Saturday, September 13, 2008

A rare Saturday...

Yes I'm home. Feels kinda strange. Not quite used to it actually.

But at least I did some fruitful things today. =)

Packed the rubbish on my floor. I even mopped the floor for the whole house!

*Sab is SO proud of herself...*

As I was clearing the stuff, I saw an entry that I wrote during my bday this year. Well the entry was not posted here cos I wrote it while I was out on that day. It seemed so depressing... Even the poem portrayed the same mood. BUT I've already torn out that entry. Not that I've emerged victorious over all the stuff that I wrote, but I decided that enought is enough.

Doesnt matter even if now my heart still "stirs" for some of the wrong reasons. There's no turning back. I will LEAVE it all behind. I've already decided 2 days ago.

Letting it go. Letting God move.