Saturday, June 27, 2009

KTV with a mixed Garden gang

After an early (ok to me it was early) morning wedding, I rushed off to meet up my mixed-Garden gang for KTV.

YT sms me while I was in Oslo (more than a month ago) about our KTV date and hence I was really excited about it. As I walked into Room10, the sight that greeted me gave me a rude rude shock.

In the tiniest of all their rooms, I saw 6 ladies squeezing in a room that measured about the size of 2 toilet cubicles. When Lioness saw me, she so nicely stood up, went to grab another chair and propped herself right next to the TV. Never in my life had I seen someone being seated right NEXT to the TV, being only like 3inches away from the screen. We were so amused with it that we decided to take a photo of our pathetic state. Grazz will upload it in FB (soon I hope). =)

With a crowd this big and a room so small, we started off by paying tribute to MJ. No one had to use the mic as we were all screaming at the top of our lungs. I was thinking perhaps the partitions would collapse if we were any louder. Hahahaha.... The funniest part was when another of Grazz's frd dropped by. This meant that 8 of us were in the tiny tiny room. F gave a classic shocked look as she came back from the washroom and someone was sitting on her seat! That was a Konica moment. Pity it was not captured. Man... Hehee...

The irony of all irony came at 3pm. Grazz and gang had to leave for their movie and that was when they KTV people approached us to bring us to another more spacious room. With half the number of us left, we went to a room twice the size of the 1st one. Well, that's life for us many times ya?

And it was there that I found out what YT named me in her hp... *sigh sigh sigh*

It was the most natural thing to her actually. She took out her hp and asked me if I called her. Which I did, like 2 hrs ago. And this was how it all began...

YT: Oh Sab. Do you know how I name you to differentiate you from the other Sabrinas that I know of?
Me: Like how.
YT: Oh I named you Sabrina Chicken.
Me: What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
F & Lioness: *burst out laughing uncontrollably*
YT: Why? Is it very funny mah?
(she showed me the screen of her hp and it really showed "Sabrina Chicken")
Me: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm so going to kill you!!!!!


When will she stop associating me with that? How can I make her forget that oh-so-insignificant moment that happened when we were only 13 yr old?


Yes. And so these are my Sec & JC friends... :/