Thursday, August 13, 2009

How do I know that my God is REAL...

2 incidents happened today that has confirmed to me once again that my God is real & alive… =)

1) This morning during PM, I wanted very much to hear this song particular song. I was telling God that it would be so So SO nice if He could let me hear that song today cos I really like it. Throughout the whole personal devotion time, that song was not played. Actually so much so that I forgotten about it totally. Until the time when PA asked us to stand up for corporate prayer. Even when the musicians were playing the intro, I didn’t even recognize it. But when the song leader sang the 1st line, I froze. She was actually singing THAT song! Like what are the chances of them picking this song to sing out of the hundreds of songs that we have… Surely the song was decided even before I made that request to God. So I teared. Cos I know that all the things I prayed for earlier, my God has heard me.

2) I decided to use my lunch time to go through my sermon for tonight again. So I packed my stuff ready to go off to my fave place where I can get some peace and quiet and some coffee to basically just read and prepare. As I was walking out of the room, I actually asked myself if I had brought everything which in my mind I really thought I did. I brought my Bible, my sermon, my pen & highlighter. And a piece of paper so that I can prepare for the lots for my members to draw later so as to pick who is to share on Proverbs. Totally not sensing that anything was amiss, I walked all the way there. Until I got off the escalator than I realized that I had forgotten to bring something important… My wallet!!! *sigh* So there and then, I was penniless. There goes my coffee! =( Being so “amazed” at myself, I sms dear Cin to tell her how blur I was. And I told her that perhaps God wanted me to fast… Might was as just stay there then later go back office and drink my cereals…

So off I went to read through my sermon again, read through the bible passages, read through Proverbs again… And I spent 1hr doing that. Then just before I went back, I prepared the lots for tonight. As there were 10 of them and I didn't wanna lose them in my lunch bag, I decided to put them into my back pocket – the one with buttons. So as I stood up prepared to walk back and stuff the lots inside it, I felt something inside my pocket. Thinking it was some used tissue, I took it out and to my surprise it was actually $15 folded together! I dun even remember how the money ended up there! So I had some money with me all the while! So with my new-found money, I managed to buy some food back for my lunch… =D

So God actually didn’t want me to fast. He just wanted me to focus on His word for that 1hr before eating.

Conclusion: My God is REAL, ALIVE and He hears my prayers! Amazing… And. God definitely thinks that reading His word is more important than eating. It's a sign that I should really fast next week then. Heh..