Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hairy Crab Cutlery

And these.... were what they gave us to eat Hairy Crabs...

The "scissors" was to be used to cut up the crab and the uneven ends to dig out the flesh. 1st time and it was unforgettable. Imagine having to eat crab in front of the regional CEO... :/

And the below:
Delicious soup served in the black teapot - chicken, dried scallops, mushroom and abalone. Hua Diao wine with sour plum in the small glass. And the 2 people sitting at the end are my boss and the regional CEO. I was so so hoping that they didn't see suaku me taking photos and being fascinated with EVERYTHING there. Imagine drinking soup from a teacup being poured out from the teapot and then eating the delicacies from it. My 1st time...