Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strange affinity with a unique group of people

I have been having an affinity with a particular group of people this last month. Under social circumstances I guess the affinity would be good. But the fact that I actually do require their professional advice and treatment make this affinity much less desirable.

And this group of people are the DOCTORS.

It all started a week ago when I was feeling under the weather and decided to pay one such person a visit on a Thursday night. It was already 11.30pm as I stepped into the 24hr clinic to register. Just at the point when I sat down, a plump bespectacled man walked out of the consultation room and beckoned to the counter girl that he is going home. And I thought to myself, "Great... Wonder how long I need to wait until the next doctor comes in..."

Just as I finished thinking about it, I saw a shadow slip into the room through an internal door and before long, I was told to enter the room. I walked in and I was greeted by a really really young looking chap. Seemingly barely beyond 20 or at most mid-twenties. But what made him stand out from the rest were his first words: "Hi I'm Nicholas. You just finished work?"

This realy caught me off-guard as I have never had a doctor introduce his name to me?!?! And I had actually just finished CG, so I'm not quite sure what to tell the doctor where I came from.

This was encounter number ONE.

The next one was today.

My second to CGH, my first time visiting A&E.

All thanks to the fish I ate for lunch. SIGH.

It was a hideous process. Visiting the GP to realise that there was nothing that he can do. But he was really NICE. He did me a personal favour by contacting his personal friend in CGH so that I can get consultation ahead of the others. So he wrote me a referral letter PLUS a personal memo to get the Triage nurse to direct me to his friend! AND he called me like 1hr after I left his clinic to ensure that I go to the correct hospital and be directed to his friend. He also told his friend to keep a lookout for me so that I get treatment soonest. So nice of them rite? And to think I dun even know them personally. I'm just a patient who happened to visit his clinic and then the A&E.

However, even with all the special arrangement made, yours truly still had to wait 3hrs before I saw the specialist. It was a terrible experience. To have something stuck in your throat and pricking you at every swallow and cough. And to have the scope going through the nose to find out where exactly is the bone. Attempting to remove it through the mouth first only to realise that it's too deep in that before she can reach it, I already wanted to vomit. And so the SECOND scope had to go in, the bigger version with something at the end to pick it out as well - through the nose!

Well, the specialist did not manage to remove the bone out from my body. She lost it after dislodging it. SIGH. So now it's still somewhere inside of me. HOPEFULLY already in my stomach on the way out. Otherwise it would be a SERIOUS matter. Having to go through general anesthesia to remove it from deeper in. Complications that might indicate that include fever (with no reasonable cause), chest pains or vomiting of blood.

*God please... Let it pass out of me really soon.

Appointment has been made for the following Monday. But it is really strange. The doctor says should I experience discomfort of any sorts, I should go back to them regardless of what hour of the day it is. And if nothing happens by Monday, then I dun need to go for the appointment. Which brings me to 2 conclusion:
- if complications happen, I go back immediately
- if nothing happen, I dun need to go back on Monday

So..... in actually fact, I would never need to go back on Monday right???? *hmmmm*

The whole thing took FOUR HOURS!!! From 4.30pm registration to 8.30pm after collection of medicine and making payment. And this is with the help of the nice doctor and consultant.

This means more medicine for me. SIGH.

No more please. No more affinity with doctors from today on. PLEASE. ='(