Friday, February 29, 2008

Ed Hardy Broker

I bumped into this lady broker wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt at the pantry just now. Initially I was pleasantly surprised, considering the fact that I hardly see people wearing Ed Hardy outside of CHC.

Then as I studied the t-shirt, this thought came to my mind...

"I've never seen this colour and this design before."

It's like so bad, but it really looks like an imitation rather than the real thing. Cos it resembles more like those I saw in FOS Malaysia rather than those I see people wearing around in church or even those online when I visit sites that sell Ed Hardy.

Especially the thread patch at the back... :/

Until now, I still dun dare to wear my Ed Hardy to office. I'm afraid that I'll scare the people here or even stumble them...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A familar sound

I heard a familiar sound when I was in my office's toilet just now.

Ok before you think that I'm going to write about something disgusting regarding small / big business, I'm not...

The sound that I heard is NOT the usual "healthy" toilet sounds. It's a distinctive "plop" that my friend told me to strain my ears to listen to when I was in JC.

So when I heard it this afternoon, I got a shock. I thought to myself, "Either the lady is pregnant, else she is in trouble..." No prizes for guessing what I mean by that.

I purposefully waited a long while to see who was the person that caused the sound, thinking at the back of my head that it would perhaps be one of the brokers. But to my surprise, a colleague from my department walked out. My heart sank...

Thinking of my friend in JC that struggled with that, there seemed to be similarities. The pale look on the face, the sunken eyes with heavy dark eye rings. The only difference is my JC friend binges. While my colleague doesn't even eat a lot to being with. Surely she doesn't need to resort to this?

Maybe I heard wrongly and made a mistake. I sure hope so. I'm inviting her for our FIR service this week. Hopefully she will come and I can get into her real world. Even if she's not coming, I will still try to get into her real world. This definitely is not the way to live our lives.

*Sab is ever more urgent to bring Christ into the world*

Power House

I'm going to Power House later!!! =)

And I dun mean the one located at St. James though coincidentally one of my friend asked if I wanna go there tomorrow... Hahaha...

Excited to see what's it like in our "new" Power House.

Sure brings back lots of fond memories of Hollywood...

*Sab reminisces*


Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山)





而你的脸 颊像田里熟透的蕃茄



Have you ever awaken in the middle of the night burdened by something?

Sometimes it's so bad the thoughts won't go away until you have thoroughly prayed over it.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I saw a guy reading a romance fiction on the train to work today.

Looks a little weird to see a guy reading a book with a title like "Anything but Him" printed in bright yellow on a pale blue cover.


I'm sick and tired of ... :/

When change is necessary, not to change is destruction...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I dreamt of a person that I havent seen in a long time last night.

Strangely this person suddenly appeared on MSN today.

So freaky...


LC is on MC today.

The 3 persons sitting around me have taken MC on a rotational basis over last week and this.

Please dun let me fall sick.... In Jesus' name.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I must say that I'm so IMPRESSED with the Sitemeter.


Whoever you are out there reading my blog, I'm watching you...

Heheheee... Just joking.... =)

Feel free to read and tag me. But no vulgarities or obscenities pls. This site is rated General and Child Friendly. =)

Like the Woman with the Issue of Blood

This song has been ringing in my head since this morning...

Like the woman with the issue of blood
We press in

We press in
Like the blind man waiting patiently
We press in through the crowd

Then suddenly
A touch from heaven

Jesus came and rescue me

Then suddenly
A touch from heaven
Jesus came and set me free

Thank you Jesus. Where would I be without You.


I just felt tremors again just now... The last time I felt it was last year.

I realised that pre-tremors, I would feel giddy. So scary. Means now whenever I feel giddy I would wonder if there would be tremors following?


CNY Lunch Photo - 1

Here's my CNY Lunch photo, courtesy of KE.... :)
Strangely everyone looks so sad... The other one has more pple smiling BUT my eyes were closed so I'm putting up this at the expense of everyone else! Cos it's MY blog...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

BF Video

2 things that God spoke to me when I saw the BF video on Sat / Sun:

1) By FAITH see my blessings...

2) In THIS year, I will receive my 100-fold blessing...

Even if I dun received my 100-fold this year, I'm glad that God remembers me and my giving.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Have you ever wondered...

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to stay up late into the night to talk nonsense to a friend but are unwilling to commune with God?

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to forego food to go on a diet but are unwilling to fast even if it's just for 12hrs from 6am-6pm?

