Friday, November 27, 2009

Discovery during lunch

Was stoning during lunch when I witnessed something:

Love is when you are willing to do the silliest things just because your loved one asked you to do so. Even if it's something that you will never ever do it otherwise, in the open.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

*wonders aloud*

why is it that some people has it so easy while i seem to struggle with the same things all the time.

why is it that some things always seem to happen to me, n only me.

with all the time, effort and finances that i put in, there seems to be negative returns.

how many more things does it take, before my heart will eventually break down.

and then i remind myself once again, to not ask why.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking forward to later.

Let there be a touch from God...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pondering if I should attend the political lunch tmr...

Or should I give myself a break and go for my Daily Divert?

Gone but for a moment - Remembered

Out of sight = Out of mind?


No longer around (for now), but always remembered and prayed for.

I miss you guys.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Change will come.

One phase at a time.

Let phase ONE begin now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strange affinity with a unique group of people

I have been having an affinity with a particular group of people this last month. Under social circumstances I guess the affinity would be good. But the fact that I actually do require their professional advice and treatment make this affinity much less desirable.

And this group of people are the DOCTORS.

It all started a week ago when I was feeling under the weather and decided to pay one such person a visit on a Thursday night. It was already 11.30pm as I stepped into the 24hr clinic to register. Just at the point when I sat down, a plump bespectacled man walked out of the consultation room and beckoned to the counter girl that he is going home. And I thought to myself, "Great... Wonder how long I need to wait until the next doctor comes in..."

Just as I finished thinking about it, I saw a shadow slip into the room through an internal door and before long, I was told to enter the room. I walked in and I was greeted by a really really young looking chap. Seemingly barely beyond 20 or at most mid-twenties. But what made him stand out from the rest were his first words: "Hi I'm Nicholas. You just finished work?"

This realy caught me off-guard as I have never had a doctor introduce his name to me?!?! And I had actually just finished CG, so I'm not quite sure what to tell the doctor where I came from.

This was encounter number ONE.

The next one was today.

My second to CGH, my first time visiting A&E.

All thanks to the fish I ate for lunch. SIGH.

It was a hideous process. Visiting the GP to realise that there was nothing that he can do. But he was really NICE. He did me a personal favour by contacting his personal friend in CGH so that I can get consultation ahead of the others. So he wrote me a referral letter PLUS a personal memo to get the Triage nurse to direct me to his friend! AND he called me like 1hr after I left his clinic to ensure that I go to the correct hospital and be directed to his friend. He also told his friend to keep a lookout for me so that I get treatment soonest. So nice of them rite? And to think I dun even know them personally. I'm just a patient who happened to visit his clinic and then the A&E.

However, even with all the special arrangement made, yours truly still had to wait 3hrs before I saw the specialist. It was a terrible experience. To have something stuck in your throat and pricking you at every swallow and cough. And to have the scope going through the nose to find out where exactly is the bone. Attempting to remove it through the mouth first only to realise that it's too deep in that before she can reach it, I already wanted to vomit. And so the SECOND scope had to go in, the bigger version with something at the end to pick it out as well - through the nose!

Well, the specialist did not manage to remove the bone out from my body. She lost it after dislodging it. SIGH. So now it's still somewhere inside of me. HOPEFULLY already in my stomach on the way out. Otherwise it would be a SERIOUS matter. Having to go through general anesthesia to remove it from deeper in. Complications that might indicate that include fever (with no reasonable cause), chest pains or vomiting of blood.

*God please... Let it pass out of me really soon.

Appointment has been made for the following Monday. But it is really strange. The doctor says should I experience discomfort of any sorts, I should go back to them regardless of what hour of the day it is. And if nothing happens by Monday, then I dun need to go for the appointment. Which brings me to 2 conclusion:
- if complications happen, I go back immediately
- if nothing happen, I dun need to go back on Monday

So..... in actually fact, I would never need to go back on Monday right???? *hmmmm*

The whole thing took FOUR HOURS!!! From 4.30pm registration to 8.30pm after collection of medicine and making payment. And this is with the help of the nice doctor and consultant.

This means more medicine for me. SIGH.

No more please. No more affinity with doctors from today on. PLEASE. ='(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What are you exchanging your life for?

Yesterday was someone's bday.

Seemingly that as events unfolded, this person ended up having to get cakes / tarts for us all (perhaps not the initial intention). Guess the huge leakage of money meant a lot to this person, but to me, I think what happened in the evening would have "hurt" me more.

As the clock ticked by, this person was still furiously "working" away. 6pm... 7pm... 8pm... 815pm... 825pm... 830pm!

Why would anyone be working till such hours on their bday? Not that whatever they were doing were SOOOO urgent. Surely they could leave earlier for a celebration with frd?

But then again. What if, just what if, there was no birthday celebrations? What if you have no friends to celebrate it with you? What if no one really bothers?

This to me is the saddest thing.

The Word says that to have friends, we must 1st be friendly. What have you done to sow into the lives of your friends so that in turn they are willing to be your friends? Or have you spent all your time working your whole life away? Saved all your money in some Swiss bank account somewhere?

Only to find that at the end of the day, you do not have anyone that you can call a friend.

What are you exchanging your life for?

Friday, October 30, 2009

A simple story of life in pictorial form. Hope this will touch you as much as it did to me. =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Hope of Christmas

Was feeling right at the bottom this morning. I just dun understand why do people have such short tempers these days.

When they get frustrated with u for no apparent reason (perhaps with the "help" of someone who left but whose spirit lingers), or keep demanding something from u when it's with them - why am I always on the receiving end...

Anyway, I made my way to Starbucks for a breather and saw all the Christmas decorations that were already up! All the drinks which are only available during Christmas are also on sale now. Waiting for my drink, I just stared aimlessly at their menu. And then I saw the words "Hope, Love, Peace". At this point, I actually felt very touched. It's as if God heard my cry and reminded me that I still have Hope, Love and Peace because He came into this world. Without Him, I'm nothing.

But precisely because He came to die for me, I will always have Hope, Love and Peace.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies (Circular Road)

Just now I went with my colleagues to this place to eat.

Since I didn't get to go to White Rabbit to eat, just have to make do with another Rabbit... =/

One day in the near future, I'll get someone to bring me there. *hehehe* =)

The other Rabbit serves seafood like abalone and fish moss and others all at affordable prices. Taste is ok.

So for cheap food with expensive sounding ingredients.... this is the place to go to.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

when things are just bearable, perhaps it's time to consider a change.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i'm really really tired now actually.

but i refuse to sleep.

i dun want my sunday to end and monday to start!

HOW?!?!?! ='(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Retail Therapy

I dun get it.

How is it that spending money always seems to make one happy?

Since Friday, I've spent money on the following:

- hair cut ($25)
- bodyshop items ($53)
- earrings ($6)
- hairband ($6)

Think there's something else I bought but I cannot quite recall. Yes, can you see how serious this is getting?!?!

But what I know is, after each spending, I do feel a little more appeased with myself. Lighter perhaps in my wallet?


