Monday, August 31, 2009

Went for dinner with dear WT & her bf T. 2nd week in a row that we went to Bugis.

A phrase that I will remember coming from T from now on:

回到家后,洗脸,放 mask 然后睡觉。。。

Coming from a guy, I think it's hilarious!!! =D

"Every achievement begins with that first step. Conditions will never be perfect to take that step!"

AR Bernard

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i'm amazed at Your love.

the little things that You know matter to me.

how You never leave me despondent.

i'm amazed at Your grace.

the little things that You know define me.

how You never desert me.

i'm amazed at Your mercy.

the little things that You know mould me.

how You never let me go.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this i have to say to you, you, you & you:

at least we are changing the world, making a difference.

and not be soooo concerned with whether it is right for christians to practise yoga.

or always complaining abt our bf being mean to us.

lift up your eyes and you will see that the world needs people who care, not people who condemn or have their own pity-parties.

in other words: GROW UP PLEASE (i shall be polite).


I suddenly thought of this phrase while I was walking home just now:


Such memories it brings....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dinner at Rasa Istimewa C2k

Last night I brought a frd to this ULU place near my hse. Since it was kinda late and most shops were already closed or closing, we made our way to that place (where I often passed by and several pple have asked me to go there before late at night).

Strangely that place sells ONLY Chinese & Western food. We could not find prata or anything remotely Malay-like at all. So we ended up ordering Chinese plus Satay, which wasn't too bad actually. But the strange thing was that for just 3 dishes & 2 drinks, we had to pay 3 different people for it! Drinks - 1 gal, Satay - 1 guy and the other 2 dishes another gal... Still cannot figure out why it has to be this way...

But that place is really not too bad. Quiet place with food that's not too ex, and really filling... Just that I dun like the occasional insects flying around which my frd loves, while I was squirming around as the night wore on, and the occasions increased... Not to forget the potential that a frog might just prance on me with all the long grass all around. My frd says next time I should wear long sleeves with long pants and lots of repellent.

I would say next time, we meet earlier. Hee.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Modern Day Daughter-in-law

It is a myth that when a son gets married and a new daughter-in-law arrives in the family, everything changes. Some daughter-in-laws are well-trained and well-mannered! They don't come to change the family, they are there to ........

The new wife was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional manner. As expected she gives a speech:
"My dear family, I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family", she said "Firstly, my being here does not mean that I would want to change your way of life, your routine. No, I will never do that, never in a million years".

"What do you mean my child ?" Asked the father in law.

"What I mean dad is (looking at her father in law): Those who used to wash dishes must carry on washing them. Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it. Those who cooked shouldn't stop at my account, and those who used to clean should continue cleaning".

"Then what are you here for ?" Asked the mother in law.

"As for me, my job is to entertain your son!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Cool Mum & My Funny Bro...

While my dad's overseas with his bros to visit his home town, my mum's staying over at my grandma's house today. So cool ya? I mean usually WE are the ones staying over at our friend's hse or staying at some chalet... Who's heard of mums sms-ing us to say she's staying over for 1 night and not coming home? *hahahaha*

And my bro, he's a classic. I came home just now at 10plus to a BRIGHTLY LIT UP house. He was in his room with some Hill Songs music blasting from his computer. So I asked him why did he switch on the lights in the living room while he's in his room.

"I'm alone a home you know..."

Yes. And that's my funny bro...

Sometimes I think we're poles apart. I do like the occasional times when I'm alone at home for a day or 2. In fact, I've gone through that a couple of times and I enjoyed myself tremendously! Asked my friends come for sleep overs, did and cooked stuff all on my own.... Perhaps I'm a "closet loner"... :/

Sunday, August 16, 2009

East Coast on a Sun Afternoon

This is what a lazy Sun afternoon in ECP looks like:

Dear JD had to indulge in some photo-taking before we departed. So kawaii ne!!! =)

This is to show others how formal she wore to ECP

Our 20th Anniversary umbrella!

Such serenity....

So I decided to take a shot at the exact same spot! *heh*

Our parting shot. My.... Just realised that this doesn't even look like I was straining my hand to capture it! Getting pro in self-portraits...
But going there does lots of good to my soul. Perhaps it's the never-ending sound of the waves. Perhaps it's the warm sun gently toasting ur skin. Perhaps I just needed a breather. Maybe my "claustrophobic" is quietly getting worse.

Please call me Aiko

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stuff I'm going to do...

Ellie's Cool Book
Ellie & Carl

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How do I know that my God is REAL...

2 incidents happened today that has confirmed to me once again that my God is real & alive… =)

1) This morning during PM, I wanted very much to hear this song particular song. I was telling God that it would be so So SO nice if He could let me hear that song today cos I really like it. Throughout the whole personal devotion time, that song was not played. Actually so much so that I forgotten about it totally. Until the time when PA asked us to stand up for corporate prayer. Even when the musicians were playing the intro, I didn’t even recognize it. But when the song leader sang the 1st line, I froze. She was actually singing THAT song! Like what are the chances of them picking this song to sing out of the hundreds of songs that we have… Surely the song was decided even before I made that request to God. So I teared. Cos I know that all the things I prayed for earlier, my God has heard me.