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to stay out late for a movie / for a drink / for supper though they have wk the next day, but are unwilling to go for an overnight prayer meeting till 1am?

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to stay up till the next day to watch VCDs / study at some Mac but are unwilling to go for an overnight prayer meeting till 5am?

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to stay up all night to finish an exciting novel but fall asleep upon seeing a Bible?

It all boils down to just one word:


Just how much value do you place on the following simple things:
- Communion with God
- Reading God's word
- Fasting
- Overnight Prayer Meeting

Afternoon Coffee...

Starting from a couple of weeks ago, I've had the pleasure of enjoying a small cuppa of aromatic coffee for FREE every single afternoon.

All thanks to my dear AM - LC.

Somu goes for his daily afternoon quick teabreak and LC since several weeks ago have asked him to get her a cup every time. Since she cannot finish the cup (it's really HUGE and costs only S$1!!), she shares it with me daily.

The coffee is really NICE considering it's humble packaging and unbelievably affordable price. When you walk into Chervon House, it's the last stall in the middle portion that sells coffee and snacks.

I've decided to offer to pay for alternate weeks of coffee starting from next week cos I'm starting to feel a little paiseh for drinking it for free for so long already.

*am blessed*


Initially I wanted to write about the frd that I met for lunch with several days ago. But I decided not to, just in case, given the mode that our zone pple are in nowadays given the recent good happening... =)

So nothing has been gg on in Sab's life. *yawn*

Super-summarised version of my Mon-Thurs timetable:
Mon: Work-Driving (why is it that driving instructors are such sarcastic pple??)-Talk on phone-TV-Sleep
Tues: Work-Talk on comp-TV-Sleep (Initially ZM was on Wed)
Wed: Work-Talk on phone-TV-Sleep (ZM cancelled cos Pst nt feeling well)
Thurs: Work-SAC Campfire-Sleep

How boring right? Ah well.... Initially it was packed but when ZM was changed to Wed, my BS got cancelled. Then Wed when ZM was cancelled, turned out that I've nothing planned...

*falling..... falling asleep..... as the whole world.... fades away......*

hehehee.... ;P


My eyes are a blur-ry now and I've no idea why...

It was kinda pain when I tried to put in my contacts this morning. After it recovered, I find everything kinda blur. No matter how much I yawn to wet it, it's still the same... =(

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God is so Thoughtful

After I reached the MRT station this morning, I suddenly realised that I didn't have my office access card and pedestal key with me... I searched frantically for it while waiting for the train and inside it. I was thinking, "Oh dear... Did I leave it in my office yesterday or I left it in my room?"

I also pondered about the fact that the security would stop me later when I reach office cos we usually need to show them our pass... Then I would need to go register at the counter to get a sticker - So Troublesome! I was contemplating pretending to search for my card while I was there to see if they would let me pass. Lo and behold, the security not just didnt stop me, he even pressed the lift for me and told me which lift was coming without asking to see my pass! =)

The next problem arose when I reached my table... My pedestal key is attached to my access card so there's no way I could open it. I asked my AM if she had a spare key but after searching thru the whole box, none of the keys were labelled as belonging to mine. =(

When I was about to give up, I saw a little metal that resembled my original one hidden beneath one of the flaps of the box and decided to just give it a try. It fits and unlocks my pedestal! AMAZING...

Then... where is my access card and key????!!!! I called my mum and fortunately it's on my bed... *phew*

Another problem: the door that leads to the toilet requires the access card to enter by scanning it. Means I need to borrow from my colleagues whenever I go to the Ladies... My colleague told me that probably if I need to get an extra card gotta ask the Network pple (which is quite troublesome cos they are really BUSY pple). I decided to just give our Admin lady a try and she loaned me the Visitor Pass! =)


Thank You for being to Thoughtful and Good to me!

Everything is solved.

WooHoo... Sooooo HAPPY for You!!!!!!

My dearest friend,


Long awaited ya? =)

Congrats to being attached to the Spiritual, Suave, Gentlemanly, First Class (*ahem* pun intended), Hokkien / Canto Beng of WYZ! =)

May my prayers for ya this morn come to pass ya? =)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I had 2 weird dreams last night... It will NOT come to pass.


CNY Lunch

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo FULL...

Just came back from CNY lunch with my boss and colleagues.. from... my boss' favourite restaurant...