And I'm going to spend more money this Friday aftn! = (

No more. Tmr onwards. No more small or large unnecessary expenses...

i'm trying my best to fight off the distraction.

i need to.

i must.


i'm really amazed at how pple can spend money that they do not have. and then after that borrow from others to fill the gap.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

since the day u left, i've always treated it as a given tt u'd be back. though the many times i prayed n i cried, i've always believed tt one day things will resume and pick up from where it was left off.

but strangely after wat u told me just now, for a moment i was "scared".

it suddenly dawned upon me, wat if u never come back.

perhaps it was purely for the sake of talking to me that u told me wat u said. but suddenly i was afraid. i guess it's a gd thing if u start gg there. ok it's definitely a gd thing. but i really hope that u'll come back. that things will go back to wat it used to be. somethings will never be the same again, but we all change and life moves on.

now i'm not so sure anymore...

*momentarily confused*

I was just randomly browsing thru the photos in my HP yest when I came across this:

Looking at it, I felt SOOOOOOOO SADZ!!!

This was me in Jan07! Look how I've aged... and gone horizontal! ='((((

I'm determined to do something abt that NOW! =(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My new toy!!! =)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Am amazed...

Since I desperately needed a rest, I decided to go for a 30mins shoulder massage during lunch just now. And I am amazed!

The young lady there (who happens to come from a place that I so adore) could deduce the following 2 things just by massaging my shoulders!

1) I carry a very heavy bag most of the times on my right side. She told me that whenever I feel the strain carrying it, I should change arms so that I stop straining the vein in my right shoulder.

2) My body is very heaty now. She told me to drink more liang cha or just plain water so that I can lower the heat in my body.

So amazing rite?!?! Just from a massage!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Went "lobbying"

Yesterday I met up with RL for dinner and then we went to check out the place where one of her frd gigs at.

And so we headed down to the lobby. The only instructions that she had was that it was a room next to the broiler room. But after walking round and round and not being able to find it, we decided to ask and realised that it was a small small door right next to the broiler room. Walking in, I found myself that the same toilet I was at a month ago (de javu)! *haha* With different pple, heading to a different place with a much clearer head...

The bouncer directed us out of the toilet into this dark, dim area then lo and behold, right at the end of the path was a band preparing to start. I stared at my friend. Almost glaring actually. We were the ONLY TWO in that whole area!!! Isn't the band supposed to start playing at 945pm??? It was already 10pm when we strolled in and they haven't started...

They finally decided to start after the both of us sat down. I initially wanted to take a photo of myself and my drink but for once I was so self-conscious... Instead of the being lost in the crowd that I usually find myself in, I found myself being looked on by the band. Like 4 pairs of eyes on stage looking at 2 pple sitting below it. So So SO weird... I didn't dare take that photo. It was almost like I'd be rude not to be watching them and doing my own things...... And when the band is like talking to the audience, they are really really talking to just me n my frd! Something that I seriously cannot get over. Like for once, I'm really supposed to respond to their onstage chatter?! *faintz*

RL says EIC plays there on Thurs. I wonder. How would things have been different just a night ago? Seriously I felt sadz for them. I used to play in a band and playing to no audience is no fun. Musically, they are not too bad. Much better than some of the weirdos I hear in other places with much more pple...

So that was a really strange experience. At the side was a table of 3 mature guys with a young cutsy gal trying to sell them tequila shots. Right at the back were many table-fulls of pple young and old doing their own things, drinking and playing games. No cover charge, free music yet no one was listening. Something is wrong.

This place shouldn't be called the lobby. Perhaps the corridor would be a more appropriate name.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sometimes it all feels so tiring and alone

like no one else bothers with wat really matters

sometimes even the person doesnt even bother

makes me wonder then why am i even doing all these

when u face a cold wall, wat would u do

it cools the warmth in ur heart n leave u standing speechless

when u beckon into nothingness, wat would u do

ur words seem to disintegrate into the same vacuum that they belong to

perhaps i need a break

but there's no time for one

the end draws near with few along my side

where are the ones that were running with me

at such times i really miss You

You'd know wat to do

tell me would You

tell me

Saturday, September 26, 2009

オタク (Otaku)

Yes. That is me for today...

Well at least I managed to return my library books, bought toiletries... Haha... Okok I know... that is such.... :/

But but but but... I'm so proud of myself! I'm getting closer to finishing my goal of finishing a book a month! Not to mention that I'm close to reading ALL the books ever written by John Grisham! Just went to borrow another 3 today, which means i'm only about 4-5 books from completing all his books after this 3! Yes... I'm so proud of myself. Hehehe.... =)

Now to move on to packing my table. I need to clear it. Yes. Please have the perseverance for that....


Last night I went to watch a movie with WT and T. It was kinda like an impromptu decision as we sat there to eat at Cineleisure...

It's about a group of young people striving hard to get into the top performing arts school in America, and how they let their potential bloom in it. Talks about how budding talents let their ambitions take over, getting cheated in the process but learning nevertheless not to give up on their dreams even if without support from their parents and such. About how sometimes the want to earn money takes over the initial want to master their art, about how fame can cause some to let go of relationships that are dear to them.

Mildly realistic I would say. Wouldnt say that I was very impressed with the movie. But it definitely has lots of common grace in it. Lots of it. And though I wasnt very "wow-ed" by it, the 2 young ones with me seem to beg to differ. In fact, they were motivated to go back to school to pursue their dreams.

As to how far they get still remains to be seen. I sure hope they do. =)

And hopefully this will propel many others who watch this to pursue their dreams. Life is too short to waste it away doing something we do not like.

But of cos, let's not forget that with Him we will get far. Further than what we can attain based on just our hard work & the luck that many wistfully hope for. =)

this is bad

oh man....

i'm feeling lazy to even go for one of my fave activities... wat's happening to me?!?!?!


no more k sab. from mon onwards, no more being lazy!

please peeps, jio me out for some sports will ya? :/

less of eating, drinking, shopping and merry-making...

but of cos i'll still oblige depending on who's asking.... =)))

Friday, September 25, 2009

wonders why the new song I added is only 30sec? it's not like that in my playlist in imeem! =(

Eggy Tart-da!

My 1st attempt at baking egg tarts!!! =)
Not too hard actually. But very Very VERY tiring, which is really stange since we never really worked hard...
But well....
I definitely think it's much easier to buy it! *heh*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inaugral WYZ Adults Refresh Retreat

After waiting for a long time for the long weekend, ALAS... Everything is over as I'm sitting here typing this... But thankfully, I'm on leave until WEDNESDAY!!! *yeah* =)))))))

But personally I really think the trip was awesome! Even though there were only 2 main sessions with Pst preaching, but for both sessions, I met God.

PZ preached on having a Second Touch from God during the 1st session, while the 2nd session was on Dreams.

While we were worshipping God, I was brought back to the days of my SOT. Where every morning we woke up early for P & W before lessons began. But it was not really the times of P & W tt God brought me back to. It was the attitude I had that moment I decided to go SOT.

A time when almost EVERYONE discouraged me from quitting my stable good prospects job to go study. I still remember my senior looking at me with the most serious & sincere eyes, telling me not to leave. He says that if I stay, in 6 months time I would actually be earning the salary of the top 5% of all working people in Singapore. Seriously I doubted his statistics, but the potential S$ 800 salary jump still did nothing to stop me. My parents spoke to me a hundred times to ask me to reconsider. My bro was roped in to stop me. But I still went ahead because I loved God and His word.

