Saturday, October 10, 2009

Went "lobbying"

Yesterday I met up with RL for dinner and then we went to check out the place where one of her frd gigs at.

And so we headed down to the lobby. The only instructions that she had was that it was a room next to the broiler room. But after walking round and round and not being able to find it, we decided to ask and realised that it was a small small door right next to the broiler room. Walking in, I found myself that the same toilet I was at a month ago (de javu)! *haha* With different pple, heading to a different place with a much clearer head...

The bouncer directed us out of the toilet into this dark, dim area then lo and behold, right at the end of the path was a band preparing to start. I stared at my friend. Almost glaring actually. We were the ONLY TWO in that whole area!!! Isn't the band supposed to start playing at 945pm??? It was already 10pm when we strolled in and they haven't started...

They finally decided to start after the both of us sat down. I initially wanted to take a photo of myself and my drink but for once I was so self-conscious... Instead of the being lost in the crowd that I usually find myself in, I found myself being looked on by the band. Like 4 pairs of eyes on stage looking at 2 pple sitting below it. So So SO weird... I didn't dare take that photo. It was almost like I'd be rude not to be watching them and doing my own things...... And when the band is like talking to the audience, they are really really talking to just me n my frd! Something that I seriously cannot get over. Like for once, I'm really supposed to respond to their onstage chatter?! *faintz*

RL says EIC plays there on Thurs. I wonder. How would things have been different just a night ago? Seriously I felt sadz for them. I used to play in a band and playing to no audience is no fun. Musically, they are not too bad. Much better than some of the weirdos I hear in other places with much more pple...

So that was a really strange experience. At the side was a table of 3 mature guys with a young cutsy gal trying to sell them tequila shots. Right at the back were many table-fulls of pple young and old doing their own things, drinking and playing games. No cover charge, free music yet no one was listening. Something is wrong.

This place shouldn't be called the lobby. Perhaps the corridor would be a more appropriate name.