Saturday, November 29, 2008

Days when I meet You

The sky was dark. Yet I told myself that I wanted to meet You. Carrying an umbrella I made my way there...

Armed with these I started to bring myself out of this world into Yours. Those words and images still resonant within me. I will wait for their manifestations.

A final parting shot. I will remember Your words. The times. The tears. The comfort. In a simple place where You are.

The old lady who lived in the SHOE

I'm sure she doesn't mind staying in this shoe...

Sacrifices of a guitar player...

- no pretty manicured-nails
- hardened skin
- not to mention the pain...

Hairy Crab Cutlery

And these.... were what they gave us to eat Hairy Crabs...

The "scissors" was to be used to cut up the crab and the uneven ends to dig out the flesh. 1st time and it was unforgettable. Imagine having to eat crab in front of the regional CEO... :/

And the below:
Delicious soup served in the black teapot - chicken, dried scallops, mushroom and abalone. Hua Diao wine with sour plum in the small glass. And the 2 people sitting at the end are my boss and the regional CEO. I was so so hoping that they didn't see suaku me taking photos and being fascinated with EVERYTHING there. Imagine drinking soup from a teacup being poured out from the teapot and then eating the delicacies from it. My 1st time...

Queen... Do you remember this? =)

I MISS YA!!! =)

Shots with XM

FINALLY. Yes finally.

I've uploaded the photos that I took with XM at someone's wedding. That dinner made me kinda paranoid of wedding dinners. Imagine knowing like close to 50 other guests and yet yah... Ah well. Sigh.

Never will I let that happen to myself again.

Not to mention the "dramatic" commotion arrranging our way home.


On the lighter side, here's pretty US! =)


This is what Shao YT kept insisting that I look like and IMMEDIATELY bluetooth it to an unwilling me who was in denial the whole night and is still thinking why on earth this slitty-eyed gal looks like me... YT added to say that I've pretty on the outside but my mind is still like a 14 yr old gal... *sob sob*

Friday, November 28, 2008


1. Worn out, wearied, or lacking enthusiasm; exhausted.
2. Cynically insensitive; made callous by experience.

Recently this word has been used so often by the people around me that it made me wonder, like when our parents were our age did they use to struggle with this emotion as well?

When people that were so dear to us (in the past at least) let us down when we tried to salvage the relationship. And so we stumble into a wall of stone-coldness for the longest time. Then one day out of the blue, we suddenly get invited to their wedding after not responding to us for like 10years? (P/s: I'm not referring to anyone in my circle of friends in particular, just an account of what my JC friend told me some time back) This was what made my friend feel J.A.D.E.D. She has since lost hope in meaningful friendships and relationships.

I was attending one of my friend's wedding when my friends were talking about how divorces are so rampant these days. So much so that they didn't feel like attending weddings anymore cos so many of their friends divorce in the near future. My friends were even asking stuff like shouldn't they all be reimbursed since they feel "cheated emotionally" that they attended their dinner in the 1st place?

People can let us down in so many ways that the whole cybernet would run out of "space" if we were to list them. That over time, I've learnt not to expect so much from people sometimes. Afterall, they are only humans and so are we. Nothing is going to change the fact that we will be let down no matter how much we love them or they love us (at least that's what they say or so we assume...)

I've learnt a long time ago to just let go and trust only (mainly) in One. And for you, you need to go through the healing of your heart.

But this doesn't stop the tears from flowing. And I dun think they ever will. Yet I'm not jaded, because I've found my Hope. No matter how much the tears flow. Afterall, I'm only human...

Congratulations GERRY!!! =)

May your OTHER wish come to pass also.

The one that's "due" next year... =)

My only & Greatest Consolation

After watching last night's Project Runway and America's Next Top Model, I felt a lot more consoled...

BOTH Heidi Klum AND Tyra Banks have the SAME hairstyle as me!!!

