Monday, August 17, 2009

My Cool Mum & My Funny Bro...

While my dad's overseas with his bros to visit his home town, my mum's staying over at my grandma's house today. So cool ya? I mean usually WE are the ones staying over at our friend's hse or staying at some chalet... Who's heard of mums sms-ing us to say she's staying over for 1 night and not coming home? *hahahaha*

And my bro, he's a classic. I came home just now at 10plus to a BRIGHTLY LIT UP house. He was in his room with some Hill Songs music blasting from his computer. So I asked him why did he switch on the lights in the living room while he's in his room.

"I'm alone a home you know..."

Yes. And that's my funny bro...

Sometimes I think we're poles apart. I do like the occasional times when I'm alone at home for a day or 2. In fact, I've gone through that a couple of times and I enjoyed myself tremendously! Asked my friends come for sleep overs, did and cooked stuff all on my own.... Perhaps I'm a "closet loner"... :/