Would I still do the same thing now? Seriously. I'm not sure. I really am not sure. I really wanna say I would. But there seems to be too many things at stake. I guess if it were a rhema from God, I eventually would do what He says. But it's no longer the same radical attitude that I had 5yrs ago... That's the check for my heart that God wanted me to do during that morning.

And I received a revelation while PZ was reading a simple verse from Matt 14:32.
" ... when they got into the boat, the wind ceased... "

Jesus was with Peter when Peter cried out for help. But yet the wind did not cease when Jesus helped Peter back to the boat. The wind only ceased when both of them have stepped into the boat. Hence we can see that when we cry out for Jesus to help us in our lives, He would come. Yet our circumstances would not change the moment Jesus comes. Jesus wants to work TOGETHER with us, to get us to where He wants us to be eventually before the storm will cease. So in every storm, we would learn a lesson, gain an experience where Jesus will bring us through.

Amazing ya? To me at least. Awaiting to step into the boat with Jesus! =)

Well of cos there were plentiful of games during the retreat, and yours truly led one tiny tiny portion of it.

But to me way beyond the games & stuff, I still wanna say I was very very glad I went.

Cos I met Him.

Wholesome Shallowness?

A beautiful entry written by PK himself:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Meet Ups

These few weeks have been a great time of meeting and catching up with various dear ones. *happie* =)

Since just last Friday (the weeks before that I cannot recall cos I simply met up with too many people):

Met up with some of the Garden for drinks last week. Memorable man.... :/

Met up with J & D on Sat for lunch, a really funny couple.

Later I'll be meeting up my JC gang from 25/97! *woohoo*
Pity EY cannot make it, else it would be so fun!

Many more coming up real soon... Just like my Garden KTV and Dinner! *yay* =)))

People only think to the level of what they are exposed to. If you want to think big expose yourself to bigger things.

AR Bernard

Friday, September 11, 2009

yes i'm getting ready for the 6hrs long KTV session with Roo and the rest of the Garden. *hehe*

but thankfully I'm only able to reach after 4pm.

so that makes me ROUND 2 only.

miss ya Roo!!! Be back soon!!! =)

陶喆 寂寞的季节

作词:娃娃 作曲: 陶喆

oh~ 给下个季节

oh~ 整条街 都是恋爱的人

当季节不停更迭 oh~

oh~ 我记得那狂烈

oh~我了解 那些爱过的人

当季节不停更迭 oh~


Thursday, September 10, 2009


曲: 許 環 良  
詞 : 林秋 離




你的脆弱 讓我走不開
你的依賴 所以我存在

想著你 還是想到心痛
期待我做的 將來你都會懂

有一天 真如果有一天

Monday, September 7, 2009

I was going home from somewhere just now when I saw the person whom I said led a double life. Sometimes it's really scary. Like I was just going down the escalator when I had this feeling like in the place, I'm going to see someone that I know.

And then 2 seconds later, that person with a friend catches my eye though they didn't see me. It's like so many things would have caused me not to see them, yet at that moment I still did.

If I had drank my drink slower. If we had stoned on the table longer. If I had decided to take my bus back instead. So many Ifs, yet I still saw them. Someone that I hadn't seen for almost 1 and a half yrs, though many others have on separate occasions told me that they bumped into that person.

God, please let this be a closure.


The End.

Partly Cloudy

Before the movie Up starts, Pixar added a short production in front of it with the above name. It's really cool! Tried loading the YouTube version here but it failed....

So if you have the time, go search for it in YouTube. =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mindless jokes of the weekend

Qn: Do you know why XXX is so short?
Ans: He has a bad attitude.
Reason: Because our Attitude determines our Altitude.


A gathering of CGLs always manifests the fact that all are CFS.

WR: Chronic Fatigue Symdromes
Me: Certified Fast Sleepers

Friday, September 4, 2009


Was talking to Reika just now. Was telling her that I wanna give her a bday treat and this was what she replied....

[17:34] Reika : lol
[17:34] Reika : no need lah
[17:35] Reika : i wanna laugh with you together again
[17:35] Reika : hahas!

What a sweet & cute gal ya? =)

Would some of my members please LEARN from her and stop trying to suck me dry all the time?

*tsk tsk

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Looking Forward to the 彩虹 after this downpour...




看不見你的笑 我怎麼睡得著
沒有地球太 陽還是會繞
沒有理由 我也能自己走

你要離開 我知道很簡單
你說依賴 是我們的阻礙
就算放開 但能不能別沒收我的愛


Tell me, where can I find rainbows?
Can you return my wish back to me?
Why is the sky still so calm?
All the clouds have amassed above me

Do you have a spare face mask to lend me?
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate
Maybe time is an antidote
Or the poison I'm taking right now

Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you
The sun will continue orbiting even without the Earth existing
I can walk away from you without a reason

You want to leave, I know it is (a) simple (thing)
You said reliance was the major barrier between us
If you choose to let go but don't remove my love for you
I'll just pretend that I understand in the end

Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you
The sun will continue orbiting even without the Earth existing…orbiting
I can abandon you without a reason
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate
Maybe time is an antidote… antidote
Or the poison I'm taking right now

Monday, August 31, 2009

Went for dinner with dear WT & her bf T. 2nd week in a row that we went to Bugis.

A phrase that I will remember coming from T from now on:

回到家后,洗脸,放 mask 然后睡觉。。。

Coming from a guy, I think it's hilarious!!! =D

"Every achievement begins with that first step. Conditions will never be perfect to take that step!"

AR Bernard

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i'm amazed at Your love.

the little things that You know matter to me.

how You never leave me despondent.

i'm amazed at Your grace.

the little things that You know define me.

how You never desert me.

i'm amazed at Your mercy.

the little things that You know mould me.

how You never let me go.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this i have to say to you, you, you & you:

at least we are changing the world, making a difference.

and not be soooo concerned with whether it is right for christians to practise yoga.

or always complaining abt our bf being mean to us.

lift up your eyes and you will see that the world needs people who care, not people who condemn or have their own pity-parties.

in other words: GROW UP PLEASE (i shall be polite).


I suddenly thought of this phrase while I was walking home just now:


Such memories it brings....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dinner at Rasa Istimewa C2k

Last night I brought a frd to this ULU place near my hse. Since it was kinda late and most shops were already closed or closing, we made our way to that place (where I often passed by and several pple have asked me to go there before late at night).

Strangely that place sells ONLY Chinese & Western food. We could not find prata or anything remotely Malay-like at all. So we ended up ordering Chinese plus Satay, which wasn't too bad actually. But the strange thing was that for just 3 dishes & 2 drinks, we had to pay 3 different people for it! Drinks - 1 gal, Satay - 1 guy and the other 2 dishes another gal... Still cannot figure out why it has to be this way...

But that place is really not too bad. Quiet place with food that's not too ex, and really filling... Just that I dun like the occasional insects flying around which my frd loves, while I was squirming around as the night wore on, and the occasions increased... Not to forget the potential that a frog might just prance on me with all the long grass all around. My frd says next time I should wear long sleeves with long pants and lots of repellent.

