Saturday, September 20, 2008

JW Svc

Today was the FIRST time I attended JW svc after they shifted back there from Expo since I dun-remember-when.

I must say, I still miss that place.

When Pst K talked about how we 1st shifted in 7yrs ago, it was as if it just happened yesterday. I still remember the place bursting with activities at that time just so that we could have our Grand Opening in time. Because Pst wanted to keep his word, everyone gave everything to make things happen. I remember at that time most of the staff were there literally from morning till night, especially the last 3days before our 1st svc there. Almost 24hrs, everyone contributed whatever help they could offer.

And what did I do? I cleaned the lifts. Yes. Those in the main lobby. I cleaned all 6 of them with a cloth and polish so that it shines. =)

And the sermon today, is really so in-line with what I was talking to my members about during cgm last night. Good to know that I'm flowing with Pst K. That the verse that came into my mind while we were praying yesterday, Pst talked about it in his sermon!

I'm glad that when God speaks, I'm able to hear. Let my heart NEVER be too hardened to feel God, or too dense to hear His Words.

Though the audi was not totally packed and the people were generally REALLY young, but the atmosphere was good. And so many people came forward when the altar call was given. Made me can't help but to compare it with Expo. What in the world is wrong with us at Expo??? =(

Am so provoked to do something about it. Do something about my cg.

God, let it be according to Your will. Let us never forget how we started. Never forget the WHY. Always pressing in. Sonship with You and with the leaders that You have placed over our lives. Not just servants, Your Sons. Bringing Your vision to pass. Building Your House.