Tuesday, September 30, 2008

life is such an irony sometimes. like having to preach about FAITH when really FAITH is what you need most in your life now.

'nuff of valleys. when will i not face mountains but be standing on them?

Our Parting Gift

This was especially designed for me from those dear ones... I so so miss them...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sometimes you wake up and ask yourself if things can get any worse. then more of life's unexpected reality hits u in the face as if to announce that it can.

Prelude to my Trip's post

I'm tired from uploading the photos... and it's incomplete cos I'm missing those from my friend's camera.

And so... Here's a memorable sight from where I spent most of my time at... =)

While I upload the rest when I have more time...


I'm back!!! =)

Hello everyone...

Yes I'm finally back. Missed me? =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Bye!

And so here's me signing off till next week! Take care!

JW Svc

Today was the FIRST time I attended JW svc after they shifted back there from Expo since I dun-remember-when.

I must say, I still miss that place.

When Pst K talked about how we 1st shifted in 7yrs ago, it was as if it just happened yesterday. I still remember the place bursting with activities at that time just so that we could have our Grand Opening in time. Because Pst wanted to keep his word, everyone gave everything to make things happen. I remember at that time most of the staff were there literally from morning till night, especially the last 3days before our 1st svc there. Almost 24hrs, everyone contributed whatever help they could offer.

And what did I do? I cleaned the lifts. Yes. Those in the main lobby. I cleaned all 6 of them with a cloth and polish so that it shines. =)

And the sermon today, is really so in-line with what I was talking to my members about during cgm last night. Good to know that I'm flowing with Pst K. That the verse that came into my mind while we were praying yesterday, Pst talked about it in his sermon!

I'm glad that when God speaks, I'm able to hear. Let my heart NEVER be too hardened to feel God, or too dense to hear His Words.

Though the audi was not totally packed and the people were generally REALLY young, but the atmosphere was good. And so many people came forward when the altar call was given. Made me can't help but to compare it with Expo. What in the world is wrong with us at Expo??? =(

Am so provoked to do something about it. Do something about my cg.

God, let it be according to Your will. Let us never forget how we started. Never forget the WHY. Always pressing in. Sonship with You and with the leaders that You have placed over our lives. Not just servants, Your Sons. Bringing Your vision to pass. Building Your House.

Tomorrow is it!

Yes... Once again I'm still awake at such an hour though I need to wake up early tmr. Perhaps there REALLY is something wrong with my body clock...

Feeling kinda excited now. Though I admit I'm kinda scared. Haven't exactly prepared. Haven't finish reading the notes (and no, I'm not even near the end). I barely finished Lesson 1 when I was fasting the other day.


I think I should wake up earlier tmr morning to pray before leaving for the airport.

Please pray for me also k. Pray that the "adventure" that I had even BEFORE reaching the place will not occur again. Though actually because of what happened last year, half my trip was "sponsored" by the insurance agency. =)

Mighty exploits just for You, because of You!

Finally cleared my LAPPY!!! =)


I've finally finished "packing" my laptop...

No more duplicate files or messy files. Everything is exactly where it's supposed to be.


I've Sync my songs!!! =) All ready for my flight now...

And now.... it's time to clear my room. Physically.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Min: 16°C / Max: 24°C

This is the temperature of where I'll be going. It's going to be cool! =)

But it seems like it's going to be rainy...

I hope not.

I wanna go all around to take photos so that I can remember this beautiful & special place...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

East or West or Left or Right

If I'm taking the West Loop, should I go to the Left or Right side since both sides are for the East Loop and there are only 2 sides BUT WAIT BOTH sides are for the West Loop too?

Is it a Skirt or is it a Skirt?

Let me give you a clue: The owner of the white sneakers in the center is a teenage boy...


Helicopter with a different calling...

My toy

My companion to keep me H*A*P*P*Y in office
Can you read what does the words in Chinese say?
The Land of the Happy Swings

Delicious. Expensive. Co-related?