I would say next time, we meet earlier. Hee.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Modern Day Daughter-in-law

It is a myth that when a son gets married and a new daughter-in-law arrives in the family, everything changes. Some daughter-in-laws are well-trained and well-mannered! They don't come to change the family, they are there to ........

The new wife was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional manner. As expected she gives a speech:
"My dear family, I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family", she said "Firstly, my being here does not mean that I would want to change your way of life, your routine. No, I will never do that, never in a million years".

"What do you mean my child ?" Asked the father in law.

"What I mean dad is (looking at her father in law): Those who used to wash dishes must carry on washing them. Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it. Those who cooked shouldn't stop at my account, and those who used to clean should continue cleaning".

"Then what are you here for ?" Asked the mother in law.

"As for me, my job is to entertain your son!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Cool Mum & My Funny Bro...

While my dad's overseas with his bros to visit his home town, my mum's staying over at my grandma's house today. So cool ya? I mean usually WE are the ones staying over at our friend's hse or staying at some chalet... Who's heard of mums sms-ing us to say she's staying over for 1 night and not coming home? *hahahaha*

And my bro, he's a classic. I came home just now at 10plus to a BRIGHTLY LIT UP house. He was in his room with some Hill Songs music blasting from his computer. So I asked him why did he switch on the lights in the living room while he's in his room.

"I'm alone a home you know..."

Yes. And that's my funny bro...

Sometimes I think we're poles apart. I do like the occasional times when I'm alone at home for a day or 2. In fact, I've gone through that a couple of times and I enjoyed myself tremendously! Asked my friends come for sleep overs, did and cooked stuff all on my own.... Perhaps I'm a "closet loner"... :/

Sunday, August 16, 2009

East Coast on a Sun Afternoon

This is what a lazy Sun afternoon in ECP looks like:

Dear JD had to indulge in some photo-taking before we departed. So kawaii ne!!! =)

This is to show others how formal she wore to ECP

Our 20th Anniversary umbrella!

Such serenity....

So I decided to take a shot at the exact same spot! *heh*

Our parting shot. My.... Just realised that this doesn't even look like I was straining my hand to capture it! Getting pro in self-portraits...
But going there does lots of good to my soul. Perhaps it's the never-ending sound of the waves. Perhaps it's the warm sun gently toasting ur skin. Perhaps I just needed a breather. Maybe my "claustrophobic" is quietly getting worse.

Please call me Aiko

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stuff I'm going to do...

Ellie's Cool Book
Ellie & Carl

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How do I know that my God is REAL...

2 incidents happened today that has confirmed to me once again that my God is real & alive… =)

1) This morning during PM, I wanted very much to hear this song particular song. I was telling God that it would be so So SO nice if He could let me hear that song today cos I really like it. Throughout the whole personal devotion time, that song was not played. Actually so much so that I forgotten about it totally. Until the time when PA asked us to stand up for corporate prayer. Even when the musicians were playing the intro, I didn’t even recognize it. But when the song leader sang the 1st line, I froze. She was actually singing THAT song! Like what are the chances of them picking this song to sing out of the hundreds of songs that we have… Surely the song was decided even before I made that request to God. So I teared. Cos I know that all the things I prayed for earlier, my God has heard me.

2) I decided to use my lunch time to go through my sermon for tonight again. So I packed my stuff ready to go off to my fave place where I can get some peace and quiet and some coffee to basically just read and prepare. As I was walking out of the room, I actually asked myself if I had brought everything which in my mind I really thought I did. I brought my Bible, my sermon, my pen & highlighter. And a piece of paper so that I can prepare for the lots for my members to draw later so as to pick who is to share on Proverbs. Totally not sensing that anything was amiss, I walked all the way there. Until I got off the escalator than I realized that I had forgotten to bring something important… My wallet!!! *sigh* So there and then, I was penniless. There goes my coffee! =( Being so “amazed” at myself, I sms dear Cin to tell her how blur I was. And I told her that perhaps God wanted me to fast… Might was as just stay there then later go back office and drink my cereals…

So off I went to read through my sermon again, read through the bible passages, read through Proverbs again… And I spent 1hr doing that. Then just before I went back, I prepared the lots for tonight. As there were 10 of them and I didn't wanna lose them in my lunch bag, I decided to put them into my back pocket – the one with buttons. So as I stood up prepared to walk back and stuff the lots inside it, I felt something inside my pocket. Thinking it was some used tissue, I took it out and to my surprise it was actually $15 folded together! I dun even remember how the money ended up there! So I had some money with me all the while! So with my new-found money, I managed to buy some food back for my lunch… =D

So God actually didn’t want me to fast. He just wanted me to focus on His word for that 1hr before eating.

Conclusion: My God is REAL, ALIVE and He hears my prayers! Amazing… And. God definitely thinks that reading His word is more important than eating. It's a sign that I should really fast next week then. Heh..

Monday, August 10, 2009

And I finally remembered what I did on Sat

Met Betty for lunch at this place in ION. Food's so so only though...
Then I went to meet dear JD, before finally meeting Cin dear to visit Roy & Siang. And below are their lovely twin daughters... SO CUTE!!!!! =)

Their elder gal... Charlize

Their lovely 2nd gal Ashley...


Here's what my 2nd Angel gave me....

So sweet of her ya? *awwwwww*

The day 2 Angels appeared

Was feeling quite terrible on Wed night and hence I penned down what I wrote earlier. But 2 Angels appeared on Thursday which really made my day!

Early in the morning at 8.05am, this was what my 1st Angel sent to me:
"Hey sab! You were in my prayers this morning! Have a very blessed and happy day today =D"

I almost teared. How did she know?

Then after my CGM while I was on my way home, my 2nd Angel gave me something that she handmade!!! Too bad I cannot upload the picture here now, but will do it soon once this blogspot thing works. It's a really nice key-chain that I now hang on my hp. Ask me to show you next time you see me ya? =)

Almost like God's way of reminding me that He knows what I'm going through. That my whole day was covered and taken care by Him.

Thanks Dad! What would I do without You...

Post-National Day

Started this day REALLY early, I woke up at 5am EXCITED! =)

Seems like such a long time since we last had the early morning prayers. Was extra-excited cos we made plans for today! But alas, the sky decided to amend our plans for us...

Wanted to go ECP after morning PM - brought all my necesssary gear:
- shorts [check]
- slippers [check]
- sunblock [check]
- camera [check]
- nice book [check]
- mp3 [check]

BUT for the very fact that I had to bring ONE more extra item cancelled the whole event - UMBRELLA... =(

It poured the moment I packed my stuff all ready to leave my house at 6am. So ended up walking and hanging ard Orchard waiting for time to pass... *sadz* I would have been perfectly happy nesting in some place with my book, but my companions were falling asleep and so we walked on and on and on... Until the time for our movie came! *yippy* =D

It was my FIRST 3D movie of my LIFE!!! Yes... Yours truly here has never seen one before today. Thanks to the lack of technology during the days of my childhood...We went to see UP 3D mode. Quite a cool show. Though I didnt quite get it as to why WR says that it has lots of common grace, but I actually teared (yes I teared in a cartoon... :/) while the old man was looking through his "Adventure Book" for memories of his late wife.

