Monday, August 10, 2009

The day 2 Angels appeared

Was feeling quite terrible on Wed night and hence I penned down what I wrote earlier. But 2 Angels appeared on Thursday which really made my day!

Early in the morning at 8.05am, this was what my 1st Angel sent to me:
"Hey sab! You were in my prayers this morning! Have a very blessed and happy day today =D"

I almost teared. How did she know?

Then after my CGM while I was on my way home, my 2nd Angel gave me something that she handmade!!! Too bad I cannot upload the picture here now, but will do it soon once this blogspot thing works. It's a really nice key-chain that I now hang on my hp. Ask me to show you next time you see me ya? =)

Almost like God's way of reminding me that He knows what I'm going through. That my whole day was covered and taken care by Him.

Thanks Dad! What would I do without You...