Sab's Fish & Chips

Jen's Roast Chicken

And those 2 above are our main courses...

We ate Foir Grais Salad as Appetiser. Iced Tea for drinks. Warm Chocolate Cake with Ice-Cream for dessert.

*delicious is an understatement*


But such delicacies DO NOT come cheap. Cheap is also not the word to describe the plates that they come in or the crockery that we used to eat them. =)

Can anyone make a guess where we went?????


Days that I miss...

I've been REDEEMED! Stamped & Chopped. Guaranteed. =)

The DownFall...

News these few days have really been shocking. An eye-opener. Somewhat unbelievable to put it mildly.

Frankly, I've never seen such big institutes collapsing. Other than cases like Enron and Arthur Anderson that fell through creative accounting and negligence and other integrity-pressed issues, I've never seen anything like this before.

I used to always D*R*E*A*M of working in such organisations. I still remember while I was in Uni, I would tell my friends that someday I will make sure that I work in BIG banks like Merrill Lynch or Bear Sterns or Morgan Stanley or JP Morgan. But out of those that I managed to name to my friends back then (which means that they ARE really big banks), 3 have already either been sold cheaply or going to be sold cheap.

Who would have thought that organisations that have withstand the previous economic crisis and even the Great Depression would fall from the snowballing effect of the sub-prime crisis which led to the credit / liquidity crunch (which I'm very very sure even till now many people have only HEARD of it but is still clueless as to what in the world does sub-prime means).

Economies go in cycles. Or so I've heard. I was totally clueless when it happened 10yrs ago during the Asian Crisis (that's when many of the Asian / Local banks merged). And now in the "peak" of my career, I've been hit with this. 10 years later, which other big banks would fall and where would I be?

Perhaps. Just perhaps. I should consider changing industry. Financial institutes are no longer havens to earn BIG bucks. No matter how big they are, you never know when they would just file for bankruptcy or be bought over or merge. Imagine those employess who've just bought big houses or big cars or just gotten married...

Perhaps. Just perhaps. It's time for me to get another degree so that I can switch industry.

I'm so touched...

This morning someone whom I last expected msn me...

It was my brother!!!

And it's the 1st time he's asking me when I'm flying, when I'm coming back.... to be careful and take care of myself.



Yes I'm still awake...

And I'm still doing what I was doing yesterday...

Packing and more packing and MORE PACKING...

I've been cleaning up my laptop. It was in a mess since a long long time ago and I decided to do something about it.

So now I'm proud to say that it's 90% done!!! =)

The remaining 10% pertains to the MUSIC that's all over the place and may or may not be in my iTunes... =(

I hope I can pack it up to load new songs into my iPod BEFORE I fly off on Sunday morning... Looking at the list of things that I need to do in preparation for it, I'm starting to wonder if I can finish everything... =(

Please pray for me.

Declaring by faith that it is gonna be a GREAT trip!!! =)

it seems like it's here to stay...


when can i give it back to its rightful owner??? ='(

Monday, September 15, 2008

Concert @ACS (Barker)

The cab that I went in caused a commotion when it decided to stop slightly after the bus stop, causing a jam behind it. The Caucasians that horned it and finally drove passed muttered some unpleasant words (I'm assuming here cos I refused to hear the possible explicits and hand signals they would exhibit). And that was the "start" of my time there.

The hall was shockingly empty when we reached, 10mins before the time that it was supposed to start... With the MC "threatening" to start in 10mins time, people still didn't quite show up till the 2nd or 3rd song.

*pple should be taught that it's really rude to be late for a concert, even though the tickets are not expensive... tsk tsk...* =)

But it was an interesting night. Brought back lots of memories... But strangely this time round, I didn't have the "impulse" to wanna join a band again. Perhaps the audience wasn't spontaneous enough to evoke such emotions?
(At a certain point, the audience started "chanting" and "shouting" the performers' names and it really felt so "secondary school"... And just like how in those days the audience were supportive families and friends who didn't quite understand such concerts, most were kinda lost with regards to the question that is in the minds of everyone there after every segment or song: "To clap or not to clap".)
Perhaps the songs were not familiar ones that I've played before? Perhaps well... I've finally gotten over letting my emotions rule my thoughts! *dry laughter* Hardly...

