Monday, September 7, 2009

I was going home from somewhere just now when I saw the person whom I said led a double life. Sometimes it's really scary. Like I was just going down the escalator when I had this feeling like in the place, I'm going to see someone that I know.

And then 2 seconds later, that person with a friend catches my eye though they didn't see me. It's like so many things would have caused me not to see them, yet at that moment I still did.

If I had drank my drink slower. If we had stoned on the table longer. If I had decided to take my bus back instead. So many Ifs, yet I still saw them. Someone that I hadn't seen for almost 1 and a half yrs, though many others have on separate occasions told me that they bumped into that person.

God, please let this be a closure.


The End.