Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inaugral WYZ Adults Refresh Retreat

After waiting for a long time for the long weekend, ALAS... Everything is over as I'm sitting here typing this... But thankfully, I'm on leave until WEDNESDAY!!! *yeah* =)))))))

But personally I really think the trip was awesome! Even though there were only 2 main sessions with Pst preaching, but for both sessions, I met God.

PZ preached on having a Second Touch from God during the 1st session, while the 2nd session was on Dreams.

While we were worshipping God, I was brought back to the days of my SOT. Where every morning we woke up early for P & W before lessons began. But it was not really the times of P & W tt God brought me back to. It was the attitude I had that moment I decided to go SOT.

A time when almost EVERYONE discouraged me from quitting my stable good prospects job to go study. I still remember my senior looking at me with the most serious & sincere eyes, telling me not to leave. He says that if I stay, in 6 months time I would actually be earning the salary of the top 5% of all working people in Singapore. Seriously I doubted his statistics, but the potential S$ 800 salary jump still did nothing to stop me. My parents spoke to me a hundred times to ask me to reconsider. My bro was roped in to stop me. But I still went ahead because I loved God and His word.

Would I still do the same thing now? Seriously. I'm not sure. I really am not sure. I really wanna say I would. But there seems to be too many things at stake. I guess if it were a rhema from God, I eventually would do what He says. But it's no longer the same radical attitude that I had 5yrs ago... That's the check for my heart that God wanted me to do during that morning.

And I received a revelation while PZ was reading a simple verse from Matt 14:32.
" ... when they got into the boat, the wind ceased... "

Jesus was with Peter when Peter cried out for help. But yet the wind did not cease when Jesus helped Peter back to the boat. The wind only ceased when both of them have stepped into the boat. Hence we can see that when we cry out for Jesus to help us in our lives, He would come. Yet our circumstances would not change the moment Jesus comes. Jesus wants to work TOGETHER with us, to get us to where He wants us to be eventually before the storm will cease. So in every storm, we would learn a lesson, gain an experience where Jesus will bring us through.

Amazing ya? To me at least. Awaiting to step into the boat with Jesus! =)

Well of cos there were plentiful of games during the retreat, and yours truly led one tiny tiny portion of it.

But to me way beyond the games & stuff, I still wanna say I was very very glad I went.

Cos I met Him.