Monday, August 10, 2009

Post-National Day

Started this day REALLY early, I woke up at 5am EXCITED! =)

Seems like such a long time since we last had the early morning prayers. Was extra-excited cos we made plans for today! But alas, the sky decided to amend our plans for us...

Wanted to go ECP after morning PM - brought all my necesssary gear:
- shorts [check]
- slippers [check]
- sunblock [check]
- camera [check]
- nice book [check]
- mp3 [check]

BUT for the very fact that I had to bring ONE more extra item cancelled the whole event - UMBRELLA... =(

It poured the moment I packed my stuff all ready to leave my house at 6am. So ended up walking and hanging ard Orchard waiting for time to pass... *sadz* I would have been perfectly happy nesting in some place with my book, but my companions were falling asleep and so we walked on and on and on... Until the time for our movie came! *yippy* =D

It was my FIRST 3D movie of my LIFE!!! Yes... Yours truly here has never seen one before today. Thanks to the lack of technology during the days of my childhood...We went to see UP 3D mode. Quite a cool show. Though I didnt quite get it as to why WR says that it has lots of common grace, but I actually teared (yes I teared in a cartoon... :/) while the old man was looking through his "Adventure Book" for memories of his late wife.

Not exactly worth a PH price but ok otherwise. I liked the pre-movie portion much better in fact. About a stormy cloud and his stock. Hilarious! =)

Looking forward to ECP soon. Really soon I hope!