Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fascinating thing in OC

Today wasnt too bad after all. Even though the people that went came from all different worlds, somehow music is really a universal language.

The remaining of us then went over to OC for a meal. There was supposed to be a 1-for-1 but we were too late, yet still we decided to sample the Thai fare. Our dear NJ took photos of what we ate, which was really funny. In his words, "this is to remind us not to come back here again..." Hahaha....

It really wasnt that bad. Just a little small in portion for the 3 hungry ghosts as usual... We slowly made our way down to comb through the building which has a really unique layout actually. They also have an indoor rock wall!

But half-way through our walk down, we decided to visit the necessary place. I was just telling the 3 of them that this place is amazing. Cos it's not just auto for the tap, even the soap dispenser is auto. And then guess what I found even more fascinating...


Can you imagine my amazement???? I wanted actually to run out immediately and inform the other 3 to go back in to try the seat! Hahahaaa..... Of which I did really went out to exclaim to them. But they werent exactly as excited as I was. And so they waited until after they had their 2nd meal (yes they were really hungry) before going in to "check it out".

But well, B2 didnt have that! Hahahaa... And so the next time you go to OC, do check it out. The floor that we were at that had it was L4. Of which the warning states that improper usage could result in ur bum being burnt. Yes. Please be careful. =)