Ah well... On to the lighter side of things... =)
The main & ONLY reason why I went there - XY (taken during intermission)

A fellow Muso from CHC & my SOT friend with us during the same intermission

Can you see little piglet? I figured XY doesn't exactly like real flowers (@least not from me? =) and hence I bought her something cute-sy... Wonder why she had to block the design of my nice t-shirt with it though... heheehee..

With CC, at the end of everything...

While waiting for our food at Oosh

My drink! =) Peach Daiquiri...

I think I look so HUMONGOUS next to the tiny Chicken Pangang burgers. Other than the exotic names, it's really just Chicken with Satay sauce... But they taste really quite good! =) Of perhaps, I was just hungry considering that my last meal was about 12hrs ago...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm not alone! =)

There's gonna be another CGL from YK zone going with me! =)


I'm off in 6days...

So many things to do, so many things unknown... Guess that's what makes going there all the more exciting! =)

A rare Saturday...

Yes I'm home. Feels kinda strange. Not quite used to it actually.

But at least I did some fruitful things today. =)

Packed the rubbish on my floor. I even mopped the floor for the whole house!

*Sab is SO proud of herself...*

As I was clearing the stuff, I saw an entry that I wrote during my bday this year. Well the entry was not posted here cos I wrote it while I was out on that day. It seemed so depressing... Even the poem portrayed the same mood. BUT I've already torn out that entry. Not that I've emerged victorious over all the stuff that I wrote, but I decided that enought is enough.

Doesnt matter even if now my heart still "stirs" for some of the wrong reasons. There's no turning back. I will LEAVE it all behind. I've already decided 2 days ago.

Letting it go. Letting God move.

Friday, September 12, 2008


That's right.

Tomorrow I will be making my way down to the tour agency for my end Sept trip!!! I'm tremendously excited as well as scared though... I dunno who's the person that will be going with me. So i'm kinda like stuck with a "stranger" from Sat night to the next Sat night.


But seeing how fast it took to find this person. Guess God really wants me to go. =)

And so....

My destiny's sealed. No turning back. No backing off. And I'm off! =)

Pls pray for me... I'm sure I'll need lots of prayer. I'll be the only person preaching for 5 days!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keywords: chateau les crayeres, reims, champagne, france

Take a look at this...

How I wish that I could afford holidays that would me bring to such places instead of just our neighbouring countries...

There's still so much of the world that I haven't seen. When would I have the chance to?


Looking at the pictures, I can just imagine how the air there would smell like... Crisp, fresh morning breezes without the humidity of our region.

When oh when...


Sunday, September 7, 2008

not going to let the good, deprive me from the best.

the sun still continues to shine.

the earth still continues to rotate.

nothing shall stand in the way, for me to receive what Dad has intended for me.

THIS, will go away eventually.

I WILL outlast it.

Looking for people to attend Band Concert with...

Date: 13Sept08
Day: Saturday
Time: 745pm

Please tag me if you're interested... My ticket is free, so if you wanna go we can share your cost? That'll be S$5 each. =)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lynn's Birthday!!!

Ok... I know this is kinda outdated... But well, I seriously think that it was a night of fun! So I must record it here.


And so the story goes...

Sab met JD at White Sands for dinner. Sab met Min at White Sands to go there together. Min thought we were going to take a cab there. But Sab being someone that thinks she has good directional sense has already searched the internet on how to get there.

However, we missed the bus stop... Which was not a bad thing cos the real place was actually kinda F.A.R from the bus stop.

