Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last night was not as awkward as I thought it would be. Though I think it was not as fruitful as what I wanted it to be. But I'm happy for this start. Hopefully the other would not disagree.

I climbed the stairways to heaven all in one breath. I really wonder who in the world designed such a route... Last time when I used to climb it when I was in primary school. I remember the small path from PS carpark to Mount Sophia was not such a crazy climb as though the steps were uneven in height, they were at least much much fewer. This seriously resembled our JW B4 to L1 climb... Thank God when I was at JW, this was what I usually take to leave the audi and not to mention that the last 2 weeks I've been running for 30mins at the gym on top of my other classes - and so I didn't collapse half way... Though I must confess that my legs started to wobble a little while it commenced on the final flight.

When I finally reached the submit, I saw the familiar silhouette. Pity the place that we initially wanted to go to was really crowded. I really wanted to take a look having heard much about it. But I decided to give it a miss as it was really starting to get late. It was already 10.15pm when we finally decided where to go to next. And so I mounted his bike and off we went.

It was a strangely familiar yet different feeling taking that seat this time. Before what happened 9 months ago, this was what me & my other mbrs seemed to have taken for granted of. And now, it is to me like my glimmer of hope for what I've been praying for.

I've always wondered what would my friends or relatives say if they ever see me riding on a bike. This always flashes through my mind especially when we stop at traffic lights. I mean like, if suddenly you look out of the car window and you see me as a pillion rider on a bike, what would you be thinking? So cool rite? Hehehe... I kinda like the feeling of the wind THOUGH bikes are NOT safe. So please stay away from getting the license it as much as you can ok?

Riding through Orchard, we actually discovered a really cool place to chill out! But I'm not going to tell you where unless you're going there with me... =)

Ok and so I digressed. Anyway, we parked ourselves at Mac till 12.45am just talking. Not exactly touching what I wanted to ask / say, but I feel I should not push it. This is what is comfortable for him, I shall leave it as that. For now, perhaps?

He's coming for Bet's farewell tmr and that in itself is yet another breakthrough.

Praise the Lord! =)

I will keep praying.