Monday, July 27, 2009

Highlight of the day...

Was initially still contemplating of whether to go for one of the zone leader's bday party. But at the end of the day, I was glad I went! =)

Everything went on as per normal until the time came when we were about to go off. Playful & crazy WR decided to "teleport" away which our dear Lynn wanted very much to play along with us. In her own words, "我要跟你们一起玩。。。"

But not knowing what she wanted to do, WR refused to offer a repeat telecast of the "teleport". And since when they "teleported" away, Cin forgot to hold my hand, so I was supposedly left standing there alone while they all were already "teleported" to Jurong! And hence poor Lynn kept trying HARD to find people to "teleport" with me... She tried so So SO hard.... And while the rest were resisting to comply with her requests for a repeat telecast, I relented and "jumped" and told her that I'm at Jurong.

And this, was what she wanted to do...

"Oh, where are you? I cannot see you now. I really cannot see you now..."


Aye.... such lovely people. They sure know how to add oxygen into my lungs, fill my eyes with tears of joy and make my Sunday night a more bearable one before the dreadful Monday comes again... =D