Monday, September 15, 2008

Concert @ACS (Barker)

The cab that I went in caused a commotion when it decided to stop slightly after the bus stop, causing a jam behind it. The Caucasians that horned it and finally drove passed muttered some unpleasant words (I'm assuming here cos I refused to hear the possible explicits and hand signals they would exhibit). And that was the "start" of my time there.

The hall was shockingly empty when we reached, 10mins before the time that it was supposed to start... With the MC "threatening" to start in 10mins time, people still didn't quite show up till the 2nd or 3rd song.

*pple should be taught that it's really rude to be late for a concert, even though the tickets are not expensive... tsk tsk...* =)

But it was an interesting night. Brought back lots of memories... But strangely this time round, I didn't have the "impulse" to wanna join a band again. Perhaps the audience wasn't spontaneous enough to evoke such emotions?
(At a certain point, the audience started "chanting" and "shouting" the performers' names and it really felt so "secondary school"... And just like how in those days the audience were supportive families and friends who didn't quite understand such concerts, most were kinda lost with regards to the question that is in the minds of everyone there after every segment or song: "To clap or not to clap".)
Perhaps the songs were not familiar ones that I've played before? Perhaps well... I've finally gotten over letting my emotions rule my thoughts! *dry laughter* Hardly...

Ah well... On to the lighter side of things... =)
The main & ONLY reason why I went there - XY (taken during intermission)

A fellow Muso from CHC & my SOT friend with us during the same intermission

Can you see little piglet? I figured XY doesn't exactly like real flowers (@least not from me? =) and hence I bought her something cute-sy... Wonder why she had to block the design of my nice t-shirt with it though... heheehee..

With CC, at the end of everything...

While waiting for our food at Oosh

My drink! =) Peach Daiquiri...

I think I look so HUMONGOUS next to the tiny Chicken Pangang burgers. Other than the exotic names, it's really just Chicken with Satay sauce... But they taste really quite good! =) Of perhaps, I was just hungry considering that my last meal was about 12hrs ago...