Monday, February 18, 2008

Different Perspectives

Incident #1:
I went for pedicure several months back and till now have yet to remove the remaining. So my big toe nail is half-painted while the other half has already grown out.

I was with my members and made a comment that CNY is going to be over soon, yet I still havent set aside time to remove my remaining nail polish and paint over it again to restore it to its former glory. With that a few of my dear members looked at me and said, "oh you mean you didnt purposefully just paint it half-way as a design?"



Incident #2:
A few of my members and myself went over to MY's place over CNY to fellowship. Several of his sec sch frds came over so we played a game with them while we were there.

Yesterday one of them came for service and was shocked when MY introduced me as his CGL. His friend had all along thought I was a few years younger than him.

What's his age?

22 this year...


Actually there's another incident that happened. But it's not convenient to mention here, so... =)

But it's really interesting how often things are not what they seem...