Monday, September 1, 2008

Wall.E & Eve

I watched this movie yesterday, and I must say that I enjoyed it tremendously! =)

Our "male" lead above can only say 2 words throughout the entire movie, "Eve" and "Directive". But this in no way impairs the enjoyment. In fact, only the humans and Auto-pilot speaks proper. The rest are either mono-syllabic or repetitive.

In order NOT to spoil your fun, I shall NOT narrate the whole story here. Below are just a few scenes or characters that I LOVE from the movie... =)

This is how dear Wall.e recharges himself. The sound he produces when he's fully charged is actually what you'll hear when your computer finishes loading the operation system. =)

Our "male" lead displays his wonderful collection of "treasures" to our "female" lead...

Eve has actually gone into "hibernation" cos she has found what she wanted. Yet this was what Wall.E has always wanted to do - to hold her "hand". But at this point, Eve has no recollection at all for all the things that he had done to protect her.

M-O is the CUTEST of all!!! His one and only job is to rid "Foreign Contamination". So so cute... =)