Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Oslo Windfall

What started out as a normal day for us ended up in me having a GREAT Windfall! =)

We initially wanted to have an outdoor picnic, and so we went to the supermarket to buy stuff for our BBQ. Reaching the last stop of our day, we went into the mini mart near our home to grab some bread and juice.

The items we bought cost close to Kr50. Not having any smaller change, I passed the cashier my Kr100 note. As their denominations for Kr50 and below are coins, it was nothing weird that coins started to fall out from the coins dispenser. However to my horror of horrors, all the coins that fell out where Kr1!!!! It was like a jackpot moment where Kr1 started to fill the base of the dispenser. I stared at it in disbelief as I called out to my friend and the cashier. The cashier was remotely apologetic as she claimed that probably the larger denominations were all out and then I just had to take all the Kr1... Not wanting to cause a bottleneck in the queue, I scooped up all the coins and filled my pockets with them.

The 2 front pockets of my jeans seen were filled to the brim as I gathered all of them and proceeded home. Walking home heavily laden, I kept pondering out loud how in the world am I going to spend all the coins... The Queen has nicely declined exchanging them with me though she's going to be living there for another year (yes, she is STILL my friend. *hehehe*)...

As this was mildly amusing to me, I decided to take a photo of what the massive mountain of coins look like and so here's it:

After which of course yours truly the accountant here starts counting to see how much she has gotten. And to her SHOCK it amounted to MORE THAN the Kr100 note that she gave to the cashier!

A quick summary:
- bread + orange juice - Kr40++
- note given to cashier - Kr100
- change should be Kr50++

And guess how much yours truly here got?


I counted it TWICE to convince myself that I was not disoriented about what had just happened or was overly traumatised or losing my mind. After making sure that I'm still sane and can still count, I decided to take photos of my WINDFALL!!! =)

Yes, your dear here GAINED Kr75.50 by buying bread and orange juice (which was "given" to me for free).
We should do this more often at Kiwi my Queen? =)