Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dinner at Rasa Istimewa C2k

Last night I brought a frd to this ULU place near my hse. Since it was kinda late and most shops were already closed or closing, we made our way to that place (where I often passed by and several pple have asked me to go there before late at night).

Strangely that place sells ONLY Chinese & Western food. We could not find prata or anything remotely Malay-like at all. So we ended up ordering Chinese plus Satay, which wasn't too bad actually. But the strange thing was that for just 3 dishes & 2 drinks, we had to pay 3 different people for it! Drinks - 1 gal, Satay - 1 guy and the other 2 dishes another gal... Still cannot figure out why it has to be this way...

But that place is really not too bad. Quiet place with food that's not too ex, and really filling... Just that I dun like the occasional insects flying around which my frd loves, while I was squirming around as the night wore on, and the occasions increased... Not to forget the potential that a frog might just prance on me with all the long grass all around. My frd says next time I should wear long sleeves with long pants and lots of repellent.

I would say next time, we meet earlier. Hee.