Not exactly worth a PH price but ok otherwise. I liked the pre-movie portion much better in fact. About a stormy cloud and his stock. Hilarious! =)

Looking forward to ECP soon. Really soon I hope!

Chronologically - backwards

Given that I'm still awake and not that tired yet, I shall attempt to blog. Let's see how far I can go... No pictures as before cos something is wrong with Blogspot. Page just doesnt load properly. Next time peeps, next time...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My funny Brother

This morning while I was looking for breakfast, my brother walked over with a very serious look...

Bro: I dreamt of you yesterday eh...
Me: Oh... About what? (in my mind: why such a serious look sia)
Bro: I dreamt that you were driving a Lotus.
Me: Huh? What's a Lotus?
Bro: It's a nice & big sports car.
Me: (in my mind: huh?! then why the so serious look sia...)
Bro: While I'm only still driving my WRX.... Sigh....
Me: erhm ok...
Bro: But! I changed the wheels! To bigger and nicer ones. =)
Me: (in my mind: duh... ...)

Yes.... That's my Brother. And I'm proud of him...

Hahahahaaaa.... =D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sometimes i really feel like i'm wasting my time. perhaps i really am. doing the wrong thing, to the wrong crowd, without the necessary substance. perhaps.

been wanting to blog since mid last week actually... but i've been really tired n unwell until today.

and so... blogging shall wait... =)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Really cool...

"Men with good intentions make promises. Men with character keep them."
A. R. Bernard

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Was walking past One Fullerton this aftn when I heard this gal pleading to strangers to listen to her. Didn't stay to listen to the context of her pleas but this was what she said:

"我们不能在执迷 , 应该对自己的生命负责..."

Whatever she was referring to.... Wow!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Places. My 1st.

Met dear JS for dinner tonight. And the places we went to, were my 1st time to both! Yes... time for the mountain tortoise to come out... time to get some moon-tan...

We 1st went to the Flyer for dinner, at this really quiet and nice-to-chill out place. Food was ok, but it had really nice quiet ambience, and they actually had this Swing Dance beginner's class where they invited anyone interested to join them. JS was really interested. But well, being the typical Singaporeans, we stayed out. *hahahaa* Next time. Yes. Next time...

Thereafter we wanted to adjourn for dessert, but ended up at the Marina Barrage! Really cool! Really cold also.... *Brrrrrrrr* Nice place to take a stroll, waddle in the playground and just bask in the moonlight.

I must go back there again. With a nice camera. So that I do not end up with ghostly pictures. And a nice companion would be definitely be a plus point. =)

JS, we shall dress appropriately next time we go. And not to mention, go on a day when it's not soooooooo C~O~L~D..... *shivers*

I'm going to the Singapore Flyer!!! =)

Not to fly actually....

But I will be going to Love The World Soul Rock Bistro Bar! *yippie* =)

Yes I'm won over

I've been won over by this "new" author that I've just started to read since this morning...
Jodi Picoult

I like her style of writing - enough to keep me turning the pages.
I like her usage of words - enough to let me think about the meaning of certains words / phrases used yet simply enough for me to understand without the need to check up the dictionary ever so often.

And this quote was found on the page before the 1st chapter:
"True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen."
Francois, duc de la Rochefoucauld, Maxim 76

Highlight of the day...

Was initially still contemplating of whether to go for one of the zone leader's bday party. But at the end of the day, I was glad I went! =)

Everything went on as per normal until the time came when we were about to go off. Playful & crazy WR decided to "teleport" away which our dear Lynn wanted very much to play along with us. In her own words, "我要跟你们一起玩。。。"

But not knowing what she wanted to do, WR refused to offer a repeat telecast of the "teleport". And since when they "teleported" away, Cin forgot to hold my hand, so I was supposedly left standing there alone while they all were already "teleported" to Jurong! And hence poor Lynn kept trying HARD to find people to "teleport" with me... She tried so So SO hard.... And while the rest were resisting to comply with her requests for a repeat telecast, I relented and "jumped" and told her that I'm at Jurong.

And this, was what she wanted to do...

"Oh, where are you? I cannot see you now. I really cannot see you now..."


Aye.... such lovely people. They sure know how to add oxygen into my lungs, fill my eyes with tears of joy and make my Sunday night a more bearable one before the dreadful Monday comes again... =D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yet another

"Everyone has some talent, skill or ability. But if you want to test their character, give them power."

Dr A.R. Bernard

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amazing Quotes

"Light moves faster than sound. That's why some people look bright until they open their mouth."

"Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become."

Dr A.R. Bernard

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Have Always Wanted to Tell You That ...

Complete the sentence:

I have always wanted to tell you that _______________________ .

One of my dears sent me the above in an sms, which I thought was really interesting...

And so here is my proposal, please comment or sms me what you have always wanted to tell me and I promise that I will revert with my version of the sentence to you! =)

More than just some China Sweets...

Today I learnt something new...

Check out this really cool website:

Any one of my dears wanna go there anytime soon jio me k! =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was feeling really low this morning cos of something. So I headed to get some space during lunch. And this was what I read when I was flipping thru my fave book:

Psalm 33 (New Living Translation)
1 Let the godly sing for joy to the Lord;
it is fitting for the pure to praise him.
2 Praise the Lord with melodies on the lyre;
make music for him on the ten-stringed harp.
3 Sing a new song of praise to him;
play skillfully on the harp, and sing with joy.
4 For the word of the Lord holds true,
and we can trust everything he does.
5 He loves whatever is just and good;
the unfailing love of the Lord fills the earth.
6 The Lord merely spoke,
and the heavens were created.
He breathed the word,
and all the stars were born.
7 He assigned the sea its boundaries
and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs.
8 Let the whole world fear the Lord,
and let everyone stand in awe of him.
9 For when he spoke, the world began!
It appeared at his command.
10 The Lord frustrates the plans of the nations
and thwarts all their schemes.
11 But the Lord's plans stand firm forever;
his intentions can never be shaken.
12 What joy for the nation whose God is the Lord,
whose people he has chosen as his inheritance.
13 The Lord looks down from heaven
and sees the whole human race.
14 From his throne he observes
all who live on the earth.
15 He made their hearts,
so he understands everything they do.
16 The best-equipped army cannot save a king,
nor is great strength enough to save a warrior.
17 Don't count on your warhorse to give you victory—
for all its strength, it cannot save you.
18 But the Lord watches over those who fear him,
those who rely on his unfailing love.
19 He rescues them from death
and keeps them alive in times of famine.
20 We put our hope in the Lord.
He is our help and our shield.
21 In him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in his holy name.
22 Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord,
for our hope is in you alone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simply Hilarious

someone came to talk to me all of a sudden just now. and then after a while, the person disappeared.

wondering why, i decided to ask and this was the respond i got:

"i was doing mask and felt like i wanted to "connect" with someone so that i dun feel that lonely while putting on my mask ...."

while people use that time to connect, i use it to "escape" actually. it feels kinda safe with a mask on. a time of solitude. to me at least.

so anyone out there wants to connect with me while you're doing mask? heheheheeee.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fascinating thing in OC

Today wasnt too bad after all. Even though the people that went came from all different worlds, somehow music is really a universal language.