Only that mine's a lot shorter in all aspects... But well... =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

someone searched for my name and my church to find my blog.

i find this totally freaky... :/

next time pls identify yourself...

Maximising your Notebook's Battery

A notebook battery in good shape will last longer, so always take care of your notebook's battery. Not sure how to do that? Here's how:

Handle your battery with care.
Be careful not to drop the battery or hit it against hard objects.
Keep your notebook battery away from extreme heat.
Clean your battery contacts regularly with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.
If you have a Windows PC, use Hibernate mode instead of Sleep mode when not using your computer for an extended period of time.

Reduce the brightness on your notebook's display. The brighter your screen is the more battery power is consumed.
To adjust the display brightness, look for the icon that looks like a sun on your notebook's keyboard.
Note that some notebooks do not have a dedicated button for this function, so pressing the “Fn” button and the sun icon button at the same time is needed to adjust brightness in some notebook models.

Close down programs that you are not using.
The more applications you leave open, the harder the computer has to work, and that takes a toll on your notebook's battery.
Try not to keep more than one application open at a time. So if you are working on your report, just keep your word processor open and close your web browser.
After all, you can't work on a report and surf the internet at the same time, right?

Some applications require more computing power to run compared to others, and this takes up battery life too.
The biggest 'culprits' are applications that make intense use of graphics or media.
Try to keep activities such as photo-editing, watching videos, playing audio tracks, games or CDs and DVDs to a minimum.

Some programs like Microsoft Word and Excel feature an auto-save function that saves your work regularly so that you won't lose data. Very smart, right?
But this also takes up battery power because the computer is working constantly to save your file.
Turn off the auto-save function by adjusting the settings in your preferences.
In Microsoft Word 2007, go to the Home button (the colourful round button on the top left corner of the screen) and click on the Word Options button located at the bottom right.
Under the Save tab, uncheck the “Save AutoRecover Information” box.

Have that external hard disk drive stuck to your USB port?
Or have you finished watching that video clip on your DVD but the disc is still in your computer?
To extend your battery life, remove these external devices because it takes up battery power to run them.
Keep your notebook cool. When dust clogs your notebook's air vents, the fans will have to work harder to cool your computer and that takes up lots of battery power.
To keep operating temperature down, make sure that you keep the notebook's air vents clean and clear of dust.
Clean the air vents with a dry, lint-free cloth or a keyboard cleaner.
Don't put your notebook in the freezer to try keep temperatures down, okay?

If you are using a very old notebook, or one that does not have a Li-Ion battery (that's a Lithium Ion battery), you might want to do this:
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Don't let your notebook's battery end up with goldfish memory!

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A Windows notebook is not your type? Tech Chick has some power saving solutions for Mac fans too, just click on the next step!

STEP 10:
Are you using a Mac? Here's help for Apple users:
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You will see a couple of options. Select Better Battery Life for a balance between performance and battery power.
Select Longest Battery Life to get the maximum juice out of your notebook battery.

It's that easy!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sending you all off with Lots of Love

Yesterday night I spent close to S$35 taking cab back from the airport. It is definitely my MOST expensive single destination trip. But somehow I felt it was all worth it. Cos I went to send off my dear friends from NEA.

Initially I was really kinda reluctant to go considering their flight was at 1am. I was still thinking perhaps I could just talk to them over the phone. But somehow when I heard her voice, something inside of me just said that I was already on my way, even when she insisted that I not go since I stay at the other side of the island.

So I eventually arrived at the airport at like 10.45pm. So many of the teachers were there to send the group of them off. Out of their group of 8, I only knew 3 of them but it was definitely a worthwhile trip down. We saw CG's gf in real life! =) It's been almost 2 months since I last saw them and it will be at least another 1 yr before I will EVER see them again. So nice to see and talk to them like old friends. They are all so warm and carry such amiable presence...

We ended up spending like close to 40mins just taking photos with like tons of cameras!!! So funny! And CG's camera was a cool black colour! I've never seen a modern camera in that colour and he was like so dignified about it. Ha. 1st time you press, the flash on top flips up and you need to press it again to capture the shot. So funny...

