Sunday, June 7, 2009

The day I missed my transfer flight...

It was my first time taking a flight all alone. And this had to happen to me...

After the hideous queue and long chat with the customs officer, at least here are some photos to make up for my ultimate waste of time at the airport:

This is the fateful place

They really do come in all shapes and sizes.... I didnt take the adult-sized ones
BIG as human heads... I think your tongue would be all wounded and sore by the time you finish 1/4 of it. Kinda scary actually isnt it? Like you're licking a baby's head. *yikes*

Really nice looking cigars... No wonder the BIG SHOT Bad Guys in movies all like to smoke this instead of cigarettes

All I can say is: They are HUGE

Yes and this is unglam me, while waiting for my next flight... The lady beside me is sleeping soundly with her eye covers on. Aren't they afraid that they wake up to nothing left except their clothes on? *hmmm*