The remaining of us then went over to OC for a meal. There was supposed to be a 1-for-1 but we were too late, yet still we decided to sample the Thai fare. Our dear NJ took photos of what we ate, which was really funny. In his words, "this is to remind us not to come back here again..." Hahaha....

It really wasnt that bad. Just a little small in portion for the 3 hungry ghosts as usual... We slowly made our way down to comb through the building which has a really unique layout actually. They also have an indoor rock wall!

But half-way through our walk down, we decided to visit the necessary place. I was just telling the 3 of them that this place is amazing. Cos it's not just auto for the tap, even the soap dispenser is auto. And then guess what I found even more fascinating...


Can you imagine my amazement???? I wanted actually to run out immediately and inform the other 3 to go back in to try the seat! Hahahaaa..... Of which I did really went out to exclaim to them. But they werent exactly as excited as I was. And so they waited until after they had their 2nd meal (yes they were really hungry) before going in to "check it out".

But well, B2 didnt have that! Hahahaa... And so the next time you go to OC, do check it out. The floor that we were at that had it was L4. Of which the warning states that improper usage could result in ur bum being burnt. Yes. Please be careful. =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

the offer expires this sun night. =)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's strangely crowded at home now. at such an hour, such a day.


looking forward to the looming weekends, but not to work tmr... :/

ah well...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

just saw some photos of people who went for the HK convention.

suddenly i feel like dropping everything to go to NEA again.

didnt make plans for a trip there this yr cos there are just too many uncertainties.

*but now i really wanna go...*


unable to upload photos here for the 2nd week consecutively already.

ah well, just too bad.

u can see me in FB or in real life then. =)

sorry i just cannot resist it...

someone told me a story yesterday.

i was seriously fed-up (to put it mildly) when i heard what was said that i just could not resist a shot back.

and so the story goes...

"a bird was sitting in the corporate tree, climbing up steadily. suddenly it lost its footing and fell off the tree. one day as a cow walked passed, it decided to poo right on top of the bird and hence it was covered with s**t. it was stuck there for the longest time until one day someone helped the bird out from the pile of s**t. however soon after that, the bird was shot dead by a hunter since it was no longer covered with the s**t."

that person's morale of the story: we should not trust anyone since the person that seemingly helped us get out of s**t might be the very person that causes our death.

i just could not resist it. seriously. i vv much wanted to stop myself. BUT this still leaked out.

"oh so do you want us to dump our s**t on you now?"


i'm sorry... i didnt treat it like a get-back time though u complained abt me the vv same day last mth. revenge was NOT on my mind seriously...

but i just could not resist such a timely moment as such.

and i do not buy ur theory - that no one can be trusted. i'm just sorry that u havent met people that u can trust while i have my fair share... =)

kudos to all my dear trusted friends out there! my life is much much better because u exists! =)

love ya all!!! *muacks*

enjoying a leisurely afternoon at home.

a part of me screams out, "what a waste of time."

another part seems to be enjoying the "no agenda" feel.

do we need to pack our lives with things all the time?

certainly not.

but there are some frds that i havent seen in the longest time.

someday in the near future - i shall attempt to ask them out. heh.

for now, i'm just waiting for invites to come. ya i know. so lazy... ;p

please take ur time - unless for some reason u think i wanna (or do not mind) meet u.

reasons may vary, but u can take the chance.

yes i need a more active social life. make me a part of urs? =)


my room is starting to resemble a guy's room (read: things are not where they are supposed to be).

i'm gg to declutter it in a while.

this in itself already feels good. =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My First Crocs!

Yes presenting to you my FIRST pair of Crocs!!! =) All thanks to Cin, Cyn and JT!

I'm wearing to today to OPM... *excited*

Excited not just for the shoes, but cos WYZ is the FIRST zone to kick start this OPM! GREAT things are about to happen!

AMEN!!! =)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dinner with LHH x 2

Just came back from dinner with the 2 fellows. Must say it was an interesting time... =)

LHH2 brought us to this really nice place called Saizeriya Italian Restaurant in Liang Court. I must say that they serve relatively good food and at really cheap & reasonable prices. Their main courses cost an average of S$7! We ordered chicken wings, some meat, cheese and rice thing, plus 3 main courses and it costs only $36! Amazing... Of course the 大姐姐 here gave them a treat la... Of which the irony is, LHH1 kept telling LHH2 to stop bluffing and scaring the 小妹妹 here... *hmm*

The 2 bros are actually really huge eaters. They can finish 5 packs of instant noodles at one sitting for supper (at least this is what they tell me and I definitely believe...) LHH2 has the capacity to finish 2 portions of main courses during a normal lunch time so what we ate was really quite little for him... Poor thing sia. I can imagine he would be hungry by now and eating something... hehehee...

But it was my first time seeing and hanging out with the 2 of them together. Quite a unique experience. They are so different, yet alike in many ways... I think next time, I will meet them up separately, if we ever meet up... Feels a little weird knowing things about each other which the other supposedly doesn't know of and do not talk to each other about... People are so complicated at times...

And perhaps this was what LHH1 was trying to tell me in his parting words, "next time, we shall meet in a different setting."

Which to me I guess, it's one of these 2 scenarios:
1) Someone else will be coming along (!!!! hahaha....) and (or) without the other,
2) He's going to bring me somewhere more happening (considering he keeps 2 bottles of hard liquor on his table for regular dosage)...

Hahhaa... ah well, till that day comes (which is going to be a really really really long time)...

I was distracted, irrational and derailed for a while.

Now I'm getting back on track.

Focus Sab. Focus on the desired forthcoming outcome.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm kinda looking fwd to Monday night. Cos I'll be meeting LHH1 and LHH2 for dinner and drinks.

I've never exactly spent time with them together. Individually and online we've always talked. But putting 2 totally different personality brothers together would be an interesting collision I guess. Hahaa...

Mix a rare Chinese Orthodox Jew and a Playboy lookalike together. There you have it. And plus me of course. Sometimes I wonder what I'm getting myself into... Nevermind. Da Jie Jie will just have to take of these 2 "little" boys... Haha...

KTV with a mixed Garden gang

After an early (ok to me it was early) morning wedding, I rushed off to meet up my mixed-Garden gang for KTV.

YT sms me while I was in Oslo (more than a month ago) about our KTV date and hence I was really excited about it. As I walked into Room10, the sight that greeted me gave me a rude rude shock.

In the tiniest of all their rooms, I saw 6 ladies squeezing in a room that measured about the size of 2 toilet cubicles. When Lioness saw me, she so nicely stood up, went to grab another chair and propped herself right next to the TV. Never in my life had I seen someone being seated right NEXT to the TV, being only like 3inches away from the screen. We were so amused with it that we decided to take a photo of our pathetic state. Grazz will upload it in FB (soon I hope). =)

With a crowd this big and a room so small, we started off by paying tribute to MJ. No one had to use the mic as we were all screaming at the top of our lungs. I was thinking perhaps the partitions would collapse if we were any louder. Hahahaha.... The funniest part was when another of Grazz's frd dropped by. This meant that 8 of us were in the tiny tiny room. F gave a classic shocked look as she came back from the washroom and someone was sitting on her seat! That was a Konica moment. Pity it was not captured. Man... Hehee...

