Thursday, February 28, 2008

A familar sound

I heard a familiar sound when I was in my office's toilet just now.

Ok before you think that I'm going to write about something disgusting regarding small / big business, I'm not...

The sound that I heard is NOT the usual "healthy" toilet sounds. It's a distinctive "plop" that my friend told me to strain my ears to listen to when I was in JC.

So when I heard it this afternoon, I got a shock. I thought to myself, "Either the lady is pregnant, else she is in trouble..." No prizes for guessing what I mean by that.

I purposefully waited a long while to see who was the person that caused the sound, thinking at the back of my head that it would perhaps be one of the brokers. But to my surprise, a colleague from my department walked out. My heart sank...

Thinking of my friend in JC that struggled with that, there seemed to be similarities. The pale look on the face, the sunken eyes with heavy dark eye rings. The only difference is my JC friend binges. While my colleague doesn't even eat a lot to being with. Surely she doesn't need to resort to this?

Maybe I heard wrongly and made a mistake. I sure hope so. I'm inviting her for our FIR service this week. Hopefully she will come and I can get into her real world. Even if she's not coming, I will still try to get into her real world. This definitely is not the way to live our lives.

*Sab is ever more urgent to bring Christ into the world*