Shall not talk about the details here, but one thing for sure, my prayers for her were spirit-led. And I'm glad I made a difference.

So for the rest of us still struggling to "clock" 1 hr in prayer, take heart. It's not hard and you never know what your prayers can do.

It may just bring someone into the KOG or stop someone from stepping out of it.

Excited for my encounter later! I wonder what else will happen... =)

I'm won over

Yesterday I was out shopping with one of my dear members along orchard when I chanced upon this really nice looking pair of shoes. Wanted to search for a picture of it online but couldn't find it so there's no way I can show it to you here. Unless of course you get to meet me and I happen to be wearing it.

I was really uncertain about buying it initially cos I've had numerous BAD experiences with covered-toe shoes. Ok, perhaps basically with shoes in general.

Like whenever I hear people complain about painful feet from their shoes, very often it's just redness plus a little aching. For me, it's a totally different story. When I say it's painful, I literally mean P.A.I.N.F.U.L. It will not just be red, it will have lots of blisters - top, bottom, left, right. Anywhere possible to grow one, it would probably have one. So usually I cannot wear covered-toe shoes without either socks or stockings.

But U.R.S. has proved me wrong. They have shown me that I can wear such shoes also! Without having to bear with blisters or socks. The shoes were really comfy plus with my UOB Smart$, they only cost $17!!!

Now I'm soooooooooo tempted to go get another pair (or 2 actually). *hahaha*

If you know how many pairs of shoes, boots, sandals and slippers that I already own, I'm very sure you will try to stop me.

Please try to stop me?


I've decided...

I felt that I should join Pst K on a fast these 21days. But not his 21days full fast (I think I would faint before reaching the 5th day). So I decided that I would do vege-fast for all 21days.

Considering the meat-eater than I am, this is not going to be easy. But well, I'm sure it's going to be worth the sacrifice. =)

The thing that shocked me was when I reached home at 11plus pm last night, my mum suddenly called me into her room. She asked me if I was going to fast together with Pst K (!!!!!). She and my dad actually attended JW Sunday service 2 wks back when Pst was around and he talked about it. So I just told her that I'm going to do a vege-fast and she was like totally cool about it! My dad was like, "Good! Can detox at the same time."

*amazing* =)