The irony of all irony came at 3pm. Grazz and gang had to leave for their movie and that was when they KTV people approached us to bring us to another more spacious room. With half the number of us left, we went to a room twice the size of the 1st one. Well, that's life for us many times ya?

And it was there that I found out what YT named me in her hp... *sigh sigh sigh*

It was the most natural thing to her actually. She took out her hp and asked me if I called her. Which I did, like 2 hrs ago. And this was how it all began...

YT: Oh Sab. Do you know how I name you to differentiate you from the other Sabrinas that I know of?
Me: Like how.
YT: Oh I named you Sabrina Chicken.
Me: What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
F & Lioness: *burst out laughing uncontrollably*
YT: Why? Is it very funny mah?
(she showed me the screen of her hp and it really showed "Sabrina Chicken")
Me: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm so going to kill you!!!!!


When will she stop associating me with that? How can I make her forget that oh-so-insignificant moment that happened when we were only 13 yr old?


Yes. And so these are my Sec & JC friends... :/

Happening Friday Night

Was on half day yesterday afternoon so that I could be early to send dear Bet off. I'm already starting to miss her presence and it's only been ONE day. *gosh*

Like what I wrote in a card to her, I'm just so dependent on her at times. But now, it's down to just me... Well, I believe that God will provide. He always had. He always will.

After travelling from one end of Singapore (my hse) to the airport, I had to travel right back to HV. Planned to meet up RL there. Initially it was supposed to be a "combined" bday celebration of yours truly (actually she already celebrated cum sabo me in Bali) and KT, but for some reason KT didn't wanna meet us. After analysing the situation yesterday night, we figured that KT is STILL upset with us after what had happened more than a month ago. Sometimes people are really strange. Really really strange. After being nice for the longest time (yes I do acknowledge that I am nice and even the quizzes in FB tells me that... hahahaa), I've come to a point where I'm a little more selective with people now. Not that I dun love you (people in general), but I feel that sowing should be done in the right season. Especially so if others do not appreciate you, at all.


We finally met up after numerous train delays due to some track fault (which J dear told me that it was because someone tried to jump tracks somewhere). And so we headed to Crystal Jade for dinner. It was seriously one of the nicest meals I've ever had there! Amazing... =)

We then headed over to Wala Wala. Cos RL really liked this band. Which after listening to them for a night, I kinda like them as well. =) Their musicality is amazing. And the songs that they dish out are my cup of tea. I'm definitely going back again whenever I can. RL suggests that we go to such places once a month, a new one each time to listen to different bands. I'm onz man... Wanna join me? =)

Ok not on Sat / Sun so that I dun bump into LHH2. Hahahaa....

But I can't say the same about their drinks. Too very very very sweet. The crowd there is really tame. With pockets of Caucasians here and there. And as we were kinda late reaching there, a nice guy gave up his seat for me during their 1st session. As I was in flats, I graciously let RL have it cos I understand the agony of standing in heels. *ouch ouch* The crowd started to thin as the sessions continued and the night wore on. But nonetheless they (Jack & Rai) were really entertaining and the crowd was really spontaneous. We stayed all the way till after 1.30am before making our way home.

And that was how I spent my Friday night. *yeah* =)

The most happening night, in a long long long time... Gosh. I need a life.

Friday, June 26, 2009

one of my dears is gg away today. for long term - 2yrs. :'(

i'm gg to miss her in more ways than one...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Faith is a reasoned trust

The distance between you and any promise that God gives you is your thought life

There are 3 dimensions to renewing your mind through faith

- Faith has an intellectual dimension

- Faith is intimately bonded to your emotions

- Faith engages the human will

AR Bernard

Last night was not as awkward as I thought it would be. Though I think it was not as fruitful as what I wanted it to be. But I'm happy for this start. Hopefully the other would not disagree.

I climbed the stairways to heaven all in one breath. I really wonder who in the world designed such a route... Last time when I used to climb it when I was in primary school. I remember the small path from PS carpark to Mount Sophia was not such a crazy climb as though the steps were uneven in height, they were at least much much fewer. This seriously resembled our JW B4 to L1 climb... Thank God when I was at JW, this was what I usually take to leave the audi and not to mention that the last 2 weeks I've been running for 30mins at the gym on top of my other classes - and so I didn't collapse half way... Though I must confess that my legs started to wobble a little while it commenced on the final flight.

When I finally reached the submit, I saw the familiar silhouette. Pity the place that we initially wanted to go to was really crowded. I really wanted to take a look having heard much about it. But I decided to give it a miss as it was really starting to get late. It was already 10.15pm when we finally decided where to go to next. And so I mounted his bike and off we went.

It was a strangely familiar yet different feeling taking that seat this time. Before what happened 9 months ago, this was what me & my other mbrs seemed to have taken for granted of. And now, it is to me like my glimmer of hope for what I've been praying for.

I've always wondered what would my friends or relatives say if they ever see me riding on a bike. This always flashes through my mind especially when we stop at traffic lights. I mean like, if suddenly you look out of the car window and you see me as a pillion rider on a bike, what would you be thinking? So cool rite? Hehehe... I kinda like the feeling of the wind THOUGH bikes are NOT safe. So please stay away from getting the license it as much as you can ok?

Riding through Orchard, we actually discovered a really cool place to chill out! But I'm not going to tell you where unless you're going there with me... =)

Ok and so I digressed. Anyway, we parked ourselves at Mac till 12.45am just talking. Not exactly touching what I wanted to ask / say, but I feel I should not push it. This is what is comfortable for him, I shall leave it as that. For now, perhaps?

He's coming for Bet's farewell tmr and that in itself is yet another breakthrough.

Praise the Lord! =)

I will keep praying.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

i hear thunder outside my hse now.

God pls do not let it rain.

as I sit here waiting for the time to go out and meet the person that I didn't manage to meet last week, it kinda feels strange.

God pls let it be a fruitful meet-up.

still believing, still not letting go of any glimpse of hope.

think i'll go pray in a while.

Dad will know what i need to do...

My Oslo Windfall

What started out as a normal day for us ended up in me having a GREAT Windfall! =)

We initially wanted to have an outdoor picnic, and so we went to the supermarket to buy stuff for our BBQ. Reaching the last stop of our day, we went into the mini mart near our home to grab some bread and juice.

The items we bought cost close to Kr50. Not having any smaller change, I passed the cashier my Kr100 note. As their denominations for Kr50 and below are coins, it was nothing weird that coins started to fall out from the coins dispenser. However to my horror of horrors, all the coins that fell out where Kr1!!!! It was like a jackpot moment where Kr1 started to fill the base of the dispenser. I stared at it in disbelief as I called out to my friend and the cashier. The cashier was remotely apologetic as she claimed that probably the larger denominations were all out and then I just had to take all the Kr1... Not wanting to cause a bottleneck in the queue, I scooped up all the coins and filled my pockets with them.

The 2 front pockets of my jeans seen were filled to the brim as I gathered all of them and proceeded home. Walking home heavily laden, I kept pondering out loud how in the world am I going to spend all the coins... The Queen has nicely declined exchanging them with me though she's going to be living there for another year (yes, she is STILL my friend. *hehehe*)...