Pity I cannot upload them here. I would love to show them off but well. They will always remain in the deepest part of my heart. The longing to go back will always resonate.

And I miss "my" kids!!! =)

With lots of Love from here,

Yuckiest of them all... =(

Someone gave me 3 presents on my way home. Those presents made me so much wanting to KILL that someone.

Because of it, I had to cut off 3 bunches of my hair with each bunch being about 3inches long! Not forgetting the countless that fell off while I was trying to tug and get rid of it.


I couldn't have gotten them onto my hair myself cos I didn't lean on anything. And I've been playing with my hair all the while I was in office which means that it had only gotten then on my way home.


I've already complained to my Dad and my bro. Daddy will revenge on my behalf.


Monday, November 24, 2008

The God I Know

When the stage is bare tonight
There's no one else just You and me
When the curtains close behind
There's no pretense I'm on my knees

I will lay down my life
For the love sacrifice
You gave to me
It's all because of You
All because of You

The God I know
Righteous and holy
The God I know
Faithful and true
The God I know
My tower of refuge
Hearts are healed
Christ revealed

The God I know
Light of the city
The God I know
Strengthens the weak
The God I know
Your heart beats within me
As You are
So are we

This is my cry
My one desire
More of You
More of You

The Church He knows
Righteous and holy
The Church He knows
Is faithful and true
The Church He knows
A tower of refuge
Hearts are healed
Christ revealed

The Church He knows
Light of the city
The Church He knows
Strengthens the weak
The Church He knows
Is strong and mighty
As He is
So are we

Words and Music by KC Gan
© 2008 City Harvest Church

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr & Mrs Derrick Loo

Presenting to you...

Mr & Mrs Derrick Loo:

Yes I know... It's only their BACK view. But well this was the BEST-UNBLOCKED view I had when the waitress finally decided to stop blocking me by standing right in front of the recept... :/

Before all that drama happened, here's us in the hotel room :

Here's my long-lost friend: Miss Shao YT! Haven't seen her for like 10years! We were in the same Sec 1/2 class in DHS and she's still the same quirky gal! Jokes about any and everything that we all laughed so hard from beginning till end of the dinner. She remembers me as the one with THICK long pony-tail (what in the world happened to all my hair?!?!?!), the one who eats very slowly during recess and refuses to use hands to eat chicken wings. Sigh. She spreads that to everyone she meets... =(

Here's our Queen Lioness having a quick bite before her own wedding dinner. She told me not to post online but I thought it really looks so grande and nice so why not? Pretty Queen Lioness. =)

Grazz & I at the Recept. I think the guy sitting next to me wanted to kill me as I ordered him to hurry up with asking the guests and searching for their table numbers. This nice photo was taken by him before all that happened.

Our new friends for the night! The rest of us all knew each other before that day so they must have really wondered why in the world did Queen Lioness place them at our table... To suffer our nonsense and incessant talking the whole night... So much so that when I wanted to share a cab home together with the lady on the left and she very politely told us that she had to rush home, and disappeared in a FLASH.

We (read: I) must have really scared her. Here's why...

As you can see, it's really not my fault that the whole night THEY tried to perfect this scene since the dinner was at the Grand Shanghai. YT says we must fit the surrounding and act accordingly... Please DO NOT tell her you saw this here. Hee... Ok, the next reason's my doing...

Here's innocent me being "harassed" by SL...

And then we decided to act cute. Really. WE decided to do it. But somehow the one always ending up looking silly - is just ME. :/

And so after many tiring sessions of laughing and food-snatching moments (it's a HIGH-END dining location with portions allocated accordingly, and hungry us kept thinking of ways to trick people to give food to us), we finally took photo with pretty Queen Lioness:

So sadz that this is what's left of the Garden... The rest are ALL overseas... And for the 3 of us, Lioness cannot be overseas cos it's her wedding and NO ONE wants to pay for SL & Me to go overseas and so here we are...

