Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shaken but Thankful

Yesterday was a tremendously traumatic day for me.

I wasted close to 2 HOURS - looking for my car! Actually that was not the most saddening thing... *sigh*

I met my dear J for lunch, and I was late. Couldn't find parking for close to 15mins and when I finally found an empty lot I was so stressed that I couldn't park into it for the longest time. So when everything was settled, I ran to meet her. Wanting to remember where I parked, I stole a glance back - this apparently was just NOT enough.

We stayed there and had a great time, until it was time for me to move on to my next appointment. It was a vv impt appointment to me cos I've been trying to get this special someone to meet me since the longest time and he finally agreed after much coaxing and all.

But alas, dear me could not find my car! I distinctly remembered turning back to see G-34 and E34. But when I went to the carpark, I could only see G /E with numbers all smaller than 10 and so I thought I saw G3 / 4 rather than G34. So I encircled that place. After walking round the place for 5 times, I started to doubt the level that I parked my car though I distinctly remembered leaving it at B2. But I decided to go check out B1. But the car wasn't there as well! I walked about that place for another 5 rounds and then went to a side to think, to pray.

"Oh God, where in the world is my car?!?!"

After praying, I really felt that I left it at B2 so I went back down there again to comb through the same lot area. But I still couldn't find it. An hour has passed and there I was still unable to locate that familiar number plate and colour and model that I was so sure was somewhere in that area. I was desperate. I sms my frd to say that I could not find my car. I called my parents. I smsed my brother. I went to look for the help only to find the counter full of people queueing to redeem free parking. By then my mind dew a blank. I had enough of people trying to ask me to think where I left it, what I saw. I seriously wanted to scream at them, "Come on, if I could remember anything more I would have gone to that place to look for it right? Would I still be here?"

I was so tired that I very much wanted to leave everything as it is to go home. I've never felt so helpless in my whole life. It was almost like everyone has deserted me, left me there alone to fend for myself.

Another hour passed before a security was finally free to help me. Finally. I was extremely relieved as he rode his bike and told me to wait at the side for him to call me. He found it within 10 mins! Thank God the car nor anything inside was stolen, cos strangely when he found it, the side door was actually ajar! *gosh*

No one sat in that car with me that whole day so I couldnt understand why the door could have been left ajar? *sigh*

All the ordeal finally ended close to 10pom. I started my search since 730pm.

I was extremely upset with myself. How could I let such a thing happen to me.

Looking back, what happened is like our lives. Sometimes we go through seasons where we feel so helpless and alone. We approach whoever we think that can help us, only to get directions and suggestions that we already know or could think of. IF we know how to get out of the mess ourselves, why would we even bother to ask? Until the RIGHT help comes along and everything is resolved and we are eternally grateful. I'm thankful I found the right help last night - the nice security. I'm even more thankful that I found the right help in my life - My Best Friend Jesus.

But to me the most saddening thing was my missed appointment. I actually sobbed when I reached home cos of this. I spent 9months trying to get this person to meet me. And when he finally agreed, I actually literally destroyed the chance by my own carelessness and forgetfulness. Oh God, sometimes I really do not understand why but I still trust in you...