Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God is so Thoughtful

After I reached the MRT station this morning, I suddenly realised that I didn't have my office access card and pedestal key with me... I searched frantically for it while waiting for the train and inside it. I was thinking, "Oh dear... Did I leave it in my office yesterday or I left it in my room?"

I also pondered about the fact that the security would stop me later when I reach office cos we usually need to show them our pass... Then I would need to go register at the counter to get a sticker - So Troublesome! I was contemplating pretending to search for my card while I was there to see if they would let me pass. Lo and behold, the security not just didnt stop me, he even pressed the lift for me and told me which lift was coming without asking to see my pass! =)

The next problem arose when I reached my table... My pedestal key is attached to my access card so there's no way I could open it. I asked my AM if she had a spare key but after searching thru the whole box, none of the keys were labelled as belonging to mine. =(

When I was about to give up, I saw a little metal that resembled my original one hidden beneath one of the flaps of the box and decided to just give it a try. It fits and unlocks my pedestal! AMAZING...

Then... where is my access card and key????!!!! I called my mum and fortunately it's on my bed... *phew*

Another problem: the door that leads to the toilet requires the access card to enter by scanning it. Means I need to borrow from my colleagues whenever I go to the Ladies... My colleague told me that probably if I need to get an extra card gotta ask the Network pple (which is quite troublesome cos they are really BUSY pple). I decided to just give our Admin lady a try and she loaned me the Visitor Pass! =)


Thank You for being to Thoughtful and Good to me!

Everything is solved.