Saturday, July 4, 2009

sorry i just cannot resist it...

someone told me a story yesterday.

i was seriously fed-up (to put it mildly) when i heard what was said that i just could not resist a shot back.

and so the story goes...

"a bird was sitting in the corporate tree, climbing up steadily. suddenly it lost its footing and fell off the tree. one day as a cow walked passed, it decided to poo right on top of the bird and hence it was covered with s**t. it was stuck there for the longest time until one day someone helped the bird out from the pile of s**t. however soon after that, the bird was shot dead by a hunter since it was no longer covered with the s**t."

that person's morale of the story: we should not trust anyone since the person that seemingly helped us get out of s**t might be the very person that causes our death.

i just could not resist it. seriously. i vv much wanted to stop myself. BUT this still leaked out.

"oh so do you want us to dump our s**t on you now?"


i'm sorry... i didnt treat it like a get-back time though u complained abt me the vv same day last mth. revenge was NOT on my mind seriously...

but i just could not resist such a timely moment as such.

and i do not buy ur theory - that no one can be trusted. i'm just sorry that u havent met people that u can trust while i have my fair share... =)

kudos to all my dear trusted friends out there! my life is much much better because u exists! =)

love ya all!!! *muacks*