My 2nd time there with my boss. 1st time was my welcome lunch. Shows how much she REALLY loves the place man.... =)

Menu is as follows:
- Salmon YuSheng with Pine Nuts (This is really nice! One of the best I've had so far)
- Roasted Crispy Duck (I only ate the nuts cos I dun take duck...)
- Double-boiled Yoshikiri Fin with Shark's Bone Cartilage Soup (This looks gross and taste so so only)
- Pan -fried Tiger Prawn with Superior Soya Sauce (Nice!)
- Braised Dried Oyster with Conpoy, "Fa Cai" and Duck Web (Not bad EXCEPT for the GROSS looking duck web... Yucks!)
- Steamed Fillet of Sea Perch with Superior Soya Sauce (Nice!)
- Fried Rice with Crabmeat and Egg White (Nice!)
- Chilled Jelly in Young Coconut / Chilled Water Chestnut Pudding (Nice!)

My fave is the fish and the dessert! Nice.... Photos when I have loaded it from my HP! =)


Monday, February 18, 2008

Different Perspectives

Incident #1:
I went for pedicure several months back and till now have yet to remove the remaining. So my big toe nail is half-painted while the other half has already grown out.

I was with my members and made a comment that CNY is going to be over soon, yet I still havent set aside time to remove my remaining nail polish and paint over it again to restore it to its former glory. With that a few of my dear members looked at me and said, "oh you mean you didnt purposefully just paint it half-way as a design?"



Incident #2:
A few of my members and myself went over to MY's place over CNY to fellowship. Several of his sec sch frds came over so we played a game with them while we were there.

Yesterday one of them came for service and was shocked when MY introduced me as his CGL. His friend had all along thought I was a few years younger than him.

What's his age?

22 this year...


Actually there's another incident that happened. But it's not convenient to mention here, so... =)

But it's really interesting how often things are not what they seem...

My dark BLUE hair is fading at a scary rate...

It's turning more n more RED as the days go by.... Can anyone out there enlighten me on how to keep it on my head instead of running off together with my shampoo each day?


Friday, February 15, 2008

Father, I pray that I will get my increment and bonus starting from next month...

Thank You...


Happy Valentine's Day!

I may be physically in office now, but my mind is currently in the 3rd dimension...

I'm sooo tired...

Yesterday was a funny but enjoyable day. Initially Cin & I wanted to go sing KTV(our annual event on 14 Feb which started last year) and verbally asking those around us proved fruitless. So much so that we were seriously considering just going ahead with the 3 of us - Cin, Min & myself. Everyone else seemed to have programmes for the day.

But I just told Cin I would give it a last shot and randomly sent 10sms on the morning of 14Feb to ask if people wanted to come along.

Random was REALLY random.

I took away all the couples in the zone, less those whom I know already are engaged, less those whom I think are engaged and hence there came about that 10. For those that I sms, NOT that I think you are "date-less", just be honored that Sab actually considered spending her precious time with you... Sounds so politically correct but that's the truth! =)

Anyway, guess what... It reached a stage that seemed so overly-overwhelming that really scared Cin & myself. It Almost turned out to be a WYZ zone outing!

Even the Rainbow Sunshine Club nearly made a Guest Appearance...

But we did have a surprise Guest of Honor: Karen Tay! =)

What a pleasant surprise!

Anyway, minus those who last min couldn't make it, those who somehow disappeared and those who really wanted to come but was kinda late... we had our "new group" for this year:
- Cin
- William

I haven't laughed soooo hard since.... erhm... Tues night (heehee) when we had supper with Pst and the wonderful leaders at our usual hang-out place after ZM.

Anyway, we screamed and shouted and laughed and screamed and shouted and laughed some more all the way from 8pm till 12mn... Tiring man...

I told the Queen about our annual event and mentioned that this year it was like kinda growing. She exclaimed! How can such a group grow... It should shrink... Well, if all those that initially mentioned that they wanted to come actually came, we would have grown. But somehow since they didn't, I dun think we grew.... =) *phew*

But let's hope that the same time Next yr, the pioneer members of our KTV group (you know who you are) will NO longer be around. And this tradition will be continued by new and younger members? hahahaa....

Fruitfulness in All areas especially THIS area yeah? Let's keep each other in prayers...

Thank you all my dear friends for the wonderful time...

*back to stoning*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sooooooo SWEET..... =)

My neighbour SS squatting under her table just now. There were sounds of her opening something wrapped in some plastic. And when I peered below to see what she was doing, I realised that she was opening a V-Day card!

