Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What are you exchanging your life for?

Yesterday was someone's bday.

Seemingly that as events unfolded, this person ended up having to get cakes / tarts for us all (perhaps not the initial intention). Guess the huge leakage of money meant a lot to this person, but to me, I think what happened in the evening would have "hurt" me more.

As the clock ticked by, this person was still furiously "working" away. 6pm... 7pm... 8pm... 815pm... 825pm... 830pm!

Why would anyone be working till such hours on their bday? Not that whatever they were doing were SOOOO urgent. Surely they could leave earlier for a celebration with frd?

But then again. What if, just what if, there was no birthday celebrations? What if you have no friends to celebrate it with you? What if no one really bothers?

This to me is the saddest thing.

The Word says that to have friends, we must 1st be friendly. What have you done to sow into the lives of your friends so that in turn they are willing to be your friends? Or have you spent all your time working your whole life away? Saved all your money in some Swiss bank account somewhere?

Only to find that at the end of the day, you do not have anyone that you can call a friend.

What are you exchanging your life for?