Monday, September 1, 2008

My current read...

Ever since one of my members told me to read this book, I've been wanting to look for it. Reading the 1st chapter on the train this morning, I love it! =)

I think I was looking really engrossed because when I lifted up my head as my stop was approaching, I realised that the people around me were all peering over my shoulders to catch a glimpse of what I was reading. Guess I kinda stood out since most people on the morning trains were either sleeping, or... sleeping. Regardless of whether they were standing or sitting.

So presenting to you the site of my Fave Author (after getting over Agatha Christie) - John Grisham.

I realised that I'm so so so behind in reading his books. I have read EVERY single one of his books. Well almost. My last book was actually The Street Lawyer (1998). Not sure why I stopped here, but I can think of a possible reason. Anyone would like to make a guess? =)

Looking forward to once again catch up with his writings... Still thinking if I should continue "collecting" his books. I already have like 7 of his books now...