She had bought it during lunch time for her husband! =)

She's already married with 2 kids and the elder one is already in Pri 1 this year and yet she still does this for her husband. She was telling us yesterday that every year they would have a nice dinner together in some restaurant.

Sooooo Sweet. . .

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I work on the 41st floor.

Yet there's a bunch of pple cleaning my window from the OUTSIDE now.

That's so S.C.A.R.Y.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

After Thought from 4 days of CNY

Why is it that many many people take the CNY hols to blog tons...

I crash almost everyday for the past 4 days.

6th: I ended work thankfully at 1pm! Went home to clean 1/2 my room and I fell asleep... Went out for dinner, then watched tv and once again i drifted off to LaLa Land at 1-ish am...

7th: Slept till 10-ish then... cannot remember what I did actually. Went out abt 4plus with my bro n dad nearly screaming for me to get out of the hse. Wat's with waiting for another 30secs??? :/ Anyway, went to 2 places and then met some dear frds for movie and hung out will 3plus am. Crashed at 4plus am.

8th: Slept till 9-ish... For some reason I cannot really sleep. Went to grandma's and then to Vivo. Fell asleep at 5 and overslept for the movie with Pst. I RUSHED out man. Movie and talks ended at 1plus... Crashed at 3plus am.

9th: Slept till 10-ish. REALLY dun understand why I cannot really sleep. Met up with my dear mbrs at MY's hse and played.... Monopoly! hahahaa... What a funny game man... Classic. Thankfully I didnt lose this time round, in fact I was all set to win lo if not for the money under the Free Parking... :/ heheee.... Slept at 1-ish am. Why do I always sleep so late??

10th: Woke up bright and early at 645am. But somehow my tu-ing skills never fail to cause me to leave my hse late...

Photos LATER. As usual... =)

This time was kinda cool. Captured shots from my 39 family mbrs gathering. Yes 39!!!! In a 4room flat at Bedok. Took photos of my grandma's new condo too! Totally cool!

Till then...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY Mood....

Going home today at 1pm!!!


And I was soooooo afraid that they would make us stay till 3pm like Christmas eve. =)

My BIG BOSS (CEO) came by just now to shake all of our hands and give us Ang Baos!! Havent opened it yet but according to reliable sources, it should be a blue note! =)

Last night when my bro was packing his room, he found 2 red packets with blue notes inside. We suspect that it orginates from his godmother who always gives us abundantly and in pairs. However, our mum "confiscates" them from us each time so we dun even bother opening it whenever we receive it. My bro thinks he forgot to surrender his red packets to my mum last yr while I already guai guai given mine to her. Hence once in a life-time, he soooooo GENEROUSLY gave me one of it!


Off to a G.O.O.D. start at serious $$$ collection in Mickey Mouse year! =)


I discovered a gem in my cg last night.

A pure and willing heart, a can-do attitude.


Love ya loads! =)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm home!!!!

How nice is it to be home early on a Tuesday night...

Was supposed to go watch movie with a few people but my nose decided to run... and hence poor me decided to come home instead. I'm thinking, if i physically run as often as my nose, I would be SUPER SLIM by now man... Ah well...

Still thinking of whether I should start cleaning my room from 11pm onwards after I check email and clear my stuff.


Should I go sleep since I cannot even breathe properly with my stuffed nose?


Monday, February 4, 2008

My neighbour is so funny.

Her daughter asked her to look after her digipet (which in my time was known as the tamagochi). But she was too busy this morning to feed and play with it and somehow the pet fell sick and DIED...

My old pet died in like-manner. I fell sick for 1 day and couldnt feed or clear its wastes and hence my pet died of hunger and poor sanitation...

Anyway, my neighbour panicked and said,"If my daughter ever finds out that it died, she's going to cry again tonight."
With that, she quickly started to rear a New pet, "playing" with it every now and then while squatting at her pedestle. One sentence she said made me really laugh out loud...
"Later my daughter will surely ask me why the pet became smaller, and I will once again have to cook up a story to cover up the fact that the earlier one had died..."

PARENTS... Aren't they the most amazing and wonderful creatures on earth? =)

Boss is in Good Mood

My boss is strangely in a Superb mood today...

*i wonder if it's cos the new colleague that came in is a guy???*

hahhaaa... juz joking =)

She's in such a good mood that Out of the BLUE, she decided to buy dessert for ALL of us!


Friday, February 1, 2008




*Sab wants to go home... ...