Thursday, June 26, 2008


She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire
Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire

Yeah baby.... I finally met Venus last night! *woohoo*

She looks the same as when I 1st knew her lo... and that was in 1999!

My "2nd" cg member in CHC. My 1st cg was E16. Then we combined with E01 to become E116. Venus was from E01 together with the rest of the gals. They were like the "gals" cg while we were like the "guys" cg that combined back then. Brings back lots of memories man...

*yellowish faded scenes running through my head*

Hahaha... ok fine, maybe NOT that long ago. But still, we knew each other way back then. And the last time we met was like in... 2001 or 2002! So many things happened in between man...

Kinda nice to meet someone "from the past" and talk about the familiar people that we know and the things that happened. Though there was a tinge of sadness when we talk abt some who have left the race in between; the critics, the skeptics, the angry, the disappointed and those drawn away by the neon lights of life... so many reasons why people drop out of the race.

Anyway, here's a tribute to my VENUS! =)

I still kept all the cards & letters that you wrote to me while you did follow-up ON me! And there was a particular postcard that you gave me and you pasted an ORANGE eraser there, with the words "Be Fruitful" printed on it. I still have it! =) I still have the letter where you wrote about how you saw me grow like a toddler learning how to walk; stumbling and falling at times but steadily and surely mastering the task.

Thanks for everything that you've done to me and in me! You're definitely one of the factors that caused me to become who I am today! =)

And so it was really fun yesterday! (like how can it not be fun with Sab around rite?)


We (read: I) talked from 8 to like 10plus pm! I drank like 3.5 cups of green tea. Most of the time I was the one talking... =( But I guess it's just her ba... And when it's time for her to talk, she was like, "you ask me questions and I answer you?"


Else it was already too late... time flew passed and it was home-going again.

We must meet up more often my dear k... And this time, I'll keep my trap shut and let you do the talking... =)

Once again, thanks for everything that you've done! Not forgetting the dinner and your ORANGE chocolates! =)

AND... my answer for 31Aug08 remains unchanged...