Saturday, October 17, 2009

since the day u left, i've always treated it as a given tt u'd be back. though the many times i prayed n i cried, i've always believed tt one day things will resume and pick up from where it was left off.

but strangely after wat u told me just now, for a moment i was "scared".

it suddenly dawned upon me, wat if u never come back.

perhaps it was purely for the sake of talking to me that u told me wat u said. but suddenly i was afraid. i guess it's a gd thing if u start gg there. ok it's definitely a gd thing. but i really hope that u'll come back. that things will go back to wat it used to be. somethings will never be the same again, but we all change and life moves on.

now i'm not so sure anymore...

*momentarily confused*