As this was mildly amusing to me, I decided to take a photo of what the massive mountain of coins look like and so here's it:

After which of course yours truly the accountant here starts counting to see how much she has gotten. And to her SHOCK it amounted to MORE THAN the Kr100 note that she gave to the cashier!

A quick summary:
- bread + orange juice - Kr40++
- note given to cashier - Kr100
- change should be Kr50++

And guess how much yours truly here got?


I counted it TWICE to convince myself that I was not disoriented about what had just happened or was overly traumatised or losing my mind. After making sure that I'm still sane and can still count, I decided to take photos of my WINDFALL!!! =)

Yes, your dear here GAINED Kr75.50 by buying bread and orange juice (which was "given" to me for free).
We should do this more often at Kiwi my Queen? =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

we'll be moving about over this weekend.

so the floor area behind me is empty cos i'm gg to change seat.

the drawers behind me are empty too.

somehow this packing is making me feel good about my actual eventual move.

a taste of what will transpire in the NEAR future. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's been good so far since mon night.

think sometimes i'm getting a little stubborn.

but i really want things to change. really change.

still hoping. still praying.

i need a change.

THE change.

please. pretty please?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yes i feel led
i felt the call
so i answered it
it has started
3mins ago

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fr true Christians the search for God, truth and reality ends in Christ.

Your walk is your lifestyle.

To walk worthy is to live a lifestyle worthy of God.

Your lifestyle must express the character of God.

A.R. Bernard

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shaken but Thankful

Yesterday was a tremendously traumatic day for me.

I wasted close to 2 HOURS - looking for my car! Actually that was not the most saddening thing... *sigh*

I met my dear J for lunch, and I was late. Couldn't find parking for close to 15mins and when I finally found an empty lot I was so stressed that I couldn't park into it for the longest time. So when everything was settled, I ran to meet her. Wanting to remember where I parked, I stole a glance back - this apparently was just NOT enough.

We stayed there and had a great time, until it was time for me to move on to my next appointment. It was a vv impt appointment to me cos I've been trying to get this special someone to meet me since the longest time and he finally agreed after much coaxing and all.

But alas, dear me could not find my car! I distinctly remembered turning back to see G-34 and E34. But when I went to the carpark, I could only see G /E with numbers all smaller than 10 and so I thought I saw G3 / 4 rather than G34. So I encircled that place. After walking round the place for 5 times, I started to doubt the level that I parked my car though I distinctly remembered leaving it at B2. But I decided to go check out B1. But the car wasn't there as well! I walked about that place for another 5 rounds and then went to a side to think, to pray.

"Oh God, where in the world is my car?!?!"

After praying, I really felt that I left it at B2 so I went back down there again to comb through the same lot area. But I still couldn't find it. An hour has passed and there I was still unable to locate that familiar number plate and colour and model that I was so sure was somewhere in that area. I was desperate. I sms my frd to say that I could not find my car. I called my parents. I smsed my brother. I went to look for the help only to find the counter full of people queueing to redeem free parking. By then my mind dew a blank. I had enough of people trying to ask me to think where I left it, what I saw. I seriously wanted to scream at them, "Come on, if I could remember anything more I would have gone to that place to look for it right? Would I still be here?"

I was so tired that I very much wanted to leave everything as it is to go home. I've never felt so helpless in my whole life. It was almost like everyone has deserted me, left me there alone to fend for myself.

Another hour passed before a security was finally free to help me. Finally. I was extremely relieved as he rode his bike and told me to wait at the side for him to call me. He found it within 10 mins! Thank God the car nor anything inside was stolen, cos strangely when he found it, the side door was actually ajar! *gosh*

No one sat in that car with me that whole day so I couldnt understand why the door could have been left ajar? *sigh*

All the ordeal finally ended close to 10pom. I started my search since 730pm.

I was extremely upset with myself. How could I let such a thing happen to me.

Looking back, what happened is like our lives. Sometimes we go through seasons where we feel so helpless and alone. We approach whoever we think that can help us, only to get directions and suggestions that we already know or could think of. IF we know how to get out of the mess ourselves, why would we even bother to ask? Until the RIGHT help comes along and everything is resolved and we are eternally grateful. I'm thankful I found the right help last night - the nice security. I'm even more thankful that I found the right help in my life - My Best Friend Jesus.

But to me the most saddening thing was my missed appointment. I actually sobbed when I reached home cos of this. I spent 9months trying to get this person to meet me. And when he finally agreed, I actually literally destroyed the chance by my own carelessness and forgetfulness. Oh God, sometimes I really do not understand why but I still trust in you...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i just took the car out for a drink just now.

it was 1/2 thirsty n its drink cost me $41! imagine if it was vv thirsty...

i'm all set for tmr! pls pray tt i'll remember all tt i've learnt during my lessons. havent been driving for almost half a yr sia...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

和祢说话是那么的自然, 和你说话已变成一种习惯

just the other day, my bro very matter-of-factly says that this week i get to drive his car ard from Wed to Sun.


Thurs - to fill up the petrol for my car-filled adventure which starts on Fri mon!

Fri - to COS then to Expo

Sat - is dear J dating me out? =)

Sun - to Expo and elsewhere(s) and then at night to fetch my bro

it's gonna be a cool cool next few days as ah bengs once again try to race me. hahah...


Monday, June 8, 2009

A man I've admired since my youth

A.R. Bernard

An amazing man of God:

Amazing Quotes

"It is in our submission to God that we experience the elevation of God."

"Obedience doesn't flow from understanding it comes from faith. It takes faith to folloow. "

A.R. Bernard

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Birdy Scare

We had just finished a day of island-hopping. I was seriously very tired. But in order not to miss out on going the must-go places, we headed to Frognerseteren for their world famous apple pie...

So we happily went inside to choose our stuff and decided to settle outside cos the scernery was really cool (so was the weather actually). And here is our spread:

Actually everything went on well UNTIL we finished our quiche. Then a "little" friend decided to join us. "little" is in inverted commas cos they are NOT as SMALL as what we see back home. It was the "friendly" sparrow. Over here, they come with streaks of blue as well.

As we started on our apple pie, this fellow came to peck at our crumbs. Which was totally ok with me as I told The Queen to put that plate as FAR AWAY from me as possible. But this "little" fellow was a GREEDY one. Being unsatisfied with the quiche, it decided to fly towards my apple pie. Of course I shrieked. LOUD. The Queen graciously shooed it away. But it came back time and again. And this time, it attempted to attack my hot chocolate. That was the last straw. I SCREAMED as it flew towards my cup and The Queen laughed! *sigh* Yes. She's still my friend...

She recons that that was the 1st time she saw a bird fly, froze in mid-air and then backed away. Meanwhile, lots of people were gathering around us - busy taking pictures of the bird and smiling cos we managed to help them stop it in its flight. *sigh*

The Queen decided that she has had enough of my screaming and I've had enough of such close proximity with feathered ones... And so we headed indoors:

Yes the safety of the four walls...

The Queen looking so sweet and calm after everything...

I had to finished my drink to calm my nerves and get over the trauma...
Get the feathered stuff away from me please.
No matter what size.