Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night I went to watch a movie with WT and T. It was kinda like an impromptu decision as we sat there to eat at Cineleisure...

It's about a group of young people striving hard to get into the top performing arts school in America, and how they let their potential bloom in it. Talks about how budding talents let their ambitions take over, getting cheated in the process but learning nevertheless not to give up on their dreams even if without support from their parents and such. About how sometimes the want to earn money takes over the initial want to master their art, about how fame can cause some to let go of relationships that are dear to them.

Mildly realistic I would say. Wouldnt say that I was very impressed with the movie. But it definitely has lots of common grace in it. Lots of it. And though I wasnt very "wow-ed" by it, the 2 young ones with me seem to beg to differ. In fact, they were motivated to go back to school to pursue their dreams.

As to how far they get still remains to be seen. I sure hope they do. =)

And hopefully this will propel many others who watch this to pursue their dreams. Life is too short to waste it away doing something we do not like.

But of cos, let's not forget that with Him we will get far. Further than what we can attain based on just our hard work & the luck that many wistfully hope for. =)