Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happening Friday Night

Was on half day yesterday afternoon so that I could be early to send dear Bet off. I'm already starting to miss her presence and it's only been ONE day. *gosh*

Like what I wrote in a card to her, I'm just so dependent on her at times. But now, it's down to just me... Well, I believe that God will provide. He always had. He always will.

After travelling from one end of Singapore (my hse) to the airport, I had to travel right back to HV. Planned to meet up RL there. Initially it was supposed to be a "combined" bday celebration of yours truly (actually she already celebrated cum sabo me in Bali) and KT, but for some reason KT didn't wanna meet us. After analysing the situation yesterday night, we figured that KT is STILL upset with us after what had happened more than a month ago. Sometimes people are really strange. Really really strange. After being nice for the longest time (yes I do acknowledge that I am nice and even the quizzes in FB tells me that... hahahaa), I've come to a point where I'm a little more selective with people now. Not that I dun love you (people in general), but I feel that sowing should be done in the right season. Especially so if others do not appreciate you, at all.


We finally met up after numerous train delays due to some track fault (which J dear told me that it was because someone tried to jump tracks somewhere). And so we headed to Crystal Jade for dinner. It was seriously one of the nicest meals I've ever had there! Amazing... =)

We then headed over to Wala Wala. Cos RL really liked this band. Which after listening to them for a night, I kinda like them as well. =) Their musicality is amazing. And the songs that they dish out are my cup of tea. I'm definitely going back again whenever I can. RL suggests that we go to such places once a month, a new one each time to listen to different bands. I'm onz man... Wanna join me? =)

Ok not on Sat / Sun so that I dun bump into LHH2. Hahahaa....

But I can't say the same about their drinks. Too very very very sweet. The crowd there is really tame. With pockets of Caucasians here and there. And as we were kinda late reaching there, a nice guy gave up his seat for me during their 1st session. As I was in flats, I graciously let RL have it cos I understand the agony of standing in heels. *ouch ouch* The crowd started to thin as the sessions continued and the night wore on. But nonetheless they (Jack & Rai) were really entertaining and the crowd was really spontaneous. We stayed all the way till after 1.30am before making our way home.

And that was how I spent my Friday night. *yeah* =)

The most happening night, in a long long long time... Gosh. I need a life.