Saturday, July 4, 2009

enjoying a leisurely afternoon at home.

a part of me screams out, "what a waste of time."

another part seems to be enjoying the "no agenda" feel.

do we need to pack our lives with things all the time?

certainly not.

but there are some frds that i havent seen in the longest time.

someday in the near future - i shall attempt to ask them out. heh.

for now, i'm just waiting for invites to come. ya i know. so lazy... ;p

please take ur time - unless for some reason u think i wanna (or do not mind) meet u.

reasons may vary, but u can take the chance.

yes i need a more active social life. make me a part of urs? =)


my room is starting to resemble a guy's room (read: things are not where they are supposed to be).

i'm gg to declutter it in a while.

this in itself already feels good. =)