Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr & Mrs Derrick Loo

Presenting to you...

Mr & Mrs Derrick Loo:

Yes I know... It's only their BACK view. But well this was the BEST-UNBLOCKED view I had when the waitress finally decided to stop blocking me by standing right in front of the recept... :/

Before all that drama happened, here's us in the hotel room :

Here's my long-lost friend: Miss Shao YT! Haven't seen her for like 10years! We were in the same Sec 1/2 class in DHS and she's still the same quirky gal! Jokes about any and everything that we all laughed so hard from beginning till end of the dinner. She remembers me as the one with THICK long pony-tail (what in the world happened to all my hair?!?!?!), the one who eats very slowly during recess and refuses to use hands to eat chicken wings. Sigh. She spreads that to everyone she meets... =(

Here's our Queen Lioness having a quick bite before her own wedding dinner. She told me not to post online but I thought it really looks so grande and nice so why not? Pretty Queen Lioness. =)

Grazz & I at the Recept. I think the guy sitting next to me wanted to kill me as I ordered him to hurry up with asking the guests and searching for their table numbers. This nice photo was taken by him before all that happened.

Our new friends for the night! The rest of us all knew each other before that day so they must have really wondered why in the world did Queen Lioness place them at our table... To suffer our nonsense and incessant talking the whole night... So much so that when I wanted to share a cab home together with the lady on the left and she very politely told us that she had to rush home, and disappeared in a FLASH.

We (read: I) must have really scared her. Here's why...

As you can see, it's really not my fault that the whole night THEY tried to perfect this scene since the dinner was at the Grand Shanghai. YT says we must fit the surrounding and act accordingly... Please DO NOT tell her you saw this here. Hee... Ok, the next reason's my doing...

Here's innocent me being "harassed" by SL...

And then we decided to act cute. Really. WE decided to do it. But somehow the one always ending up looking silly - is just ME. :/

And so after many tiring sessions of laughing and food-snatching moments (it's a HIGH-END dining location with portions allocated accordingly, and hungry us kept thinking of ways to trick people to give food to us), we finally took photo with pretty Queen Lioness:

So sadz that this is what's left of the Garden... The rest are ALL overseas... And for the 3 of us, Lioness cannot be overseas cos it's her wedding and NO ONE wants to pay for SL & Me to go overseas and so here we are...

My last shot of the night with the really CUTE DHS anniversary mascots! =)