Friday, February 22, 2008

Initially I wanted to write about the frd that I met for lunch with several days ago. But I decided not to, just in case, given the mode that our zone pple are in nowadays given the recent good happening... =)

So nothing has been gg on in Sab's life. *yawn*

Super-summarised version of my Mon-Thurs timetable:
Mon: Work-Driving (why is it that driving instructors are such sarcastic pple??)-Talk on phone-TV-Sleep
Tues: Work-Talk on comp-TV-Sleep (Initially ZM was on Wed)
Wed: Work-Talk on phone-TV-Sleep (ZM cancelled cos Pst nt feeling well)
Thurs: Work-SAC Campfire-Sleep

How boring right? Ah well.... Initially it was packed but when ZM was changed to Wed, my BS got cancelled. Then Wed when ZM was cancelled, turned out that I've nothing planned...

*falling..... falling asleep..... as the whole world.... fades away......*

hehehee.... ;P