2) I decided to use my lunch time to go through my sermon for tonight again. So I packed my stuff ready to go off to my fave place where I can get some peace and quiet and some coffee to basically just read and prepare. As I was walking out of the room, I actually asked myself if I had brought everything which in my mind I really thought I did. I brought my Bible, my sermon, my pen & highlighter. And a piece of paper so that I can prepare for the lots for my members to draw later so as to pick who is to share on Proverbs. Totally not sensing that anything was amiss, I walked all the way there. Until I got off the escalator than I realized that I had forgotten to bring something important… My wallet!!! *sigh* So there and then, I was penniless. There goes my coffee! =( Being so “amazed” at myself, I sms dear Cin to tell her how blur I was. And I told her that perhaps God wanted me to fast… Might was as just stay there then later go back office and drink my cereals…

So off I went to read through my sermon again, read through the bible passages, read through Proverbs again… And I spent 1hr doing that. Then just before I went back, I prepared the lots for tonight. As there were 10 of them and I didn't wanna lose them in my lunch bag, I decided to put them into my back pocket – the one with buttons. So as I stood up prepared to walk back and stuff the lots inside it, I felt something inside my pocket. Thinking it was some used tissue, I took it out and to my surprise it was actually $15 folded together! I dun even remember how the money ended up there! So I had some money with me all the while! So with my new-found money, I managed to buy some food back for my lunch… =D

So God actually didn’t want me to fast. He just wanted me to focus on His word for that 1hr before eating.

Conclusion: My God is REAL, ALIVE and He hears my prayers! Amazing… And. God definitely thinks that reading His word is more important than eating. It's a sign that I should really fast next week then. Heh..

Monday, August 10, 2009

And I finally remembered what I did on Sat

Met Betty for lunch at this place in ION. Food's so so only though...
Then I went to meet dear JD, before finally meeting Cin dear to visit Roy & Siang. And below are their lovely twin daughters... SO CUTE!!!!! =)

Their elder gal... Charlize

Their lovely 2nd gal Ashley...


Here's what my 2nd Angel gave me....

So sweet of her ya? *awwwwww*

The day 2 Angels appeared

Was feeling quite terrible on Wed night and hence I penned down what I wrote earlier. But 2 Angels appeared on Thursday which really made my day!

Early in the morning at 8.05am, this was what my 1st Angel sent to me:
"Hey sab! You were in my prayers this morning! Have a very blessed and happy day today =D"

I almost teared. How did she know?

Then after my CGM while I was on my way home, my 2nd Angel gave me something that she handmade!!! Too bad I cannot upload the picture here now, but will do it soon once this blogspot thing works. It's a really nice key-chain that I now hang on my hp. Ask me to show you next time you see me ya? =)

Almost like God's way of reminding me that He knows what I'm going through. That my whole day was covered and taken care by Him.

Thanks Dad! What would I do without You...

Post-National Day

Started this day REALLY early, I woke up at 5am EXCITED! =)

Seems like such a long time since we last had the early morning prayers. Was extra-excited cos we made plans for today! But alas, the sky decided to amend our plans for us...

Wanted to go ECP after morning PM - brought all my necesssary gear:
- shorts [check]
- slippers [check]
- sunblock [check]
- camera [check]
- nice book [check]
- mp3 [check]

BUT for the very fact that I had to bring ONE more extra item cancelled the whole event - UMBRELLA... =(

It poured the moment I packed my stuff all ready to leave my house at 6am. So ended up walking and hanging ard Orchard waiting for time to pass... *sadz* I would have been perfectly happy nesting in some place with my book, but my companions were falling asleep and so we walked on and on and on... Until the time for our movie came! *yippy* =D

It was my FIRST 3D movie of my LIFE!!! Yes... Yours truly here has never seen one before today. Thanks to the lack of technology during the days of my childhood...We went to see UP 3D mode. Quite a cool show. Though I didnt quite get it as to why WR says that it has lots of common grace, but I actually teared (yes I teared in a cartoon... :/) while the old man was looking through his "Adventure Book" for memories of his late wife.

Not exactly worth a PH price but ok otherwise. I liked the pre-movie portion much better in fact. About a stormy cloud and his stock. Hilarious! =)

Looking forward to ECP soon. Really soon I hope!

Chronologically - backwards

Given that I'm still awake and not that tired yet, I shall attempt to blog. Let's see how far I can go... No pictures as before cos something is wrong with Blogspot. Page just doesnt load properly. Next time peeps, next time...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My funny Brother

This morning while I was looking for breakfast, my brother walked over with a very serious look...

Bro: I dreamt of you yesterday eh...
Me: Oh... About what? (in my mind: why such a serious look sia)
Bro: I dreamt that you were driving a Lotus.
Me: Huh? What's a Lotus?
Bro: It's a nice & big sports car.
Me: (in my mind: huh?! then why the so serious look sia...)
Bro: While I'm only still driving my WRX.... Sigh....
Me: erhm ok...
Bro: But! I changed the wheels! To bigger and nicer ones. =)
Me: (in my mind: duh... ...)

Yes.... That's my Brother. And I'm proud of him...

Hahahahaaaa.... =D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sometimes i really feel like i'm wasting my time. perhaps i really am. doing the wrong thing, to the wrong crowd, without the necessary substance. perhaps.

been wanting to blog since mid last week actually... but i've been really tired n unwell until today.

and so... blogging shall wait... =)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Really cool...

"Men with good intentions make promises. Men with character keep them."
A. R. Bernard