Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Next Best Thing

The BEST thing that happened to me today was that my shoeS have arrived!!! Ah!!!
When Cin told me that thay have arrived, I was seriously excited just thinking about it. I actually do not remember what they all looked like but that more adds to the excitement ya? =)

The 2nd best thing that happened was actually my cab ride home. The driver was really nice. At least he was the 1st person that I met in person that showed any concern for me and the day that just passed. He even offered advice on which route that I should take at what timings - which I totally. Which is so rare cos most drivers are out there to fleece you...

After being stabbed early morning, he was like a fresh breeze on a humid day.

And checking my email, I received my 2nd rejection. Awaiting for GOOD news in the days to come.