My last shot of the night with the really CUTE DHS anniversary mascots! =)

My FAVE Speaker

Rev. A.R. Bernard is the founder and CEO of the Christian Cultural Center (CCC). Located in New York City, this faith-based organization currently has over 28,000 members and is situated on a welcoming 11-acre campus.

Drawing on his beginnings in the financial industry, Bernard has built a familiar brand associated with positive, life-changing experiences. Through his practical application of principles approach, and the successful leadership programs he has created, Bernard has become much in demand as a speaker by some of the leading "Fortune 500" companies, universities, colleges and faith-based organizations.

He has also addressed senators and congressmen of the United States on numerous occasions.

New York Magazine named Bernard as one of their "Most Influential New Yorkers." In February 2008, he was named by a consortium of organizations in the New York Daily News as the number one religious leader in New York.

Other than being the host of two weekly television broadcasts, he is a current member of the Board of Directors of the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Chancellor Joel Klein's Cabinet of the New York City Department of Education. He has served as a member of the NYC Police Department Advisory Board for Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect.

Bernard also served on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2001 Transition Team of the City of New York.

Bernard received a Masters Degree in Divinity from Alliance Seminary, Nyack College.

Sorry to say this, but even Pst K cannot replace him as my FAVE speaker. =)

Insulate to Penetrate culture (the greatest hindrance to revival).

i've got to be more disciplined in this.


God help me...

A to Z for Asia Conference 2008

Be encouraging
Dress sharply
Jot it down
Mutual respect
Non-reservation of seats
Observing regulations
Quest for excellence
Reverence for presence of God
Spiritual hunger
Total involvement
X-factor (attitude)
Yes & amen

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Depth of Your Love

Before the earth
Before all days You knew me
Formed in Your image
Made in Your likeness You loved me
The light of Your Word
Truth of Your promise guides me
The power of Your mercy
The love of Your grace deep inside of me
It's the depths of Your love
Moving in the depths of me
I believe in the power of Your name
I believe in the promise of faith
I beieve in the Love of a God
Jesus my Saviour
I believe I believe
Speaking to this mountain
To move into the ocean
With Your authority
Given to me
No matter what happens
Here I am standing
On the hope of Your word
Promised to me

Thursday, November 13, 2008

yes i love you too!!! the one that i spoke to last night. jiayou!!! =)




2 of my colleagues have prohibited me from exercising for the time being...

i wanted to go for my gym class yesterday night at 850pm cos i just wanted to work out, to vent all my pent-up frustrations, burn all my fats away. but 2 well-meaning mummies stopped me.

one of them said that i could die like the ns man recently. i didn't quite think that i would just collapse like that (considering the many things that i've yet to do, so i didn't think that God would let me go just like that. ha.) she told me to go strolling instead. which i think at that hour, i'd rather go home and sleep.

another said the last time she went to gym while she was still recovering, she fell sick again the next day. strangely this deterred me much more cos i didn't wanna stay sick and remain like this throughout AC. and so i went home. ha.

how short-sighted i am yah... worrying about falling sick again instead of long-term things like dying... hmm...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


yes i'm frustrated. that people just change their plans without informing you. and you're at their beckon & call for most matters.

yes i'm frustrated. that while you try to explain what you've been told earlier, people look at you like you're crazy. and then tell you to get over the fact that changes have already been decided.

yes i'm frustrated. that everyone tells you that they're busy. but while you're slogging away in office they leave at 6sharp.

yes i'm frustrated. that things just keep adding into "your" portfolio. things which are taken away from the portfolio of others.

yes i'm frustrated...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sab is having a headache... yet she is strangely wide awake. what a feat considering she drank 2 dosages of cough mixtures in office and did not doze off. must be the "high" after-effects of eating drowsy medicine and not being able to sleep.

sab is submerged under the piles of paper on her table. learning to deal with the "deception" cos she has no choice really. probably going to miss some datelines while trying to meet the others. but ah well. that's life is it not?

sab is wondering what time she will leave office to go for zone meeting... hmmm...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

SHOUTING OUT: in silence

Being the open cyber space that this is, we gotta be very carefull what we post up here. Cos we never know who's reading or why they are reading it.

