Thursday, November 6, 2008

Confession really comes to pass...

I blogged that I overslept yesterday. Well today, I overslept BIG TIME. =(

My alarm rang at 4.45am and I distinctly remember switching it to Snooze. But as usual in such times, I was wrong. The next time I opened my eyes, it was already 5.54am. I blinked in shocked as my mind battled with my eyes... Is it really already almost 6am or just 4.55am? My eyes won and my mind succumbed...

My next thought, "Why did I have to wake up at such in between timing?"

If I had woken up at like 7am then case is closed. No point rushing cos die die I'll still be late beyond "redemption". But 6am is like, if i rush out and take a cab there I'll just be slightly late. Next thoughts that followed included things like, "Maybe I should go JW instead / I'm sure Cin will not have problems finding people to eat breakfast with her / Maybe I should just go back to sleep and miss morn PM for just one day..."

But the angelic side got the better of me and hence I rushed down in a cab which burnt a hole in my pocket... =(

HOWEVER. I'm really glad that I still went cos God spoke. =)