*why does the bus company put that it's near there when it's like a minimal 10mins walk???*

Hungry Min decides to buy a chicken wing cos she was really hungry. Bumped into Boon & Shan at the famous Nasi Lemak stall. Min ended up eating Nasi Lemak instead of 1 chicken wing. Being the nice her that she is, Sab ended up eating a chicken wing also - courtesy of Min. =)

Boon drove us there and so it's time to now let the pictures do the talking! =)

Criteria for attending it is that we must take photos with the BDAY gal once you arrive... =)

Craziness before the clock strikes 12!


Photo of all the ladies that went that night. Or rather, all the ladies who reached "early" that night...

Special song item JUST FOR LYNN! =)

Some nice sparklers to liven up the mood...

More sparklers...
And more sparklers...
And more SPARKLERS...
And MORE SPARKLERS... until...
Everyone had to escape!!! Because...

The living room was simply too SMOKY for anyone to breathe...

More people came, and they are STILL playing with the sparklers!!!

Almost full strength for the night! Except for the really late people I think...

And so after the dust has settled and the smoke has gone, we went back inside for more eating and fellowship. I wonder where's the "scandalous" photo where Ravyn fed cake to Gerry??? Hmmm..... *hehehehee*

Thereafter in our semi-conscious mind, we actually played Taboo. And in the midst of it, Sab actually fell into a decoy that SP has laid for all those people that had to sign Lynn's BIG card... Sab went back after that long "interview", only to reach home to sleep just before the clock stuck 4am...

I was already gone by the time this silliness happened. I thought this was really funny so I decided to put it here though I dunno what in the world they were trying to do... So for more details, please ask them personally.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Some funny pictures...

In ascending order of preference to me... =)

"Do not sit here"

Brings new meaning to the phrase "Dogs are Men's Best Friend"

Soooooo CUTE!!! =)

So true...

And last but not least...

Enjoy the weekends! =)


Looking for A+

Red Cross is looking for you if you belong to the above blood group.

They gave me a call yesterday (the 1st time in 5yrs) to say that they are running short of this group. But I cannot give cos I ate some medicine recently.

So if you can, please call 6213 0626 to make an appointment with them ASAP. =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

have you ever heard or read something that caused your heart to stir. but for all the wrong reasons... :/


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Mine" till Sun Night! =)

This baby's gonna be "mine" from now till Sunday night!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wall.E & Eve

I watched this movie yesterday, and I must say that I enjoyed it tremendously! =)

Our "male" lead above can only say 2 words throughout the entire movie, "Eve" and "Directive". But this in no way impairs the enjoyment. In fact, only the humans and Auto-pilot speaks proper. The rest are either mono-syllabic or repetitive.

In order NOT to spoil your fun, I shall NOT narrate the whole story here. Below are just a few scenes or characters that I LOVE from the movie... =)

This is how dear Wall.e recharges himself. The sound he produces when he's fully charged is actually what you'll hear when your computer finishes loading the operation system. =)

Our "male" lead displays his wonderful collection of "treasures" to our "female" lead...

Eve has actually gone into "hibernation" cos she has found what she wanted. Yet this was what Wall.E has always wanted to do - to hold her "hand". But at this point, Eve has no recollection at all for all the things that he had done to protect her.

M-O is the CUTEST of all!!! His one and only job is to rid "Foreign Contamination". So so cute... =)

My current read...

Ever since one of my members told me to read this book, I've been wanting to look for it. Reading the 1st chapter on the train this morning, I love it! =)

I think I was looking really engrossed because when I lifted up my head as my stop was approaching, I realised that the people around me were all peering over my shoulders to catch a glimpse of what I was reading. Guess I kinda stood out since most people on the morning trains were either sleeping, or... sleeping. Regardless of whether they were standing or sitting.

So presenting to you the site of my Fave Author (after getting over Agatha Christie) - John Grisham.

I realised that I'm so so so behind in reading his books. I have read EVERY single one of his books. Well almost. My last book was actually The Street Lawyer (1998). Not sure why I stopped here, but I can think of a possible reason. Anyone would like to make a guess? =)

Looking forward to once again catch up with his writings... Still thinking if I should continue "collecting" his books. I already have like 7 of his books now...