Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Places. My 1st.

Met dear JS for dinner tonight. And the places we went to, were my 1st time to both! Yes... time for the mountain tortoise to come out... time to get some moon-tan...

We 1st went to the Flyer for dinner, at this really quiet and nice-to-chill out place. Food was ok, but it had really nice quiet ambience, and they actually had this Swing Dance beginner's class where they invited anyone interested to join them. JS was really interested. But well, being the typical Singaporeans, we stayed out. *hahahaa* Next time. Yes. Next time...

Thereafter we wanted to adjourn for dessert, but ended up at the Marina Barrage! Really cool! Really cold also.... *Brrrrrrrr* Nice place to take a stroll, waddle in the playground and just bask in the moonlight.

I must go back there again. With a nice camera. So that I do not end up with ghostly pictures. And a nice companion would be definitely be a plus point. =)

JS, we shall dress appropriately next time we go. And not to mention, go on a day when it's not soooooooo C~O~L~D..... *shivers*