So many things I wanna just find an avenue to wrote about. But well. Here is just not the place. Back to my little pink book.

Can fully understand why many people stop blogging after starting. Cyber space is just not a safe space nor a safe haven.

It's the 1st place to start to get to know me. But if you stop here. You will not know the FULL REAL me.

Spend quality time with me and you'll experience the REAL me.

Hangover from lack of sleep...

I slept a total of 11hours last night. My 1st thought was, "what a waste of time?!?!" =(

But I think I really need it. Cos now other than nursing my bad throat, I've a runny nose to accompany it. BUT. I'm still going out later. I DUN CARE! I just need time to myself. =)

A thousand things that I wanna do. A million things that I should do.


Wanted to go gym today, but then I thought I better not since I'm not feeling well. Next week I'll resume my regime. I DUN CARE! I'll just make it happen. Yea.

I'm going out to meet Grazz later.

*excited* =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes I've been deceived... =(

Yes I've been officially deceived... Whatever I'm covering is STUCK with me. Sigh.

Time to be more 积极 in ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oversleep no more...

To ensure that I DO NOT oversleep again tomorrow morning... Yours Truly SHALL go to bed NOW.

ok. maybe not now now. cos i wanna take medicine, apply stuff onto my dried / tired skin and prepare for tomorrow's CG sermon...

ah well. at least i'm starting earlier. =)

God heard... And God spoke...

The lack of sleep, my sore throat and my bad skin is not in vain.

Decided to share 3 little things which showed that obviously my Dad heard me and replied me.

I stepped into COS on Tues morn and heard Hati Hamba in Chinese playing in the background. I told God that I wanna listen to another song. Wasn't exactly waiting for it BUT that was the last song played just before we stood up for corporate prayer. The amusing thing was, Pst started the corporate prayer much later than usual and we ended slightly after 8am on Tues. It's almost as if "my" song was not meant to be played but God made sure it was squeezed in cos I requested to listen to it. =)

I was praying yesterday and I remember this verse -

Prov 13:12
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. "
I told God that my heart is already sick, asked Him what if I cannot hang in there till the time the desire comes. Then how?

I had my answer printed on today's prayer list -
Psa 27:14
"Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD!"

Having privy that I overslept BIG TIME this morning and nearly didn't quite make it there. When I stepped into the main hall, there wasn't any music playing and I found it really quite strange. 3 seconds later, I heard "my" song again. And I felt God telling me that He remembered what I told him on Tues. So it's like Him telling me that right there & then, I'm at the right place, at the right time, doing what I should be doing.

(gerry: yes i know that God remembers! =) just a thought i had the other day, my contribution of tears into my bottle in heaven for 2008 should have hit a record high. i thought 2007 was a lot. but well, i was wrong. Ha.)

Confession really comes to pass...

I blogged that I overslept yesterday. Well today, I overslept BIG TIME. =(

My alarm rang at 4.45am and I distinctly remember switching it to Snooze. But as usual in such times, I was wrong. The next time I opened my eyes, it was already 5.54am. I blinked in shocked as my mind battled with my eyes... Is it really already almost 6am or just 4.55am? My eyes won and my mind succumbed...

My next thought, "Why did I have to wake up at such in between timing?"

If I had woken up at like 7am then case is closed. No point rushing cos die die I'll still be late beyond "redemption". But 6am is like, if i rush out and take a cab there I'll just be slightly late. Next thoughts that followed included things like, "Maybe I should go JW instead / I'm sure Cin will not have problems finding people to eat breakfast with her / Maybe I should just go back to sleep and miss morn PM for just one day..."

But the angelic side got the better of me and hence I rushed down in a cab which burnt a hole in my pocket... =(

HOWEVER. I'm really glad that I still went cos God spoke. =)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A "good" start to A Better Day

I overslept this morning.

Slept at 1plus last night and tried to wake up at 4plus. But alas. I failed. Woke up at 5.10am with a jump cos i need to leave my place at 5.45am. Ended up missing my bus though I ran all the way to the bus stop.

Fortunately with my blurry eyes I spotted another bus coming and without much thought I boarded it. While on the journey I kept thinking like why was the bus so empty as compared to the last 2 days whereby it was packed packed packed.

Upon reaching PS, I realised why. Turns out that it's those short-cut buses which stops mid-way. I realised it only when I was the only one left and the driver had to beckon me to get off. Not quite sure what bus to take, I took the 1st one that I'm sure ends at the SGH interchange.

Well. Turns out that I too was wrong about it. The bus apparently changed route though the end point remains... Ended up having to walk from OG to COS. And all these happened within a span of 45mins.

With eyes still blurry, I finally stumbled into COS.

Thankfully the rest of the day was less "eventful". And according to what I confessed, I left office at 7plus!!! PTL!!! Tmr shall be the same.


i guess i was wrong about having no more tears.

women truly are made of water. all it takes is a drawing of emotions, a drawing near and they still flow.

i just hope my eyes dun swell too much by tmr morning.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God works in mysterious ways

Monday, November 3, 2008

COS - Day 1

I enjoyed myself tremendously this morning.

Though several times people interrupted my conversation with Him, I told myself not to be distracted. Ended the personal session praying for something that I dun remember praying for so specifically in a long time. Truly the peace of God is amazing...

Breakfast fellowship was G.R.E.A.T! =) Cin, AW and myself. I think we're a "weird" combi but nevertheless enjoyable to me cos they're people that I'm at total ease with. Both have been there at stages in my life where I needed people to talk to and we kinda went thru (one is still going thru) the same "pseudo" thing. Ha.

Anyways. Looking forward to meeting Him and fellowshipping with them again in the days to come! =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Funny Conversation Between a Mother & Her Little Gal

I overheard this in the washroom of a particular hotel just now.

The mother was helping her little gal change, and this was what the little gal said to her mum in Cantonese.

"Wei! What are you doing? Dun be so naughty ya."

Cantonese: "Wei. Le jou meh ah? Mai kom yie le."


Can you imagine the frustration of the mum?

Hahahaa.... I think if I were her, I would laugh for 2 secs then resume tugging off the clothes. =)

Finding my Soul

I went to a place to look for my soul just now.

Somehow I lost it along the way. Wanted it to be a quiet afternoon but at one point in time I had like 8 Indians surrounding me and a Malay guy smoking behind me cos of the rain...


Anyways. I'm glad to say that I found it.

God I never wanna lose it again. Neither do I want to lose my faith in You ever again. No matter what I see.

2 Cor 4:18
"while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal."

I learnt something yesterday...

Yesterday I went for facial with my mum. My 1st time in about 6yrs? Ha. Since I graduated from Uni I've NEVER stepped into such a place. And now I remember why. The damage is G.R.E.A.T. Especially when your mum brought you there and the person is your mum's friend. Lots of "hidden" promises. Costly reminder.

Anyways. I learnt something from her. She says the dark circles on my eyelids are caused by my cheap eye-shadow!!! Cheap eye-shadow has too high zinc content which causes your skin to absorb it and hence it turns dark!!! And NEVER NEVER buy paste-form eye-shadow and blusher cos those tends to have high zinc content as well since they "promise" to be long-lasting. Can you believe that?!?!?!

There goes my cheap buys for those once again... :/

Quote from my JC Friend... who's in her 2nd month of Maternity

"getting bored with nothing to do at books, do housework, watch tv, surf net, stare at baby....."


I thought that's really so so so funny!!! =)